Master Sergeant Randy Smith and Mike Zhang are the creators of Lean Body Hacks. Randy Smith served the Special Forces Brigade of the United States as a marine sniper. Mike Zhang is a world-renowned Thai kickboxing champion. He created a system for the fighters from Thailand enabling them to lose eight pounds to pass their weigh-ins. This special blend filled the belly with healthy bacteria and boosted metabolism.

Mike Zhang additionally created the golden ration. This enables the body to operate in ideal harmony for the destruction of body fat. His solution is backed by thirty years of research. Lean Body Hacks was the result of not only this creation but the knowledge and experience of both men.

The Lean Body Hacks Program

Lean Body Hacks is an excellent program if you are serious about losing weight. This is a natural and safe 21-day weight loss program that is simple, convenient and effective. There are no shakes or pills required, you will not need to consume either astronaut food or packaged meals and you will lose weight. All you have to do is follow the directions to optimize a very specific mixture of spices and herbs.

This combination has been proven to help convert what you are eating to energy as opposed to fat while boosting your metabolism. The formula the authors use has been proven for both weight loss and energy. According to the authors, the majority of people who have tried this program have been successful. The book is more of a journey to lose weight lasting 21 days as opposed to an actual weight loss program.

The book promotes a lifestyle to increase your metabolism, provide you with high levels of energy and promote the loss of weight. The main focus of Lean Body Hacks is a specific combination of certain spices and herbs. This is what boosts your metabolism, enhances your gut flora and forces the conversion of food into energy instead of just allowing it to be stored as fat.

You will be shown which herbs you need to include with your daily diet. You will also learn which foods are bad for your body and which ones are good. The book is much more than a simple nutrition program eliminating specific foods from your diet. The authors will actually teach you the specific ratio required for maximizing your reduction of fat and weight loss.

The Components of the Program

The package includes the following:

  • The Hacks Manual
  • The Hacks Detox Guide
  • The Hacks 21 Day Guide
  • The Accountability Check-In
  • The Flat Belly Protocol
  • Smooth Recipes
  • The Libido Booster for Over Forty

The system provides you with all of the information you will require for losing two pounds every 48 hour period with no changes to your exercise routine or diet. You will also not need to make any changes to the lifestyle habits you have become comfortable with. All you need to do is incorporate Lean Body Hacks into your daily routine to ensure you never have to worry about flab on your body again.

Lean Body hacks will teach you which vegetables you should consume, explain the link between stress and sleep, the spices you are going to need and all about the golden ratio. This will enable you to quickly lose the fat on your body. You will also receive the Detox Tea Guide with your purchase. This is where you will find delicious recipes for teas that will melt away your body fat.

The is a list containing all of the ingredients you will need for every recipe and easy directions for making perfect tea each and every time. You will also receive the 21 Day Guide. This is a three-week system enabling you to shape your body extremely quickly. The three free bonuses you receive with the program are the Sixty Second Flat Belly, the Over Forty Libido Booster and Smoothie Recipes.

The Sixty Second Flat Belly includes five quick belly exercises to increase the circulation in your abdomen. The resulting increase in blood flow will enable you to burn fat while you are sleeping. This is possible since one of the key factors for losing weight is good circulation. These exercises are specifically to improve the circulation in your belly.

The smoothie recipes are filled with important nutrients to help you lose weight and get lean. In addition to providing you with the foods you require to lose weight, the libido booster will increase your sex drive regardless of your age. This is because you will be consuming foods that will increase your sex drive. Lean Body Hacks offers you a lot of value.

The included bonuses will take your romantic, emotional and physical health to an entirely new level. Every single person will receive benefits from this book due to the effectiveness and simplicity. The program is extremely comprehensive. The system will teach you about a very simple hack for losing a lot of weight and the unique and important ratio of spices and herbs that have been scientifically proven.

This ratio will improve the health of your gut while boosting your metabolism. The program is 100 percent safe and natural. The authors will act as guides on your path for your first 21 days. The information in the book includes the following.

  • The main manual
  • An introduction to the program
  • Recovery
  • Stress
  • Fat burning spices
  • Beverages
  • Low glycemic vegetable benefits
  • Sleep
  • The guide for tea detox
  • Benefits of fiber
  • Hibiscus rose
  • Which vegetables to avoid and which ones to eat
  • The effects of stress
  • What you should be avoiding
  • 21-day guide
  • Tumeric tea
  • Decreasing stress in three easy ways
  • Daily instructions, teas, meals, motivation, etc
  • Glycemic index
  • The Importance of sleep
  • Spicy ginger tea
  • What you should be drinking
  • Fiber content
  • The fat-burning spices list
  • Luscious lemon tea
  • Getting a great night’s sleep using three tricks
  • Oregano metabolic tea
  • Bad veggies vs. good veggies
  • Cinnamon spice ginger tea
  • General rules
  • The level of fiber found in vegetables
  • The tea version for the golden ratio of spices
  • The cooking version for the golden ration of spices
  • Libido diminisher and booster
  • Dandelion lemon tea

When you consider how much you are receiving with your package including the free bonuses, you are getting a lot of value for your money.

The Specifics of the Scientifically Proven Program

Natural remedies backed with scientific proof are the best strategies for losing weight. This is precisely what is included with Lean Body Hacks. This weight loss system is unique because the focus is not placed on consuming a strict diet or spending hours and hours working out at your gym. The focus is placed on consuming a specific combination of spices and herbs every day to trigger your weight loss.

The authors will guide you for a total of 21 days. They will offer you valuable information including recipes for detox teas, explain which vegetables will correct your gut flora and which ones you should be avoiding and so much more. You will need some time to be able to understand this scientific program for weight loss. As soon as you understand what you need to do, you can transform learning into action.

The way the program has been separated into different components means your progress will be effective, enjoyable and easy. When you first begin your fat loss journey, you will be using the main manual, 21-day guide, detox tea guide and accountability check-in. You will find the bonuses helpful such as an anti-aging workout DVD. One of the most enticing parts of this program is everything is available after your purchase.

The only exception is your bonus DVD. The only decision you need to make is whether to download the program onto your computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone in order to begin your journey. You will be able to look at Lean Body Hacks whether you are sitting on a park bench, on vacation, visiting a good friend or sitting right on the sofa in your living room. You decide when and where you want to access the information.

You have two months to go through everything and try all of the information you will receive at no risk due to the sixty-day money-back guarantee. The authors have included this guarantee due to their faith in the program. The entire program only requires 21 days to finish. This means there is more than sufficient time to see how safely you can burn fat through an effortless and natural program.

The Advantages of Lean Body Hacks

One of the advantages you will appreciate the most is the need to spend your life eating only lettuce or carrots while exercising constantly has been completely eliminated. This program will teach you how to lose weight with extremely little effort. You will simply start to lose weight. The reason the weight drops off effortlessly is because of the increase in your metabolism.

Your healthy gut flora will also turn food into energy as opposed to fat. You will have peace of mind in knowing there is scientific evidence proving this program works. You can waste years of your life trying all of the new systems for weight loss or you can use the program scientists have already proven works. This program is LeanBody Hacks. One of the few things in life you cannot deny is science.

You will enjoy the convenience of having a digital program. This will enable you to use the program no matter where you happen to be. You can even check the ingredients list for your favorite teas while you are shopping at the grocery store. The free bonuses are an excellent addition to the system. The sixty-day money-back guarantee will remove all the risks. This will provide you with the confidence to lose weight.

One of the best parts of this system is you are provided with all of the information you are going to need to continue with the system after the initial 21-days have passed. Long after you have finished the program, you can continue on your journey to ensure you remain lean and fit. You will no longer have to worry about finding a diet program that actually works or finding enough time to go to the gym.

Final Verdict

Lean Body Hacks consists of a 21-day system for losing weight. The authors have far exceeded the approaches of any of the other programs for weight loss. It is extremely difficult to find a program of this nature in the industry that considers your internal health, sleep patterns and levels of stress. The program is extremely comprehensive and detailed.

The authors have taken the time required to teach you the way the program works. This includes providing a diet plan, a list of spices and a step by step guide you can easily follow. This means all of the hard work has already been done. All you need to do to lose a significant amount of weight is to follow the program for 21-days. You will not have to work out at all during this period of time.