Let’s face it, dating can be difficult, even more so, just meeting someone and getting to that first date can be a challenge. You meet a cute girl, make a real connection, maybe even flirt a little bit before the end of the night and get her number, but time and time again that’s where the story ends. Either she doesn’t respond to your messages, dodges making followup plans, or just flat out ghosts you.

Lucky for you, there are a lot of resources out there to help understand what could be going wrong, why you’re not getting answers back, and how much of it is mistakes you’re making. One of these resources is Magnetic Messaging, a guide on the best way to nail the followup and hopefully score that second date. With all of the self help and dating resources out there, is Magnetic Messaging something that will really work, or is it just another packet of superficial and shallow advice that anyone with half a brain can see through?

The Basic Premise

The main focus of Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Messaging is the phone game, essentially that brief period between your first clandestine meeting and getting a first official date. This guide focuses heavily on what to do to score that first date, but also goes into detail on how to keep things going after your date, general relationship advice, and other bits of useful information on how to avoid common pitfalls that many guys fall into. The guide it broken down into several sections, each focusing on a different part of the process.

-Part 1: Basic Principles

The first and most fundamental part of Magnetic Messaging breaks down what attractive communication is and how best to implement it. The phone game is where most guys drop the ball and the girl they’re after slips away. Mastering the phone game is broken down into making sure you include three necessary components. Successful messaging requires an understanding of how to spark emotions, make connections, and lastly handle logistics. They also break down a lot of misconceptions about things that people think should go into these initial messages, like asking questions, acting polite, making small talk, and offering explanations, among others. Most guys completely botch the process at the very first ingredient, sparking emotions. It shouldn’t be understated how far having a playful sense of humor can go in the early phases of the dating game. That ability to consistently get a smile out of her may just be the key to get her texting back.

-Part 2: You Want to Date

This section breaks down the specifics of how to get that first date. There is some really solid, yet somewhat controversial advice in regards to what most guys think of when they think general texting rules. For one, it completely debunks the three day rule, proving through statistics that girls actually prefer to be contacted within the first two days after meeting. While this might not always be possible depending on how things left off after your initial meeting, it does make one thing perfectly clear. The sooner you set up a date, the better your chances. There are also some really great tips on how to cleverly handle a number of situations that might come up while initiating the phone game, like the ‘who’s this’ text.

Magnetic Messaging also introduces the Key-Lock Sequence in this section, but it is something that is reinforced throughout the entire guide. The Key-Lock Sequence focuses on how to properly implement those three key ingredients mentioned earlier: Spark Emotions; Make Connections; Handle Logistics. It also goes into what to do if she doesn’t respond to your texts, or if she doesn’t seem very interested at first. The key is to remain persistent and playful, but to not come off as needy. The guide offers several techniques on how to do this, which are demonstrated through text by text examples. It’s important to keep the golden rule in mind though, to not get overly attached early on and to not care if she doesn’t text you back. Getting hung up on it is just going to make you look needy and you’ll spend more energy on her than it’s worth.

-Part 3: Sorta Dating

This section goes over what to do after that initial date, when you’re still feeling each other out and not quite official yet. This section goes over what to do on your first date, how to make things a little less awkward, and how to help make yourself recognizable through techniques such as the confirmation text. This section also explains how to make the shift from logistics towards getting her more interested about you as a person through more frequent texting, calling, and connection building strategies.

This section also talks about texting after sex. The first few messages after a night together can be a bit of an emotional minefield if not handled correctly, if you’re not careful you could blow all your hard work. This section focuses on ways to make her feel comfortable, how to compliment her the right way without sounding like you’re sucking up to her, and how to be funny without making it seem like aren’t taking things seriously. It also touches on what to say over the phone as well.

Part 4: You’re Official

The final section teaches you how to reinforce what you’ve already learned, as well as adds some new skills to the mix, including how to get her aroused through sexting. There are a lot of pieces of good general relationship advice in this section, as well as ways to differentiate your texting style through the use of unique phrases or responses as opposed to the standard ‘lol’ or ‘haha’.

The Learning Process

With the basic premise of what’s included in Magnetic Messaging out of the way, it’s time to dive into how the guide goes about actually teaching you these techniques. The guide is a completely digital online resource, comprised of videos, reading material, as well as example texts and other references to help you learn and build a strategy that will get you from the initial encounter to a first date. The lack of a physical copy certainly helps make the product a lot more affordable, currently only $47 for not only Magnetic Messaging, but a package of resources and guides related to dating and making that initial connection. Between all four resources, you’ll have a comprehensive guide to playing the dating game, chock full of tips and advice on how to seal the deal with the girl you’ve got your eye on.

How Magnetic Messaging Works

While many of these romance guides seem like they’ll just give you all the answers you need to fix any situation, Bobby Rio’s Magnetic Messaging is a little different. Yes, it does give you plenty of examples of how to put things into practice, but it isn’t simply a book of messages to just copy and paste to fit a given scenario. Magnetic Messaging teaches more of a philosophy on dating and, more specifically, text messaging. This is a system you’ll have to learn, understand, and apply to your romantic endeavors in order to truly be successful. Women can’t be categorized into basic categories, and scripted responses to general situations aren’t guaranteed to work. That’s why this system will teach you how to craft your own personalized messages that not only fit the situation at hand, but also mesh with your own personality and style of conversation. It won’t sound like you’re simply copying lines out of a guidebook, but sound like it’s actually coming from you, and the reason for that is it is.

The Downsides

As great as this guide sounds, there are a few minor drawbacks. While there isn’t inherently anything wrong with the information in Magnetic Messaging, there is one glaring issue that might not make it the guide for you. You’ll actually need to be able to get a girl’s number in the first place in order to put any of this to good use. If you have trouble talking to women period, and struggle to get their information, then this might not be the guide for you.

The other issue is the fully digital aspect of the guide. Yes, it’s great that it drastically reduces the cost of the product, but you’ll need to download or have internet access to even start viewing the material, and if you have a slow or poor connection the download times can get pretty absurd. Granted, considering how comprehensive the program is and how much of it is based on video tutorials and lectures, those high download times aren’t too out of the ordinary. In short, if you have terrible internet or no internet at all, you might want to look for something with a physical option rather than something entirely digital.

Some of the organizational aspects of the guide could be a bit better, as it does tend to jump around a little, and topics don’t always flow smoothly into one another, but this doesn’t detract much from the actual readability of the guide. It’s just a bit jarring at times when there’s that sudden focal shift to another topic. Also some topics seem a bit out of place in terms of where they are in the lesson progression. For example, tips on how to make good impressions on a first date showing up in the section for when you’re supposed to already be dating her.

Pros and Cons


  • Clear, bite sized, and easy to understand chapters.
  • Includes various case studies to easily teach by example.
  • Covers a wide variety of texting situations and solutions on how to handle them.
  • Very good at reinforcing good habits while helping you avoid falling into bad ones.
  • Comes with supplemental resources that can further help in other areas of dating.
  • Very inexpensive, costing only $47.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Being fully online, it requires a decent and stable internet connection to use.
  • The program won’t work for everyone. If you can’t get a girl’s number, you’re out of luck.
  • There are some organizational issues where certain topics are covered.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Magnetic Messaging is a solid guide on how to keep a girl engaged with you after the first meet and how to land that first date. While the main marketing page for Magnetic Messaging makes it look like the target audience is guys who are just desperate for a good lay, even boasting how the guide can teach you how to convince a girl to participate in a threesome, most of that is… well… marketing. The guide itself it a lot more broad focused, teaching techniques and philosophies that can apply to any guy looking to be more successful in dating, be it the guy who wants to find a future spouse, or the guy who is just looking for a little action. Magnetic Messaging is really there to teach you the fundamentals on how to approach texting to help build your own self confidence while at the same time making yourself more engaging and interesting to women. For only $47 and with a 60-day money back guarantee, Magnetic Messaging and the other material that comes with it is at least worth checking out if you’re at all interested in improving your success with dating.