Marine Muscle is marketed as an alternative to steroids. The formulation is precisely calibrated to break through the limits that plague bodybuilders. Despite working out constantly, consuming a vast amount of protein and taking questionable supplements, most elite athletes reach plateaus where it becomes challenging – if not impossible – to bulk up beyond certain inherent limits.

The promise of Marine Muscle is that the supplement delivers effects that are similar to steroids. Anabolic steroids can make it possible to go beyond the limits of muscle growth and endurance, but they are known to generate adverse reactions and side effects. Key bodybuilding competitions and sports teams routinely check for prohibited steroid use. [1]

That’s why finding an alternative to steroids without the dangerous side effects is so desirable by top athletes who want to boost their performances. Does Marine Muscle live up to its promise of a practical substitute for steroids? Here are the facts:

How Steroids Work

Anabolic means “tissue building,” and steroids are synthetic compounds that reproduce the effects of male sexual hormones like testosterone.  Steroids are potent agents of muscle building, protein synthesis and increasing stamina. Steroids are androgenic, which means they enhance male characteristics that include body hair growth and increased muscle development.

Steroids are prescription drugs that are used to treat certain medical conditions. These include wasting disease, osteoporosis and delayed puberty. Bodybuilders and athletes have long used steroids without a prescription to advance beyond the limits of traditional workouts, exercise, supplementation and diet.

The Risks of Steroid Use

The risks of using steroids include the fact that they’re illegal to use without a prescription. The negative side effects of steroid use include:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Heart problems
  • Liver disease
  • Breast growth
  • Shrinking of testicles
  • Increased aggression
  • Acne and cyst outbreaks

The continuous use of steroids causes the body to shut down its natural production of testosterone, which is the controlling hormone for the production of many essential hormones. Withdrawing from steroid use can leave you worse off than before you began using them.

Marine Muscle Provides Customized Steroid Alternatives

Marine Muscle supplements are only available from the company website at The supplements are broken down into the key categories of Bulking, Strength, Cutting and Stacks:

  1. Bulking:  The bulking Marine Muscle supplements include Enduro, Trooper, Drill Master and Gunner.
  2. Strength:  Strength supplements also include Enduro, Trooper and Drill Master as well as Devil Dog.
  3. Cutting:  Cutting supplements include Alpha, Winger, Sergeant and Colonel.
  4. Stacks:  Marine Muscle stacks allow you to combine supplements from different categories and receive substantial savings – such as buying one and getting one free.

The Six Ingredients of Marine Muscle

The six primary ingredients of Marine Muscle supplements deliver astonishing benefits of the same caliber as steroids do – without the troubling side effects. Most men struggle to build muscle and enhance athletic performance, but despite their commitment to a strict diet and an aggressive program of exercise and/or muscle development, they get stuck at some point where improvements are difficult to make.

The reason for their frustration is that the body has developmental limits based on hormones, which control the ability to synthesize muscle and utilize protein, vitamins and minerals. Legal steroids have the power to change this dynamic. The six ingredients of Marine Muscle supplements include:

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek extract ranks as one of the most powerful ingredients because it boosts testosterone production. High levels of testosterone jumpstart many other metabolic processes. The benefits of this ingredient include generating few or no side effects or interactions with other substances. That doesn’t mean that an occasional user won’t have an allergic reaction, but the extract is well tolerated.

Studies show that fenugreek extract lowers blood glucose and triglycerides while increasing “good” cholesterol. The compound also increases creatine uptake and glycogen resynthesis, which is essential for muscle growth and recovery. [2]

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris also boosts testosterone levels and promotes better muscle synthesis according to an expert review.  Clinical studies of this ingredient show that it enhances testosterone production by increasing the production of luteinizing and gonadotropin-releasing hormones. [3]

Tribulus terrestris is a natural spiny fruit and one of the few herbal supplement ingredients that has been tested alone for its medical and health benefits. Studies have proven that tribulus terrestris increases hormone production and fertility and stimulates the libido. There are no known reactions to other foods, but there can be negative interactions with medicines taken for heart problems and high blood pressure.

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA

DHEA is a popular ingredient used in many supplements, so it has an extensive history of clinical tests. Studies show that DHEA boosts metabolism and fortifies bones and joints. The body actually produces dehydroepiandrosterone in the adrenal gland, and the synthetic version of the hormone can increase the production of other hormones that are essential for increased physical performance and bodybuilding success.

There is also evidence that DHEA slows the aging process, improves cognitive functions and relieves mental depression. DHEA produces a definite steroid-type effect, and the substance has been banned for college athletes by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. DHEA is legal, however.


Pregnenolone is considered to be a pro-hormone, a hormone that is a progenitor of other critical hormones that include testosterone, DHEA and progesterone. Synthetic versions of the pro-hormone can duplicate the benefits of naturally produced pregnenolone.

Pregnenolone is tolerated well with few side effects or interactions. [4] The synthetic product is synthesized from cholesterol and improves the function of countless bodily functions. The body’s natural production of this hormone decreases with age by up to 60 percent by the time you reach the age of 75, so taking a supplement with this ingredient can generate enormous health and workout benefits by restoring the body’s hormonal balance.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits and relief of muscle fatigue. The chemical compound also relieves joint pain and generates anti-oxidant properties to help in workout recovery. It is a powerful ingredient for reducing both mental and physical fatigue after a workout. reports that turmeric might be the single most effective supplement ingredient. [5] Clinical studies show that turmeric extract prevents heart disease, arthritis symptoms, age-related illnesses and mental depression.

One of the strongest benefits is attributed to the chemical circumin, which is found in turmeric. Circumin reduces inflammation and oxidation to improve the endothelium’s function. The endothelium is the lining of blood vessels, and strengthening the endothelial layer results in a better blood supply to the muscles, faster recovery times, better regulation of blood pressure and stronger cardiac functions.

Alpha-lipoic Acid or ALA

Alpha-lipoic acid increases blood flow, so it can play a critical role in maximizing your endurance in rigorous workouts and athletic matches. The compound helps to increase testosterone and lower cholesterol. Scientific evidence shows that alpha-lipoic acid provides antioxidant properties, treats low blood sugar and relieves neuropathic pain, which is a big issue for many athletes and bodybuilders.

ALA supplements that reduce oxidative damage are critical for extreme muscle building. Antioxidants relieve muscular stress and cramping, relieve the pain of extreme workouts, neutralize free radicals and disable the effects of heavy metals.  Studies show that ALA reverses oxidative damage and prevents muscle damage from intense exercise sessions.

Do Marine Muscle Supplements Really Work?

Dozens of respected reviews confirm that Marine Muscle helps you improve athletic performance and defeat the entropy of reaching a plateau and not being able to advance beyond it. The results are usually visible within 3 to 4 weeks. The only caveat is that you have to boost your performance with dedication, increased workout times and more challenging routines while taking the supplements.

The biggest cause of plateauing is testosterone deficiency, which is a natural result of the aging process. Once you reach a plateau, hormone deficiencies make it nearly impossible to boost your workout results because it takes increased effort just to maintain your current level.

Anabolic steroids can give you the necessary boost, but there are too many negatives involved with using them. That’s why legal steroids are the best way to boost your performance, build muscle mass and gain strength. Bulking is the central strategy that touches on all athletic performances. The goals of any training regimen are to improve muscle mass, regulate weight and increase overall strength. Bulking is involved in achieving each of these goals, and legal steroids give you the hormonal tools you need to push beyond your limits.

Choosing the Right Marine Muscle Formula for Your Goals

The unique formulations of Marine Muscle proprietary supplements enable you to choose the ideal supplement to reach your fitness goals in the shortest time. Here’s a brief synopsis of the various Marine Muscle supplements:

  • EnduroEnduro increases endurance, strength and bulking success. The supplement lies in the middle of the bulking formulas and helps to keep you more powerful across multiple training exercises and real-world activities. Tribulus terrestris is the active ingredient.
  • TrooperTrooper increases the sex drive, boosts muscle growth and provides more raw power. The supplement boosts testosterone, which increases libido, endurance and muscle growth. Fenugreek extract and tribulus terristris are the primary ingredients, and vitamins and ginseng increase the aphrodisiac effect.
  • Drill MasterDrill Master is the ideal choice for those who have trouble gaining weight or muscle. Tribulus terrestris and DHEA are the primary ingredients.
  • GunnerGunner can help you lose fat and replace it with lean muscle. The supplement also increases strength. The primary ingredient is turmeric extract. The supplement helps your body after an injury of excessive workout and provides mind-body rejuvenation. Gunner is an ideal choice is your goal in apex physical conditioning.
  • AlphaThis supplement helps to reduce body fat and protect muscle gains in the process. You can take this formula for increasing natural muscle growth, strength and stamina. It’s also beneficial for improving your posture and physique. The primary ingredients are alpha-lipoic acid and turmeric extract.
  • SergeantSergeant can help you get rid of man breasts – a condition called gynecomastia – and develop a masculine six-pack. The supplement contains fenugreek extract. Sergeant can help you bring definition to your pectoral muscles, and it doesn’t require a prescription. You can get a more masculine chest in as little as 3 or 4 weeks. There are no side effects, and the supplement is a big confidence-booster for men suffering from swelling breast tissue.
  • WingerThis formula is designed to increase power and energy while cutting down on weight and muscle mass. This is the best choice if you want extra energy to burn fat and lose weight without sacrificing your strength. The primary ingredient is pregnenolone.
  • ColonelColonel helps you burn fat quickly while retaining lean muscle mass. The supplement can help you sculpt your physique, increase endurance and boost athletic performance. It ignites thermogenic processes and enhances cardiac health. The active ingredient is pure turmeric extract.
  • Devil DogDevil Dog is the best Marine Muscle choice if you want incredible strength and stamina. This supplement is often the choice of people who work at demanding physical jobs. Users soften see results in just 2 weeks. This formula works by increasing the oxygen in the blood to optimize tearing down muscle tissue and rebuilding it. The primary ingredient is alpha-lipoic acid.

Getting the Best Results from Marine Muscle Supplementation

Marine Muscle promotes its extensive research to find alternatives to steroids. The ingredients that were chosen for Marine Muscle were fine-tuned for the proper dosage and mixture to build massive muscle, increase strength, lose fat and generate stamina. Buying your supplements in stacks can help you customize your supplementation plan to reach multiple fitness goals and save money on the costs.

You can see results quickly within a month or two, but if you really want to see what Marine Muscle can do, it’s recommended that you stick with the program for 3 months or more. At that point, the results will become so obvious that there’s no doubt that these legal steroids delivered a substantial boost.

Review Conclusions

All the available anecdotal and clinical evidence points to the stellar results of Marine Muscle supplementation. You can design your supplement program with a high degree of precision based on the results you want to achieve. All of the ingredients are clinically proven to be effective, and each product is made in the United States under exacting FDA-approved laboratory conditions.

These legal alternatives to steroids give serious athletes the hormonal boost necessary to break out of common development slumps. Extreme results are common, and bodybuilders and elite athletes can only buy these products in the United States and not anywhere else in the world.