The internet has brought with it thousands, perhaps millions, of new ways to make money. The best thing about this is that many of these money-making methods are passive–what used to be called the old ‘make-money-while-you-sleep’ method. So everybody wants to make more money, right? And if you make money passively that would be even better. That way, your money would be ‘working for you’ as you go about the business of living your life. But which of these thousands or even millions of methods actually work? Is there any among them that is not a scam? We’re reviewing just one of these passive-income money makers—it’s called K Money Mastery. We’ve taken time to look more in-depth into this program in order to answer these and other questions. We want to help you weed through the internet nonsense, the bunk, the ‘flim flam,’ you might say, so that you can have your questions answered in a down-to-earth, truthful manner that will help you decide whether embarking on a business venture with K Money Mastery is right for you.

Who is Stefan Pylarinos?

Stefan James Pylarinos is an internet entrepreneur. He’s a life coach, a business coach, and a self-described philanthropist. He states he has a ‘passion for living life to the fullest’ as well as ‘fulfilling his potential as a human being.’ Mr. Pylarinos’ mission in life is to be a model to others of the unlimited possibilities available to live their lives to the fullest as he does. He reports to have committed his life to sharing his business strategies with others so that they, too, may unveil their untapped potential and make a ‘six-figure income’ through his methods.

With K Money Mastery, this ‘internet millionaire’ has created a step-by-step method of utilizing Amazon’s Kindle Publishing business to the advantage of users who purchase the program and put it to work for them. It’s a system Stefan says uses Kindle Publishing on an ‘autopilot’ basis. In other words, it creates passive income for you.

What is it?

K Money Mastery is a program designed by Mr. Pylarinos to work via Amazon’s Kindle Publishing in order to generate a passive income for its users. The program shows you where to find writers willing to work for little money to write books that you will market on Kindle Direct Publishing. It also shows you step-by-step methods on how to market those books. It can also be helpful for authors looking to market their own books.

Inside the ‘K Money Mastery’ Program

This program uses Amazon’s Kindle Publishing program to teach people how to generate a passive income with eBooks. It provides both in-depth video lessons as well as downloadable PDF (portable document format) worksheets to guide users in a step-by-step, easy-to-use language that can work for anyone, particularly those who are just getting started with online publishing.

Some of the information included in the video lessons include the following:

  • Finding a niche online eBook market that will be unique and original from other eBook publishers
  • Learning how to use keyword research for ultimate marketability
  • Creating a catchy title that will help you sell your books more readily
  • Designing an attractive and eye-catching cover that will help sell your books more easily
  • How to create and ultimately prepare your eBooks for publishing
  • How to create a KDP account
  • How to publish and view your eBooks on Kindle
  • How to garner Amazon reviews for your eBooks
  • How to market your eBooks
  • How to use Facebook and Twitter to promote your eBooks
  • How to boost your keyword rankings
  • How to create a series of eBooks
  • Methods to employ in order to deal with negative reviews
  • Methods of managing and tracking your sales
  • How to select the proper categories for your eBooks that will optimize sales
  • Techniques on receiving positive reviews for all your eBooks
  • How to maintain sales long-term

There are also bonuses included with this program that include such topics as goal setting, non-US tax requirements, creating a corporation or LLC, accounting basics, and more.

Does it Really Work, or is it a Scam?

If you’re looking for a legitimate means of making a passive income, this program works if you work it. If you’re looking for something easy that will take almost no work on your part, consider another avenue.

Following are some real testimonials as to the validity of the K Money Mastery program:

Isabel from Florida: Being able to create income passively has been a godsend. I’m able to play with my children and be a full-time mom while creating income online.

Myke from New Jersey: I was fortunate enough to be a student of Stefan Pylarinos for three months. I was nervous, hesitant, and broke, but found Stefan to be straightforward. I haven’t looked back since. I’m excited about the future. There isn’t a better teacher out there than Stefan teaching this program. His language is plain, simple, and to the point.

Nick, a Kindle author: I found Stefan’s blog in late 2012, learned about how to generate a passive income online. I thought you had to be a big-time published author or a prolific writer to get books published. However, Stefan broke it down, very plainly and very easily. I had no idea how to promote books, and Stefan was able to help me with that. I’m now generating a monthly income through my Kindle books. I have 17 books online, and I continue to develop more. The best thing about this approach is that it lets you focus on a ritual for producing books on a regular basis, which is the key to success in this area.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

Initial investment is low: This program affords users an opportunity to build a passive income from the ground up without having to outlay a huge initial investment of money or time, unlike most other businesses that require a very large initial cash investment and years of hard work to build.

Less expensive than other like programs: K Money Mastery is only one of many self-publishing courses available online—but it’s definitely one of the least expensive. Many of the courses we’ve come across run into the hundreds, even thousands, of initial investments. Do they work better? Perhaps—but not everyone has thousands or even hundreds of dollars to invest. K Money Mastery is a great course for beginners, particularly those whose initial funds are limited.

It works if you do: Yes, K Money Mastery works—but it takes work on your part. As we’ve mentioned previously in this review, it works if you work it. In other words, it’s not a get-rich-quick path like, say, a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be involved with one of those schemes anyway.

Not a scam: Stefan Pylarinos’ program is not a scam. It’s a proven method of making a passive income provided you do the work.

Out-of-work or struggling writers can make money: K Money Mastery can be a good way for struggling or out-of-work writers to make money.

Can be beneficial for self-published authors: Considering the apparent content provided within this program, a rather surprising benefit can arise for self-published authors who have no knowledge of how to market their own books. (However, such authors should beware of content that might lead them to ‘fake reviews’ on Amazon, as these are easily detected and removed.)

The Cons

Not a get-rich-quick: K Money Mastery is not going to make you a huge amount of money overnight without working at it.

It isn’t free: There’s a lot of free information on the internet about how to make money. This program is not one of those. It requires an initial outlay of cash to get started. It also seems to require additional money as you move from the beginner level up the ladder.

Could be outdated compared to other like programs: K Money Mastery has been around for a few years, which means it may not have some of the most up-to-date means of making cash on Kindle Publishing as some other programs. In its defense, however, many of these other programs require a much higher initial investment than K Money Mastery. It all depends on your budget, needs, and current level of knowledge.

If you’re an established author, consider another way to make money: If you’re not a writer and you’re looking for a way to make a passive income, this program may work for you. If you’re a good writer with experience and clients under your belt, you will not get paid what you’re worth writing for this and other programs like it.

Some call it ‘cat-fishing’: There is a camp that calls this type of online publishing business cat-fishing that gives legitimate self-publishing authors a bad name because it packs Amazon with literally hundreds of thousands of books written quickly by authors who do not have a proper grasp of English or the ability to write good content. Some even say the pen-named authors used in this type of program purport to be things they are not, such as doctors or other healthcare professionals. However, the proponents of K Money Mastery and programs like it say they are merely employing authors to write eBooks and marketing those solely according to Amazon’s policies and procedures.

The Guarantee

Mr. Pylarinos apparently is very confident in his program’s ability to make you a passive income, evidenced by the fact that he is offering a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied. All you have to do is request your money back within 30 days of your purchase, and your money will be refunded to you.


K Money Mastery is a legitimate program that works for those who are interested in building an internet-marketing company that has the potential to provide them with a passive income. The content provided within this program probably is best for newbies who have no idea how to market a book on Kindle Publishing. We also discovered that this program can offer beneficial information for self-published authors who have little to no knowledge of where to begin marketing their own books. Though the information might be found in other programs that may offer more recently developed methods, K Money Mastery can afford users sufficient step-by-step instruction on how to garner a passive income for themselves using Amazon’s massive Kindle Publishing market. Are there other like programs out there with more information? Perhaps, but this program seems to be great for beginners, particularly if they do not have a lot of money for the initial cash outlay. Are there controversies? Yes, but again, the program seems legitimate as it works within the policies and procedures set forth by Amazon.