Layla is one of the many modern mattress companies that have recently appeared. Their innovative mattress uses a combination of memory foam and other materials to create a product that is comfortable and sturdy.

If you’ve heard about the Layla mattress and are wondering if it is worth all the fuss, keep reading this article. We will take an in-depth look at each feature of the mattress. You can find out the mattress’ specifications, see what other users think of it, and learn more about the materials used to construct it.

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Specifications for the Layla Mattress

Before we get to the more in depth part of this review, let’s take a quick look at the specs for the Layla mattresses. The company only has one type of mattress, so you do not have to worry about different sizing between various firmness levels. Their mattresses come in six classic mattress sizes. Here are the dimensions and weights for each size of Layla mattress

  • Twin – 38 x 74 x 10” and 50 pounds in weight
  • Twin XL – 38 x 80 x 10” and 55 pounds in weight
  • Full – 52 x 74 x 10” and 70 pounds in weight
  • Queen – 60 x 80 x 10”and 80 pounds in weight
  • King – 76 x 80 x 10”and 90 pounds in weight
  • Cal King – 72 x 84 x 10”and 90 pounds in weight

What Makes the Layla Mattress Special?

The main unique feature associated with the Layla mattress is their copper infused memory foam. Layla is the first mattress in the market to use copper-infused memory foam. The layer of memory foam closest to the sleeper has copper woven throughout it. The copper fiber is incredibly conductive, so it helps to transfer heat. It is very healthy to use the copper components because it potentially aids in blood circulation and thus improving your memory.

Layla uses copper to solve the problem of heat retention within their memory foam mattress. As the weight of your body compresses the copper cells, the copper pulls your body heat away from the mattress instead of letting it sink in and create a heat trap.

The copper in a Layla mattress is also helpful because copper is antimicrobial. The average mattress tends to be loaded with all sorts of microorganisms that are too tiny for the eye to see. However, many of these little creatures cannot survive in an environment rich in copper, so the end result is a fairly antimicrobial surface.

Another unusual and interesting thing about mattresses made by Layla is that each mattress has flippable firmness. Instead of having several different firmness types for you to choose from, Layla builds different firmness layers into the bed. One side is a firm style mattress with plenty of support while the other is a medium-soft mattress that feels comfortable and plush. This flippability makes the Layla mattress quite convenient in a guest room or other area where it will be used by different sleepers with different preferences.

What Is the Layla Mattress Made From?

The Layla mattress contains several different layers, and each part of the mattress’ composition comes with a helpful feature or benefit. We start by taking a look at the cover on the Layla mattress. It has a textured quilted appearance that contains grey diamonds and stripes. The fabric cover is primarily made up of polyester that is soft yet smooth.

The polyester cover is infused with a special gel that assists with temperature regulation. The Thermogel cover makes even the surface of the mattress feel slightly springy and plush. A nice feature of the cover is that you can unzip it to dry clean the cover if there are any stains.

Within the cover are a few different types of memory foam that provide comfort and support. Each Layla mattress has these four layers within the mattress.

  • Copper infused memory foam – On the upper side of the mattress is three inches of copper infused memory foam. This is the side that has the softer texture with plenty of pressure relief. The foam is a foam with a 3.5 pound density, so you sink into it slightly when you use it. Due to the copper infusion, it is antimicrobial.
  • Convoluted support foam – Next up is a two inch thick layer of convoluted support foam with a density of 1.8 pounds. This transition layer provides support while still being softer than the core of support foam. It has peaks and dips like a classic egg crate mattress which ensures that there is plenty of air flow through the Layla mattress.
  • Base support foam – The core of the Layla mattress is a base support foam that measures 4.5 inches in thickness. This foam has a 2 pound density, resulting in a supportive interior that still responds to pressure. The support foam has an impression load deflection rating of 36. This is a fairly firm ILD rating because this layer is intended to support the sleeper and the rest of the mattress.
  • Copper infused memory foam – The finishing layer is another layer of the copper infused memory foam used for the top of the other side. It provides the same deep compression support and antimicrobial benefits of the other memory foam, but it is only one inch thick. Since this foam is thinner and placed right against the base support foam, it provides a firmer feel when you lay against it.

All of the foams in the mattress are CertiPUr-US certified. This means that they are free of phthalates, formaldehyde, mercury, and lead. They have a very low volatile organic compound emission rating of less than 0.5 parts per million, so you do not have to worry about off-gassing. The mattresses are also made without the use of ozone depleters, PBDEs, and TCEP flame retardants.

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The Layla Mattress is visually appealing thanks to its combination of grey and purple colors. It features a bumpy texture that is caused by the little pockets holding the ThermoGel. The gel helps to keep the mattress cool in tandem with the heat dissipating copper inside of the memory foam. Moreover, the pockets in the egg-tray-like shape of the convoluted support foam that promotes air flow. This, however, does not stop it from feeling exuding the luxuriating feel that results from the viscose woven into the polyester and lycra.

Softness and Support Ratings

Of course the main thing that people ask about when considering getting a Layla mattress is “is a Layla comfortable?” The answer to this is always a little tricky, since people tend to have different definitions for comfort. However, we can definitely say that the Layla mattress’ soft side is extremely soft. When laying on it, you will feel like you are sinking into it a little bit.

The firm layer of the mattress definitely offers a different sleeping experience. It tends to provide far more support than the soft side. The firmness helps to keep your body in a neutral position throughout the night, and you can lay on it without feeling like you are being swallowed by the bed. Even though it is firm, it still contours to the body and relieves pressure from pressure points.

The soft side can be great for side sleepers because the mattress takes pressure off of your hip and shoulder. However, stomach sleepers may find that it is a bit too soft to get comfortable on. Back sleepers and front sleepers often prefer the firm side of the mattress. It keeps the spine aligned properly in either position, so you can sleep without pain.

The Layla mattress provides mostly even support throughout the bed. It can remain supportive even for larger sleepers which is definitely a big bonus. The mattress will feel the same whether it is on the floor or a box spring, so it is sturdy enough to not require any sort of fancy bed frame. There is some compression along the edge of the bed, but it still retains its shape fairly well when a person is sitting on the side.

Like many other memory foam mattresses, the Layla does soften up a little bit over time. Though there is little difference on the soft side, the firm side will start to feel slightly different over time. After a few months, the mattress is thoroughly broken in, so support and softness levels should not change after that. The mattress does not degrade very quickly, so it can still provide support years after you buy it.


For many buyers, it is important to know whether they will feel like they are sitting in or on a mattress. The data below relates to sinkage tests conducted with four balls of varying weights and densities so as to mimic different body parts:

Soft Side

  • six pounds medicine ball: 1.5 inches of sinkage.
  • 10 pounds steel ball: 2.5 inches of sinkage.
  • 50 pounds medicine ball: five inches of sinkage.
  • 100 pounds medicine ball: 6.5 inches of sinkage.

Firm Side

  • six pounds medicine ball: one inch of sinkage.
  • 10 pounds steel ball: two inches of sinkage.
  • 50 pounds medicine ball: 4.5 inches of sinkage.
  • 100 pounds medicine ball: 6.5 inches of sinkage.

The Layla Mattress performed well in the sinkage tests on both its soft and firm sides. It did not sink any deeper than one would expect a high-quality memory foam mattress.

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Temperature Regulation

Layla’s big claim to fame is that it’s designed supposedly keeps people cool, so we need to take the time to evaluate this claim in our review. Memory foam mattresses tend to be quite comfortable for all types of sleepers, but their big downside is typically that they trap body heat and create a very hot bed for many sleepers.

Layla uses three different methods to make their mattress cooler to sleep on. The ThermoGel layer in the cover ensures that some heat gets dissipated before it can even reach the memory foam. Once heat enters the memory foam layer, the copper helps to pull it away from the body. The middle layer of egg crate foam provides a little extra airflow, making it easier for the mattress to cool down.

Fortunately, Layla’s unique design seems to actually be effective at getting rid of heat instead of trapping it. When tested, the firm side is a little quicker at reducing heat. This occurs because it is a little easier for heat to get trapped in the ridges along the soft side. Both sides still manage to cool down and dispel heat quicker than a standard memory foam mattress.

Edge Support

It is well known that foam mattresses generally suffer when it comes to edge support, and that can sometimes make it difficult to get out of bed. It also makes sitting on the edge uncomfortable. The Layla Mattress, like all foam mattresses, does not have the greatest edge support: not especially around the corners. However, you can comfortably sleep on the edge of the mattress without feeling like you are going to be thrown off. While the edges do sink in more than other areas of the mattress, it does not make into the edges uncomfortable to sleep on. As a rule of thumb, anyone needing a really firm edge is better off leaving foam mattresses alone and, instead, getting a mattress with an innerspring.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is an important consideration for couples or anyone who shares a bed with someone else. The Layla mattress does a great job of minimizing motion transfer. This means that even if your partner tosses and turns as if they were in the throes of a fight to the death, you would still get a good night’s sleep thanks to Layla’s amazing motion isolation. It outperforms nearly all mattresses in its price range as well as most of its more expensive rivals.

Layla’s feel is similar to other memory foam mattresses in that it does not have much bounciness to it. The mattress does not really respond to movements or transfer movements throughout the bed much. This is extremely helpful when you are a light sleeper sharing a bed with a restless partner. Any motion is isolated to the area where it occurs instead of spreading throughout the entire mattress.

The soft side of the Layla mattress is better at isolating movements than the firm side. However, even the firm side tends to provide more motion isolation than the average mattress. Regardless of which side you use, you will find that most of the mattress remains still and stable even when one side of it is being shaken or moved.

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The comfort of Sleeping Positions

Back Sleepers

The soft side of the Layla Mattress evenly distributes pressure when you are lying on your back, and that effectively contours to the body. This can, however, mean that some effort is required when changing positions because the memory foam takes a few seconds to rise back up after pressure is lifted off it. When lying on the firm side, you can feel the base support foam below the memory form. It makes you feel like you are sleeping on a mattress and not inside of it. The base support foam is significantly firmer than the convoluted support foam with an Indentation Load Deflection of 36 as opposed to 30 for the convoluted support foam. The firm side provides good spinal alignment and distributes pressure evenly over the mattress with no pressure points felt.

Side Sleepers

When compared to sleeping on your back or side, sleeping on the side exerts a lot of pressure on your spine because your weight gets distributed over a small area. For this reason, those who sleep primarily on their sides will most likely prefer the soft side of the Layla Mattress. It allows them to sink into the mattress that relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips: the two most common pressure points for side sleepers. The firm side of the mattress is not ideal for side sleepers: you will not sink very far before coming into contact with the firm base-support layer. It creates uncomfortable pressure points on the hips and shoulders, and that can lead to joint and muscle pain, muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue and impaired circulation.

Stomach sleepers

For those who sleep primarily on their stomachs, it is important to choose a mattress that does not sink too deeply around the hip area. Sinking mattresses can cause back pain resulting from spinal misalignment. Stomach sleepers, therefore, generally prefer firm mattresses; they are able to sleep without worrying about waking up with back pains or the muscle pains that occur when pressure is distributed unevenly due to sinking. On the softer side of the Layla mattress, the hips sink in a little bit just enough to be uncomfortable for people with certain preferences. Conversely, on the firm side, the hips barely sink, and the mattress provides good spine alignment making it preferable to stomach sleepers.


Density is the best indicator of durability in a mattress. The denser a mattress is, the heavier it is and the more solid it feels. With higher densities, you can expect the increase in compression of materials to provide better durability. For memory foam, a density of four or five pounds per cubic feet indicates good durability.

The Layla Mattress features a density of 3.5 pounds per cubic foot in its memory foam layers. It also features a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot in its convoluted support polyfoam. The density of its base support polyfoam is two pounds per cubic foot. Whereas the polyfoam layers meet the durability standards expected of a quality mattress, those of the memory foam fall short. This is a potential cause for worry because these are the layers that are exposed to the most wear and tear.

Layla seems to be very confident in the durability of its mattress, or else it would not be offering a lifetime warranty. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether the Layla Mattress will withstand the test of time.

Users Review the Pros and Cons of the Layla Mattress

There are many things that users love about the Layla mattress. Positive reviews mention these things:

  • Many readers mention how pleased they are with the mattress’ ability to keep them feeling cool while they sleep.
  • A variety of users with neck, back, and hip problems claim that they have far less soreness after they wake up.
  • In general, people who have Layla mattresses find them to be soft and supportive. Customers describe the soft side as feeling “cloud-like,” while the firm side prevents them from feeling like they’re falling into the mattress.
  • People are quite impressed with how well the mattress inhibits motion, so they can still sleep when next to a restless bed partner.
  • The convenience of ordering and shipping make everyone happy. Even customers who have to return the mattress report that they were pleasantly surprised by how efficient and friendly Layla customer service is.

Though most reviews are positive, not everyone is thrilled with the Layla mattress. There are some complaints, including these issues:

  • There are some complaints about snagged threads in the cover even when the mattress is brand new.
  • Some find that the fabric seam around the zipper on the cover may tear.
  • If you want to switch back and forth between sleeping on a firm and soft side, you might find that it is difficult to flip the heavy mattress by yourself.
  • When using the softer side, some people feel like there might not be quite enough support along the edge when they sit on the edge of the bed.
  • Those with sensitive noses say the mattress smells a bit in the first hours out of the package.

Ordering, Shipping, and Unpackaging Process

To order a Layla mattress, all you need to do is go to their site and select your preferred size. Once they get the order, the company then crafts your mattress. It normally takes about two to three days for them to make and package it.

Shipping is free to the lower 48 states, with fees varying for delivery to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada. Delivery is done via FedEx Ground, and the mattress is shipped within two to three business days and delivered within three to six business days. The online retailers charge different prices for the different varieties of the mattress.

For ease of transportation, the Layla Mattress comes vacuum-packed into a compact box. This makes it easy to carry up to your bedroom, although it is rather heavy coming in at approximately 80 pounds. Once you have the mattress in your bedroom, it is simply a matter of removing it from the box and unrolling it on to your box spring, your slatted bedframe or even your floor. The most important thing is to make sure that your mattress lies on a flat surface. For slatted bedframes, the slats should not be more than three inches apart; that could lead to sagging and worn out seams.

It takes some time for the mattress to fully decompress, and it emits some gas during this transition. The off-gassing smell is, however, not off-putting; this probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is Certi-Pur certified; it is free of toxins such as ozone depleters, flame retardants or formaldehyde. Regardless, the off-gassing only lasts for 24 hours, and you cannot discern ay factory smell lingering after one day.

Layla partnered with Affirm to provide financing for their mattresses. Affirm offers a plan with an introductory zero percent interest rate and payments of as low as 42-dollar installments per month.

Of course ordering a product without trying it can be a bit concerning, so Layla lets you do a 120 night free trial period. If you do not like the products, you can return them for all of your money, including any shipping fees. After the trial period, the mattress is still under warranty. The lifetime warranty covers sagging of more than an inch, loss of shape, splitting foam, and plenty of other things that memory foam purchasers worry about.

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Final Thoughts

Layla has managed to create a product that surpasses the quality of competitors whose products cost two or even three times as much. It achieved that kind of success by focusing on manufacturing an innovative product that is carved out of high-quality materials. The combination of quality foams and copper materials does a great job at providing comfort, support, and coolness. It also features impeccable sanitation standards thanks to the antimicrobial and germ-repelling properties of copper.

It may not be ideal for you if you desire a truly medium level of support, but the Layla mattress is great for those who like either softness or firmness from a mattress. If you are indecisive, the ability to switch back and forth between different firmness levels is extremely helpful, and Layla’s online ordering process is quite convenient.

Overall, Layla’s mattress seems to be well made, and it provides a cool and relaxing sleeping experience. With multiple firmness options in a single mattress, it works for all types of sleepers!