Live and Sleep Mattress is a luxury all foam mattress that is designed for people who want to enjoy a comfortable sleep all night long. The Live and Sleep Mattress is engineered and made with elegance in mind. With the use of certified and eco-friendly materials, the manufacturer assures you of a high-quality mattress that guarantees you comfort and relaxation whenever you sleep on it.

Live and Sleep Mattress is one of the newest brands in the mattress market that is quickly gaining popularity. This review will help you know more about this mattress.

Construction and Featured Materials

Live and Sleep Mattress is constructed precisely for a comfortable sleep. It is a 12-inch high-quality luxury mattress that features three distinct layers of superior memory foam. Each of the three layers is designed and constructed to have different functionalities yet contributing to the overall performance of the mattress. The layers are perfectly blended to make the mattress effective.

Upper Layer

The upper layer of this mattress is made of a highly responsive memory foam that is 2.5 inches thick. It is well designed to provide the sleeper comfort and a guaranteed pressure relief. This is crucial because it assures you of a restful and cool night’s sleep. This layer also gives the mattress its initial firmness but then softens very quickly.

Transition Layer

Also known as the middle layer, this layer is constructed from a memory foam permeated with gel. It is one inch thick and comes with a cooling function that helps transition the motion to and from the upper and lower layers. This helps to reduce disturbances when you are sleeping on the mattress. It is also an important feature for people that share a bed since it allows you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep even with your partner tossing and turning. Its cooling feature ensures that you will not have to worry about sweating too much while asleep.

Support Layer

This layer features 8.5 inches of high-density base foam that supports the deep compression to your body as well as offers a firm support for the entire mattress. Unlike in most mattresses where customers complain about the mattress sinking down with them, this does not occur in Live and Sleep Mattress. This layer’s firmness also ensures your spine alignment is maintained and assures you of optimal relaxation.

Top Cover

The cover that comes with this mattress is made from soft cotton whereas the side panel is made from polyester and polypropylene. This highly soothing, breathable, and soft material is chosen to guarantee that your mattress has a flexible and luxurious touch. The cover adapts well to the contour of your body as you sleep. Lower quality all foam mattresses often come in a quality that is different to that of their covers. This cover, however, is perfectly selected to supplement the construction of the mattress with its memory foam. Moreover, you can remove the cover and wash it if it is dirty.

Firmness and Support

This mattress is scientifically designed to offer universal comfort. It is designed to offer a comfort level that meets the needs of as many sleepers as possible. Persons at the extreme end of the continuum, however, might find that their experience with Live and Sleep Mattress varies from the normal. This is because on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 represents the firmest mattress, this mattress will score between 5 and 6.5. This means it offers a balanced memory foam feel with enough contour.

For heavier persons like me, this mattress compresses considerably more as compared to average individuals. Thus my weight is more likely to press down through the upper layer but will receive equivalent support from transitional and support layers. That notwithstanding, this was not a substantial problem with this mattress.

For a lightweight individual, the experience of using this mattress might be a bit different. If you prefer a mattress that is a bit firmer, this one will provide a perfect level of firmness while you sleep. However, if you are a lighter individual who does not prefer a firm mattress, this mattress might be a problem. Nonetheless, the Live and Sleep Mattress performs excellently by offering sleepers a dependable support in a range of sleeping positions.

If you like sleeping on your side, a good mattress needs to produce sufficient support for your shoulders and hips without producing any stiffness or pain every time you wake up in the morning. Live and Sleep Mattress does a decent job at supporting your side sleeping preference and still offers enough firmness in case you shift to your stomach or back during your sleep. This makes it ideal for people who change sleeping positions severally during the night.

Looking for Great Comfort Level?

The Live and Sleep Mattress is cushioned and soft for heavier weights (above 230lbs). With my great weight, I sensed that as I compressed down, the transition and the support layers offered more support. Moreover, the thick and high-quality mattress did not allow me to feel the foundation beneath. However, this occurs in a thinner and lower quality mattress.

All Live and Sleep Mattresses feature a design that seeks to offer sleepers a cuddle and a contoured body feeling that is rarely available in foam mattresses. The foam comfort layer is combined with both the middle transition layer and the upper foam layer to offer a classic feel of traditional memory foam. The fact that it will hug your body implies that it will only be ideal to people who love such mattresses. People who prefer sleeping on a mattress could find this unappealing.

As far as response is concerned, this mattress has a moderate one that is essential in a full foam mattress. Even though it can be great for sleeping, this feature might create some fatigue related issues when you sink in one position each time you move. If you are a heavier individual, it will create a deeper body contour that can increase the response time while enveloping the feeling you get.

Guaranteed Motion Isolation and Sinkage

When it comes to motion transfer and sinkage, the Live and Sleep Mattress does an excellent performance. This is because the mattress handles motion transfer quite well. With the integration of a memory foam and gel-infused memory foam, it dissipates more energy without a quicksand feeling that you are likely to get when sleeping on other memory foams.

Nevertheless, motion transfer and sinkage are influenced by the weight of the sleeper. This means that if you are a heavier person, you will tend to sink down a bit when sleeping on most mattresses. If a mattress does not sink under your weight, it might be considered a bit firm for an average or low weight sleeper.

As such, if your partner weighs less than you, he or she will experience far less sinkage on this mattress. It is also obvious that with the 12 inches thick Live and Sleep Mattress, you will not experience as much sinkage as you would when sleeping on a thin foam mattress.

With the Live and Sleep Mattress, you will notice that your movements during the night will not be felt by your partner at all. This is because the mattress’ all foam construction is very effective at deterring any motion from reaching your partner even though its responsiveness is a bit low.

Greater Edge Support

The edge support for the Live and Sleep Mattress is well above average when compared to most of the memory foam mattresses. With its edge support, you can sit or sleep at the edge without worrying about rolling out. If you are the kind of person who sleeps near the edge of a mattress, this mattress will provide you with an efficient support.

What benefits Does Live and Sleep Mattress Offer?

Affordable Price

The Live and Sleep Mattress comes with a moderate price for all its different sizes. With the high-quality material and construction used to manufacture the mattress, you will definitely get more than you pay for when you purchase the mattress.

Below is the price range for various sizes of Live and Sleep Mattress.

Size Price

  • Twin $599
  • Twin XL $599
  • Full $699
  • Queen $799
  • King $899
  • Cal King $899


Live and Sleep Mattress offers you a whopping 20 years guarantee of enjoying a luxurious and comfortable sleep every night. This shows the trust and confidence that the manufacturer has in this product. Moreover, it explains why more customers prefer this brand to others in the market.

Off Gassing

Like any packaged new product, the Live and Sleep Mattress comes with an average amount of off gassing when taken out of its packaging. Although this is expected of an all foam mattress, the odor will dissipate within nights or when aired outside. As such, you do not have to worry about your health being compromised by inhaling chemical gases.

Sleep on Your Stomach or Back Comfortably

If you are looking for a mattress that can allow you to sleep comfortably on your back or stomach, this is the right mattress for you. This memory foam mattress has a firmer feel that is better for stomach and back sleeping positions. In fact, firm mattresses like Live and Sleep are great for keeping your back in line whether you are sleeping on a back or stomach position.

Maximum Sleeping Trials

Live and Sleep mattress gives you 100-night sleep trial for you to test the unmatched comfort and luxury that this mattress brand provides. If you are not sure if this is the mattress you want, you can take advantage of these 100 nights of trial and have a first-hand experience before you settle for it.

We recommend Live and Sleep Mattress if:

  • You prefer a medium firm feel: Even though the Live and Sleep Mattress is slightly firmer than average mattresses it, still offers an excellent contour and a slight level of pushback.
  • You prefer sufficient responsiveness: Maybe not the instant response you like, but it is not slow either. It offers an adequate responsiveness quickly enough to keep you from feeling trapped.
  • You prefer a removable cover: Most manufacturers do not offer easy to remove mattress covers. However, Live and Sleep offer removable mattress covers. Even if it is not the main reason why you should pick this mattress, it can be an added advantage.
  • You share a bed with your partner: If you are a couple planning to buy a new mattress, then Live and Sleep Mattress ought to be first on your list. This mattress has very limited motion transfer, implying that you will sleep undisturbed even when your partner turns during the night.

We won’t Recommend Live and Sleep Mattress if:

  • You prefer soft or very firm mattresses: Live and Sleep mattress is slightly firm, which means it is neither too firm nor too soft. For people who prefer sinking completely in bed or like sleeping on a hard surfaced mattress, we recommend that you do further market research to get your perfect sleeping mattress.
  • You prefer spring foam mattresses: For people who are used to sleeping on spring mattresses, you will find it difficult to adapt to this memory foam. This is because the foam mattress cradles your body and does not provide the rigidity that you will get from a spring mattress.
  • You are hypersensitive: For people who have hypersensitive nostrils, they might find it difficult to sleep on the Live and Sleep Mattress when new. Like many other boxed items, the mattress will have a new smell that should dissipate when aired out after 24 hours. In any case, it would not be a good idea to sleep on any mattress without airing it first.
  • You cannot stand non-responsiveness: You will not enjoy sleeping on the Live and Sleep Mattress if you fancy the instant response foam.

Certification of Recognition

The Live and Sleep Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. The mattress is manufactured from eco-friendly materials. This means it is free of chemicals, depletes, or any harmful materials. As such, it is safe to use even though some smell is present upon unpacking. Besides being friendly to your health, the mattress’ construction process produces only Low Volatile Organic Compound emissions for inside air quality. As such, it is one of the best mattresses for people looking to use eco-friendly products.

Final Verdict

If your mattress is aging, is uncomfortable to sleep on, or you just want to change to a new one as soon as possible, we have you covered. The review above provides all the necessary details you need to know about Live and Sleep Mattress.

From the review, we gather that Live and Sleep mattress is one of the best all foam mattresses because it offers comfort, durability, and is cheaper than most mattresses on the market today.

The unique combination of foam layers used and the scientific construction of this mattress work harmoniously to offer you a luxurious and comfortable sleep. The mattress is also supportive enough for all your ideal sleeping positions. Due to its 12 inch all foam fabric, it is quite good at handling heavier sleepers because it can effectively minimize sinkage and isolate movements.

From the review above, the Live and Sleep Mattress could suit you if you really want a good sleeping experience. This is because it has high quality attributes that make it ideal for couples who like have a comfortable sleeping experience at an affordable cost.