Are you worried about the rising cost of powering your home? You’re not alone; in fact, you and thousands of others have seen the cost increase almost regardless of their level of energy use. It can seem that, no matter how much you attempt to cut back, the monthly bill keeps increasing.

Whether you’re keeping appliances on all night or forgetting to unplug energy-sucking electronics, it can be easy to forget that energy costs boil down to mindless actions that add up over the course of a month. Now, some are seeking for better ways to cut their energy bill without resorting to costly generators or solar panels.

Darren Holman, recent retiree, has developed a system known as the Magnifier Engine. He claims that, through following a simple guide, anyone can reduce their monthly electricity bill by over 70 percent.

Many want to know: just how honest are Darren’s claims? How does the Magnifier Engine work, is it simple to build, and what do reviewers have to say about Darren’s product?

Who is Darren Holman?

Darren Holman is an everyday man retired in Cleveland, Ohio, who was constantly worried about his ability to support himself with the rising cost of bills. One day, while gathered near a crowd of people around a miniature rotarized ferris wheel toy, Darren exclaims that he had his “aha moment”.

The man demonstrating the toy at the stall explained that the ferris wheel ran simply based on the heat coming from your hand when Darren asked how it worked. After that day, Darren spent a great deal of time crafting models in his home and soon came up with the idea of using a parabolic lens that magnifies with heat to power the whole house.

After tinkering for many weeks, Darren consulted with his long-time friend, Bob, who was a mechanical engineer. Bob helped him make the necessary adjustments so that the Magnifier Engine could be perfected to work on the power of simple sunshine.

Later that month, Bob ran down to Darren’s house after receiving his electricity bill – the cost was slashed by over 90 percent! When their excitement dissipated, Bob and Darren decided to share how to achieve the Magnifier Effect to friends and family around the community.

Folks from all over the neighborhood pressed the two to divulge their energy solution. Soon, they were pushed to write a comprehensive and simple guide that explains how to build the simple machine. Now, anyone can achieve the same effect with just a few tools and an afternoon of effort.

What is The Magnifier Engine?

The Magnifier Engine program is a complete kit, with guides and videos, that demonstrates step by step what you have to do to build a self-powered electricity generator for your home or apartment. Using simple and intuitive language, this guide shows how your electricity bill can be slashed dramatically simply by making machinery to power your home.

By following the guide, customers can expect to build an intuitive machine that requires very little maintenance to upkeep, aside from checking in on it every few months. Just like the Ferris wheel toy that inspired Darren’s idea, the magnifier machine is a rotating wheel that is powered by the flow of heat throughout the instrument. According to Darren, following the Magnifier Engine guidebook and videos can result in energy savings of over 50 percent for every size of home.

What’s Included with Magnifier Engine Purchase?

The Magnifier Engine purchase includes one guidebook, video instruction set, and blueprints for crafting the fully functional magnifier engine model yourself.

To be more specific, the exact items included with the purchase are:

  • Complete set of drawn instructions and list of materials needed for building the Magnifier Engine
  • Three high quality videos that walk through the entire process of building the engine, making it more easy than ever for less skilled individuals to cut their power bill
  • Scientific research and notations showing how the engine is run on clean natural gas sources
  • Pieces of advice about specific components of the Magnifier Engine, such as a guide for creating an automated timer that switches to distinct power sources naturally
  • Unlimited email support for life
  • Instruction booklet for how to connect the Magnifier Engine to your home’s pre-existing source of power
  • Thorough advice about the best sources for engine materials, securing discounts, and more

Using all the materials provided, Darren has truly simplified the process of switching your home’s energy source to a sustainable and low cost machine. Unlike traditional solar panels or wind mills, the Magnifier engine can be built incredibly cheaply for items that can be found in nearly every hardware store.

Additionally, the Magnifier Engine purchase comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee This means that if you are unhappy at any time with the purchase, you can simply send the materials back in for a full refund. According to reviewers, the refund policy is generous enough so that you can see if the Magnifier Engine has brought any benefits to your home before deciding to truly accept the cost.

Darren recommends that you buy the physical materials needed from hardware stores that offer generous return policies. He also recommends keeping receipts for all the products. This way, the purchase is completely risk free and almost painless to implement.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Darren claims that the Magnifier Engine will definitely lower your energy bills substantially every month. He states that, after successfully crafting the machine, you can expect that your bill will be cut between 30 to 75 percent every month.

After just a few months, this means that you completely recoup the losses of both the Magnifier Energy book purchase and the cost of the power that your home uses. Whenever there isn’t enough sunlight, you can expect you will spend just a few extra dollars per month to power the machine using gas or electricity.

Buyers can also expect large savings since the Magnifier Engine is inexpensive to build. Though it’s impossible to state just how much it does cost, most users say that they spent only $100 on new materials. However, some buyers stated that they were able to halve their costs by relying on used parts, junk from neighbors, and scrap metals.

The second most important positive aspect of the Magnifier Engine is that it is incredibly easy to build and implement. No matter your level of mechanical ability, the guidebook and video tutorials make it very simple to get the machine up and running in under just two hours.

To be completely clear, special skills are not needed to fully build the machine. Most reviewers state that it was much easier to put the machine together than they originally assumed it would be.

Are There Any Downsides?

Perhaps the largest drawback to the Magnifier Effect guide purchase is that you have to buy all the parts and construct the machine totally on your own. At the end of the day, you are not getting a fully formed product that you can just hook up to your home to dramatically slash your energy bills immediately.

Additionally, some were dismayed that their energy bill wasn’t completely slashed. You need to keep in mind that the machine needs at least some minimal source of power to keep it running continuously. Most users are very happy that their bill is between 40 to 70 percent lower than normal for only a few hours and extra dollars of effort.

Other than that, most customers seem to be satisfied with their purchase and only mention minor annoyances with the product. Some users were slightly disappointed that the guide is not physical and is only offered online; the official book is only a PDF that can be downloaded to your machine. However, this does make getting a refund more quick than ever, since a physical product does not have to be mailed back in to some distant headquarters.

The Science Behind The Guide

The Magnifier Engine is powered using simple mechanics and the science of how heat turns into energy. According to some sources, the machine is constructed using several chambers that are powered to spin based on differential sources of heat that “move” through the different components.

Firstly, the temperature within one chamber is raised by a particular heat source – in most cases, this will be the sun. This then results in the expansion of air, causing a small piston to thrust forward and away from the source of heat. As the piston shoots forward, cool air around the piston causes it to recoil in the opposing direction. Ultimately, the wheel starts to spin due to the recurrent motion of the piston.

The effect caused by the Magnifier Engine relies on the principles of heat and motion to create a sort of “rotation machine”. The rotation of the Magnifier Engine can then be used to power your whole home. Most importantly, this process is gentle and stable enough that most users can expect the parts of the machine will not break down frequently.

What Do Reviews Say About The Magnifier Engine?

Hundreds of satisfied customers have left comprehensive reviews of their experience with the Magnifier Effect product online. Whether users love the great customer service, guidebook, or the new number on their monthly energy bill, it seems everyone has something good to say about the service offered.

Dianna and Chris are one couple who first tried to Magnifier Engine after hearing about the product through a coupon-cutting friend. After demanding to see their friend’s energy bills, they were shocked to see just how low the mid-sized home’s bill was.

Soon enough, the both chipped in for the guidebook and followed it religiously. In just under three hours, they were able to craft the fully functional Magnifier Engine and hook it up a heat source in their home. Now, they claim that they save anywhere from 22 to 70 percent on their monthly energy bill.

However, the pair does warn that savings are highly dependent on the season. In winter, their energy bill sees a spike since the sun is not out often enough to account for all of the home’s energy needs. Despite this, both Diana and Chris are pleased with the improvement they’ve witnessed in their monthly expenses. Now they are saving up for an international vacation by pocketing the extra money every month.

In Conclusion: Does it Really Work?

It seems many have found success by applying the teachings found in the Magnifier Engine guidebook and videos. Unlike other products on the market, the instruction set is comprehensive and features easy to follow tutorials that make building the machine much simpler than one would expect.

The Machine Engine comes with scientific backing, plenty of instructions, illustrations, and unparalleled customer support to offer the best service possible.