Hosting success in the job interview process is a practiced art form. Some people can interview with the best of them while others stumble across their words, confuse their thoughts, and let their nerves get to them. This process is something occupations have used for centuries to hire their talent, employees, and other such involved individuals. This process is highly calculated and often changes from job place to job place. The user has to be ready for any question the interviewer throws at them.

In order to host stronger successes in this space, Bob Firestone developed a comprehensive guide over 10 years ago. This guide was started to help individuals get a better understanding of how to handle the interview process. His information spanned far beyond the correct responses and answers, making his guide a complete, comprehensive format that people can rely on in time of need. Below we’ll detail everything there is to know about the product, highlighting the elements that make it a trusted source for the interview process.

Who is Bob Firestone?

The hardest part about selling a product is creating a name or brand recognition. Bob Firestone was a former representative for IBM. His job title allowed him to interview and manage over 500 individuals. This gave him a better understanding of the type of interview questions companies are searching for and to better understand the interview process on a case-by-case process. He also took up writing after a disability put him out of work for a sustained amount of time. He has turned his writing into a success story for hundreds of thousands of individuals. He updates his how-to guide for interviews on a bi-yearly basis, ensuring that individuals are kept up on the latest interview trends and upgrades. He wishes to spread the knowledge he gained when working for a large corporation to the masses of individuals who struggle to find their voice in the interview process.

About Bob’s Job Interview Answers

Bob’s philosophy is that there are more complications than being mental and physically prepared for an interview. His guide represents many different things for the consumer. The current model, which spans over 130 pages, was last updated in 2016. His first copy came out in 2004, containing well under 50 pages of content. Bob adopts some of his premises and ideas from the reviews that prospective consumers and buyers have provided. He takes their opinions into consideration and works them into a model that everyone can grow to love.

The first portion of Bob’s guide starts will find ways to respond to interview questions. These answers need to be concise and they must demonstrate some sense of knowledge in the subject manner. Bob’s latest release contains over 180 different ways to answer the toughest interview questions on the market. The best part about these answers is that they are hosted by any profession, making this guide perfect for anyone from the potential teacher to a mail carrier.

Beyond being asked questions, it is good practice to prepare some questions of your own. Asking these important elements can showcase your ability to pay attention to the details and show a general interest in the subject matter you have discussed in the present interview. Many people commonly misconceive the idea of an interview is a question answering ordeal. In order to impress the person doing your interview, you have to show initiative by posing certain questions in the other direction. Bob includes just over 50 different questions with explanations as to why they will make you stand out in the interview process.

The close is something that is hardest for people to bring themselves to. Displaying confidence and showcasing your ability before the job even begins is a risk. Calculating that risk in your favor is the 11 different closing statements that Bob provides. These powerful summaries will shed positive light your way and continue to heighten the intrigue surrounding your individual application. These statements are carefully positioned and listed with colorful terminology that isn’t too boastful or cocky. It contains the right language for the right portion of the interview.

Being a former hiring manager, Bob knows the mannerisms and certain aspects hiring companies are looking for. Bob details the 40 different behaviors that these individuals hold in high regards. This will bring a little more attention to a resume or a lackluster interview. Bob doesn’t want you to leave bad information on the table, so he provides his in-depth list of 20 different mannerisms and topics to avoid. He knows what incriminates individuals or what marks them as the wrong candidates, so he provides this information to ensure you don’t fall in this hole.

The whole program includes many other free add-ons. How about a 9-step breathing exercise to reduce anxiety and nervousness? Maybe a different way to format your past successes to help shed light on what your future-self can provide? All of these questions are answered in great detail, providing you will all you need to know about the interview process. All included material makes up a program that you can live by and continuously adjust as you go.

What am I Paying for?

The total package includes download of these guides for any platform. You can access these PDF files and save them to both your computer or mobile device. This one-time payment allows a lifetime access to the program that Bob adjusts. Bob is made available via e-mail format. This allows him to answer your questions in quick fashion and makes him available to his users, a proposition that is often not hosted by the author. On top of availability, Bob will send you an updated copy or version of his program whenever it undergoes an edit. This is a lifetime protection and guarantee Bob has provided any of his users. A one-time payment represents a lifetime of learning how to handle interviews or how to adjust with the changing of the times and the way these processes are carried out.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Bob’s success spans a wide range of individuals. He has helped nurses, firefighters, large corporation leaders, and other such individuals find success with his program. If you find yourself at a loss or not experiencing the results you desire, you can return the program within 60 days. Bob will have a third-party host refund your payment in quick fashion and you can keep the guide as his treat. He is very confident in the material he releases to the public. The numerous success stories make the work he has committed worth all the while to him. Having said this, he understands his approaches and methods may not fit every individual and you can receive a full refund if you so request one.

Hosting Success in any Space

The proof is in the pudding of results that Bob’s customers have hosted. Within the website, the user can find a bevy of different success stories of individuals who have utilized Bob’s program. Their detailed stories help highlight certain areas that the program gave them benefit. Going through these stories and finding the areas of success is a second benefit the user can host. They can find their perspective job title and find what individuals interviewing in that space are saying. This is a new-found networking system that brings potential and previous interviewees together. The power of networking and spreading information across sources can help all individuals stand out in their perspective field.

From time-to-time, Bob will include write-ups of these successful individuals. He will highlight the aspects that they grasped onto to ensure they got the job they wanted. It contains constant updates to ensure you aren’t missing out on certain learning curves or business adjustments. Staying on top of the game ensures that you are able to adjust for anything that is thrown at you, yet another successful strategy the Bob details.


This program is for those who are looking for ways to better improve their interview skills and to learn the ins and outs of the interview process. While many different knowledge bases exist in this space, few take a comprehensive look at everything that surrounds an interview. Anything from posing important questions to talking with a professional tone, Bob makes sure he covers the important areas you often leave off your checklist. Thinking beyond the interview and within the interview is the way that Bob separates his product from the rest. A lifetime subscription comes with your single payment purchase, making this a low-end option that hosts high-end results. The success stories are found in prevalence across the site and in print, ensuring people that the methods presented work to the advantage of the interviewee. If you have experienced nervousness, anxiety, and other such worries prior to an interview, you are not alone. Everyone struggles with some aspect of this process, so become practiced and proficient with Bob. The language he uses will host success in any profession, making it the perfect fit for any individual struggling in this space. The rest is left in the hands of the consumer. Do you wish to go your own way? Or, do you want to find success in this routine that has failed you time and time again? His system will change the way you do interviews and the results will work to your benefit.