By now, most people are familiar with the general concepts of the Law of Attraction and manifestation, as there have been a number of courses on these topics. However, many people find that no matter how much they visualize their goals and turn their minds towards positive thinking, they are unable to see the results that they had hoped for. Manifestation Miracle is a course that is directed at these people, and anyone else interested in manifestation.

The author of this course, Heather Matthews, is an energy coach and life consultant who devoted herself to becoming an expert in energy flow. As such, the course is largely devoted to how the state of a person’s personal energy may have a positive or negative effect on their efforts to attract success, happiness, and abundance into their life. In this way, she has tried to make a course that stands out from a crowded field.

The information presented in the Manifestation Miracle materials is not limited to the manifestation of abundance in a financial sense, though following the principles should certainly help in the area of monetary gain. Rather, the tools in this course can also be applied to personal relationships, health, or any other part of your life where you feel that something is lacking.

What makes Manifestation Miracle Unique?

Manifestation Miracle is hardly the first product on the market that deals with the Law of Attraction, or which can give advice to readers about how to manifest abundance in their lives. It is worth asking, then, what it is about this particular system that makes it any different from other books and services that are currently available. Why should this particular course be seen as one that people can trust?

The author herself directs this issue head-on, as she also has experience trying a number of different products related to the Law of Attraction and manifestation. Despite her best efforts, she found that many of these products never really worked for her, and her dreams and goals failed to manifest themselves. Though frustrated, she set out to find out what was missing from these other methods and to put it into practice in her own course.

The “missing piece” from other manifestation courses, says Matthews, is what she calls destiny tuning. The idea behind destiny tuning is that you need to find out more about your true self, that is, what are your genuine needs, wants, and desires. It is by better understanding what you truly want that you can then pursue the life that is destined for you. In other words, manifestation isn’t a cookie-cutter process, but one that should be customized for each individual.

The key to this destiny tuning process is, in fact, an understanding that humans are operating in a particular energetic state. In order to truly manifest abundance, you will need to move yourself into a higher, more positive place with regard to energy. Another way of putting this is that your feelings and your destiny are connected. By focusing on having a positive and rejuvenating emotional life, you will be able to grasp the destiny that is meant for you.

While this discussion of destiny tuning may sound complicated or difficult at first glance, the Manifestation Miracle program has been designed to walk you through each stage of this process and guide you along the pathway of starting to manifest abundance in your life. Indeed, the course is quite user friendly, as it tells you where you should be directing your efforts each week, and never leaves you in the dark as to where your focus should be.

With this knowledge about the destiny tuning system in mind, it will be best to turn to the step-by-step Manifestation Miracle process and consider each stage of this course.

The System: Tuning Yourself to your Own Destiny

Manifestation Miracle includes an e-book that has been broken up into five parts. Each part includes both lessons on the system of manifestation, and exercises that can be done at home to put the theory of the system into practice. While all of the chapters relate to the overall strategy of destiny tuning, each part has a specific focus that helps you build up to more productive manifestation by going step by step.

The first part of the book introduces the concept of destiny tuning. As a big part of finding your own destiny is learning about what you actually want, there is an exercise in this section on “heart storming,” that is, figuring out where your passions truly lie. There is also information on emotional states and internal vibrations that are important for the material later in the course.

The second part is about deepening your connection with your own soul. This includes an exercise that is focused on self-assessment, with the goal of figuring out what exactly it is that will make you happy. Other exercises will teach you how to do away with negative thoughts, as negative energy always proves to be a major barrier to manifestation.

The third section will teach you about how to use your own emotional vibrations to create for yourself externally what you are feeling internally, that is, mastering the Law of Attraction. There are exercises that will show you how to better understand your own feelings, as well as guidelines to setting up affirmations for yourself.

The fourth section addresses something that is sometimes left out of material about the Law of Attraction, which is the question of happiness. The author argues that mere success will not bring happiness, and the exercises teach you how to reach your own “happy place.” You will also learn how to get out of your own comfort zone, as this is often what it takes to truly achieve happiness.

The fifth section, the “Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow,” encourages you to reflect on what you have learnt so far, and to think about ways to continue your manifestation efforts moving forward. Matthews describes the feeling of having tuned yourself to your own destiny as the “view from the top of the mountain,” where you have a clearer picture of who you are and what is unique about your own destiny.

As noted above, each of these sections include practical exercises that should be done alongside the lessons of the book. While the course will involve a good deal of work, most who have tried the course found that they got out of it as much as they put in.

There are a few other things included in the course when you purchase Manifestation Miracle. There is a workbook, for example, that you may want to print off and use to keep track of your progress as you work through this program. There are also a number of chapter overview videos, which can help you to keep all of the main ideas of each chapter straight as you move along.

Finally, the course includes a set of “mindtracks,” which are positive affirmations that you can listen to on a daily basis as you work through the lessons and exercises. Many of these mindtracks are devoted to specific areas of life that you may want to improve, such as finances, love and romance, or health and fitness.

Testimonials: A Product that Stands Out from the Pack

These days, there is no shortage of products that are offering advice on manifesting abundance, or which provide tips on how to harness the Law of Attraction in order to have a more satisfying life. This should naturally lead people to be careful that what they are getting is a genuine product that can lead to lifestyle improvements, and not simply a subpar course that is taking advantage of interest in manifestation.

Those who are interested in trying out Manifestation Miracle will be pleased to note that most reviews of the product have found that people were satisfied with their results. The material is put together in a professional manner, and reviewers have found it easy to follow along with the course. While it requires a lot of personal effort to see results, most users have found that they got out as much as they put in.

Another strong suit of this particular course is that it comes with not just theoretical examples for how the Law of Attraction might work, but with concrete exercises that can be done at home. The courses can also be done by anyone, as they don’t require a lot of prior knowledge of the Law of Attraction, or for you to already be at a certain stage in life. These sorts of practical concerns are key for any sort of program that is teaching manifestation.

Areas for Improvement

While most reviews of the Manifestation Miracle system have been positive, there is always room for improvement, and there are a few common criticisms that consumers will want to keep in mind. The course does require a relatively significant investment of time: to get the full experience, readers will need to work through the entire 90-day course. At over 150 pages, the e-book is not one that most people will be able to pick up and read through quickly.

Some other reviewers of the course have found that the course frequently tried to up-sell readers into purchasing other products, such as a $37-per-month subscription to Amazing Self. While some consumers will find benefit from this additional product, this is a greater monetary investment than the original, competitive $47 course price. Some who are reading the course may find these opportunities to purchase other products distracting.

Despite these criticisms, the majority of reviewers found the Manifestation Miracle to have been worth their time and effort. For those who are still on the fence about the product, it is worth noting that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you were to find the material not to your liking. While it is always best to choose the course that is ideal for your own specific path, it does seem that Manifestation Miracle has something for everyone.

Conclusion: A Well-Received Course

It can be difficult to pick just one course from the many that are available for teaching the secrets of the Law of Attraction, and those who are thinking of purchasing a program will want to make sure that the one they choose can stand out. The positive side of Manifestation Miracle is that it is designed to be a step beyond other programs related to manifestation, as the destiny tuning procedure means that it includes material not found in other books or courses.

While the course requires a great deal of personal time and effort to complete, most reviews of the product have been positive. The general consensus among those who have gone through the course is that it was worth the money, and they saw real results by the end of the material. It would seem that Manifestation Miracle is something worth investigating if you are trying to manifest abundance in your life.