The easy and highly effective Lean Belly Breakthrough fitness program was developed by Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick. This unique program combines pure nutrition and a few exercises to help participants lose belly fat and body weight quickly and efficiently. According to the program’s promotional video, to gain success from this method, you only need to perform 2-minute workouts each day while eating a nutrient-rich diet.

Bruce Krahn is a celebrated personal trainer, author and speaker. His best-selling book, “The Fat Fighter Diet,” and his informative and inspiring websites have aided thousands of individuals to lose pounds and become healthier. Bruce explains that this weight loss system was designed to reduce extra pounds and fat that have accumulated over several or even many years. This program is appropriate for people of all ages and is especially helpful to individuals of 30 to 60 years of age.

Dr. Heinrick is a medical doctor and researcher in Germany. Heinrick is not his real name and is used for the promotion of the belly fat eliminating program to keep this project separate from his other medical research. He developed the 2-minute exercise routine and the healthy diet of pure foods, herbs, spices, vitamins and minerals that result in significant weight loss. The doctor also devised the five specific body movements used in this program.

What the Unique Belly Reduction Program Can Do For You

This safe and reliable system is designed to enable users to lose dangerous and stubborn belly fat. Its streamlined, effective program consists of a daily diet that includes specific foods, herbs, spices and a 2-minute long ritual involving five natural body movements. No restrictive dietary requirements, potentially harmful fat-burning substances or high-powered supplements are found in this fat loss plan.

This fitness betterment system is actually a scientific weight loss and health-promoting protocol that is simple and easy to follow. Even people with hectic daily schedules are able to use this weight loss protocol with success. Regular use of this plan can actually help you reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. No strenuous workouts are involved, and there is no need to buy any gadgets or sports equipment to acquire and maintain physical fitness.

In addition, the natural foods and seasonings included in this program’s daily diet are flavorful, satisfying and delicious. Although no two individuals will experience identical rates or degrees of fat loss with use of this innovative system, delighted program participants have reported success with achieving excellent loss of excess belly fat and body weight.

Basic and Ongoing Benefits of This Program

Bruce and Dr. Heinrick state that this specialized system is centered around renewing balances in your body’s normal operations. With regular use of this plan, you can discover and understand the best method of achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it. This one-of-a-kind program will also enable you to regain a highly desirable state of glowing good health and vitality.

This healthy weight balancing plan is formulated with use of real, pure nutrition combined with a limited number of effective exercises and body movements to achieve lasting weight loss. It is based on consuming healthy, slenderizing yet highly energizing nutritional foods. It also focuses on performing short workouts promoting quality use of energy and muscular activity rather than strenuous and fatiguing exercise.

This modern weight loss system helps people believe that by losing excess body fat through good nutrition and specific daily activity, they can maintain a healthy weight and actually restore good health. With use of this innovative program, more people are now realizing that it is possible to inhibit and even reverse some serious diseases and health conditions that were caused by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

According to the promotional material for the lean belly fat plan, you can drop 30 pounds each month that you follow the program. You can lose this extra weight without using harsh drugs, costly supplements or heavy-duty gym workouts. The program comes with a full list of the foods, spices and herbs that will help regulate your body’s hormonal balances and stabilize your health and general well-being.

Contents of This Effective Fat Loss Program

The overall program consists of nine varied components. The first section provides the list of foods that will aid you in eliminating your belly fat. It also includes a listing of the herbs and spices that can help regulate the storage of fat in your body. Another part of this section is focused on libido-boosting food items. The second section lists undesirable goods that can inhibit your weight loss efforts and lead to poor health, and it lists acceptable sweets for people with imbalances in blood sugar levels.

The central core of this program is the ritual method for losing fat in different parts of your body. This section also offers scientifically validated advice for resolving bodyweight problems. Included is a meal plan for boosting your metabolic rate and a series of instructional videos to assist you with the proper use of this weight loss system. It stresses the importance of eating a nourishing breakfast each day to break your body’s lengthy fast during your nightly sleeping hours.

The recommended foods listed in this fat loss system combine to help lower your daily consumption of calories to a healthy count. Bruce and Dr. Heinrick explain that the primary reason that the majority of people gain body fat is insulin resistance by the liver. This issue is generally due to dietary deficiencies and genetics. Parts of this program are based on familiar principles of acquiring and maintaining general good health and well-being, including the following:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Getting adequate restful sleep at night
  • Being strict with yourself about meal portion control
  • Replacing sugar with stevia
  • Participating in strength training

Fabulous Bonuses for Even More Lean Belly Benefits

When you purchase the cost-efficient lean belly system, you will also receive the following valuable free bonuses for even greater weight loss success:

Main Guide: The 2-Minute Belly Fat Melting Rituals

  • Bonus 1: Emergency Fat Loss Guide
  • Bonus 2: Diabetes and Heart Disease Managing Recipes
  • Bonus 3: Artery Cleaning, Fat Melting Herbs, Spices and Minerals Guide
  • Bonus 4: Easy to Follow Heart Attack Prevention Guide
  • Bonus 5: Delicious Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan
  • Bonus 6: Detailed Instructional Videos
  • Bonus 7: Free Email Consultation
  • Bonus 8: Free 24/7 Online Support
  • Bonus 9: Free Lifetime Updates

Each one of these bonus programs pertains to a specific section of the belly fat loss system. Each one is a free gift of more innovative materials and information to emphasize and enhance your benefits from this entire unique fitness plan. The Main Guide contains the special 2-Minute Belly Fat Melting Rituals, which are key to your weight loss success. There is a series of 2-minute rituals, all of which have strong impact in your belly fat and weight reducing results.

Pros and Cons

Fitness trainers, exercise instructors and natural health nutritionists like the fact that this fat reduction plan includes only natural ingredients and has no known side effects for users. This product is also promoted as a reliable aid for alleviating symptoms of such health conditions as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Its advertisements state that this fitness plan will boost and restore your energy and libido while strengthening joints and improving skin elasticity.

Consumers like the fact that this fat loss program is designed for use by men and women. Although its structure is focused on users aged 30 to 60 and even older, adults of all ages can benefit from use of this product. Of course, results will vary with each user. It may take some individuals longer to see results than others, and some users will lose more belly fat and body weight than others. However, many users who have not experienced satisfactory results with other weight loss programs in the past are reporting significant drops in excess pounds and fat with daily use of this belly fat loss plan.

This innovative and simplified weight loss and fitness program is designed for both short and long term success. New users are often encouraged when they experience good results soon after starting the program. Others may not see results as quickly, but experience dramatic fat loss as they continue with this fitness plan. Both groups are likely to be very pleased with their long-term success with loss of pounds and belly fat.

Users of this unique belly fat reduction program offer the following pros and cons concerning their experiences and results:


  • Users like the fact that this fat reduction system is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and videos.
  • This weight control program is praised by users and athletic trainers for not including use of artificial substances or a low-carb dietary plan.
  • No strenuous exercise workout is required when using this fat loss plan.
  • Satisfied users give high ratings to this unique fitness system’s use of pure, natural ingredients combined with streamlined body movements.
  • Busy consumers who want to drop weight and be healthier like the fact that the simple body movements for exercise in this special fitness program can be performed in just two minutes.
  • Some enthusiastic new users of this fitness aid report being able to wear a smaller clothing size within just two to four weeks after starting the program.
  • This fat reduction and energizing plan is amazingly low-cost for all that it includes, its many free bonuses and its high degrees of effectiveness for users.
  • This weight loss and fitness plan is sold with a 60-day, full money-back guarantee.


  • Some new users of this fitness system express concern that the program seems to be based on general health advice that they already know.
  • Some participants in this fat loss plan report that the advertising claims stating that it requires just a two-minute body-movement exercise per day is misleading since the program includes five exercises of two minutes each.
  • Some consumers are disappointed at the lack of scientific lab studies and practical testing of this product for effectiveness.


The unique and innovative lean belly fitness program developed by Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick is a streamlined, healthy method for the rapid, safe reduction of belly fat and overall body weight. This specialized program reveals how users can reach their weight loss goals by eating a diet of pure foods, herbs and spices that promotes energy metabolism by your body.

With use of simple 2-minute body movements, this plan shows you how to strengthen your body through gentle, but effective use of muscles while losing excess fat and weight. This program of smart eating and simplified exercise can also build your normal energy supplies and libido while enhancing your joint health and skin elasticity.

Individuals who have not had success with other weight loss programs report impressive weight loss from use of this unique system from Bruce and the doctor. This popular plan for belly fat reduction is designed for use by men and women of all ages and is especially helpful for users aged 30 to 60. The Lean Belly Breakthrough program is very reasonably priced to make it affordable for everyone to use and enjoy as a simplified, safe and highly effective weight loss success plan.