Metabolic Cooking was written by Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. Kate Losier is often referred to as the Lean Kitchen Queen due to her passion for food, culinary adventures and fitness. Her Psychology Masters’s degree enables her to understand the psychological impact resulting from issues with weight and self-image. In this book, she teaches you about the importance of a healthy diet and nutrition.

Dave Ruel has found success as a popular author of fitness and health books, a fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder and fitness cook. He is consistently looking for new nutrition tips and recipes to help people remain healthy and lose fat. Not only is he happy to answer any fitness questions you may have, but he also provides the motivation for you to achieve better fitness than you have ever experienced in the past.

Learning the Program for Successful Metabolic Cooking

The term metabolic is in reference to your metabolism. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines metabolism as a chemical process used by animals and plants to make energy, heal and grow by consuming water and food. The concept of Metabolic Cooking is consuming nutritious foods to simultaneously lose fat and increase your energy through this process.

The metabolic properties contained in specific foods are used in the recipes in the book to enable your body to burn additional fat. The number of calories you consume are used by your body for breaking down the nutrients contained in the food you eat. This is what empowers your fat burning process. The Metabolic Cooking book is actually a complete program to improve your nutrition using several different components.

The program begins with a complete guide to proper nutrition. The introduction is fifty pages explaining the philosophy behind metabolic nutrients including how this increases your fat loss. You will be taught about the best foods you can eat to enable the creation of a well-balanced and healthy meal plan to help you lose fat. The Nutri-Profile contains sections for proteins, vegetables, fats and carbohydrates.

The program is easy to follow because the authors have already planned all of your meals for you. All you have to do is choose the meals you like the best that correspond to the above profiles. Metabolic Cooking uses a Metabolic Thermo-Charge to provide you with the nutritional values of the foods you are consuming. This simply means different foods have the metabolic power to enable your body to burn fat.

The book teaches you how to rate foods according to the number of calories your body will be able to burn by breaking the nutrients down. This is often called TEF or the thermic effect of food. A good example is proteins. Your body will need to use more energy for metabolizing proteins. This means when the foods you consume are higher in proteins, the thermogenic effect is greater.

According to clinical research, TEF will be enhanced by the intensity and duration of aerobic exercises. This concept is backed with valid scientific research. One of the most important components of this program is protein. This is because protein is key for consuming foods triggering a higher thermogenic effect. Both Karine Losier and Dave Ruel recommend only consuming recipes with a minimum of fifteen grams of protein.

The approach used by the authors offers a nice change from the boring recipes often used for losing weight. The package contains nine cookbooks containing more than 250 recipes with a lot of variety. One of the main reasons this book has become popular is due to the diversity offered through a wide variety of recipes.

The Phenomenal and Healthy Recipes

When you first look at the cookbook, you will see nine different sections, This includes more than 250 different recipes for sides, snacks, breakfast, vegetarian options, smoothies and main course meals using different fish, meats and poultry. One of the bonuses included with the book provides you with the details necessary for this type of cooking. This will enable you to receive optimal results through optimization.

Two additional recipe books have also been included. The first teaches you how to use seasonings to prepare delicious foods. The second shows you how to prepare salads good for increasing your metabolism. You will also learn the best way to make your grocery lists, find healthy recipes and print out a daily log of your food consumption. You should not have any difficulties following any of these recipes.

Every recipe shows you the most important information for good nutrition. This includes the number of proteins, fats, calories and carbohydrates. If you decide to try out Metabolic Cooking, there is no risk due to the sixty-day money-back guarantee.

The book explains the importance of breakfast for losing weight quickly. There are twenty different recipes for consuming a delicious and nutritious breakfast. This includes tasty pancake recipes such as blueberry protein pancakes and apple oatmeal pancakes. You will learn how to prepare filling egg dishes such as huevos Mexicanos and pizza omelets.

You will also be taught how to make comfort foods such as almond butter cup oatmeal and chocolate french toast. You can enjoy breakfasts filled with protein including spinach egg wrap and creamy peach oatmeal. If you are a vegetarian, there are recipes created especially for you or anyone interested in eliminating meat from there diet for a while. These recipes are delicious and nutritious.

Since neither author is an expert on vegetarian cooking, they brought in a vegetarian chef skilled in this area. He provided the help necessary for the creation of excellent vegetarian dishes. This includes creative sandwiches such as lettuce, tomato and tempeh and egg salad sandwiches. There are recipes containing the goodness of grains as well.

This includes quinoa burritos, baked banana nut oatmeal, sweet potato and black bean chili and deliciously rich peanut butter and nut fudge. Included in Metabolic cooking are thirty healthy side dishes to serve with your meals. All of these dishes contain the highest quality of ingredients. The first fifteen recipes are classified as free veggie sides. This means you will not have to count calories or restrict servings.

The free veggie recipes include nourishing and hearty dishes such as lemon broccoli, broccoli dijon, quick zucchini soup and baked bell pepper and eggplant. If you enjoy spices there are recipes for mustard green beans and curried eggplant. You will also discover recipes for carbo-sides. Since only the best carbohydrates are included, the guilt has been eliminated.

The amount of carbo-sides you can eat is limited. There are easy recipes for sides such as mint, dill bulgar salad and ginger chickpeas. The delicious recipes using potatoes include rosemary roasted potatoes and curried sweet potatoes. Even ethnic recipes have been included featuring Spanish rice and Cuban black beans.

Not only will you not have to give up your snacks, but the authors encourage you to enjoy snacks. The recipes for exceptionally tasty treats include fruity snacks such as apple oats snack bars and strawberry parfait. If you prefer savory snacks, you will enjoy quick protein guacamole and herbed eggs. The creamy and rich snacks include double almond cottage cheese and Greek banana pudding.

If you have a passion for red meat, these recipes have you covered. You do not have to eliminate red meat because you are dieting. The recipes containing red meat include decadent steak recipes such as steak au poivre and Argentina-style steak. The dishes inspired by Asian cuisine include Thai beef lettuce wraps and chop suey Hamburg. There are even homestyle favorites like smothered burgers and a beef roast with apples.

You are probably aware most dieters eat a lot of poultry and chicken dishes. The difference with these recipes is the authors have added more spices to create an all-new way to enjoy these types of dishes. All of these recipes are simple to make and delicious. This is a good way to begin losing weight. You can discover completely new tastes like metabolic fried chicken fingers and metabolic turkey muffins.

The stir-fry recipes are sensational including Thai basil chicken, chicken almond, spicy citrus chicken and spicy peanut chicken. Metabolic Cooking offers you a wide range of recipes also including smoothies, seafood, fish and pork. There are also recipes included for metabolic salad builders and dressings.

You will learn how to make dressing and salads to burn fat and increase you metabolism without sacrificing the flavor. This provides you with a healthy way of eating without feeling deprived.

The Contents of Metabolic Cooking

There are numerous different sections in this book. This includes:

  • The Guide for thermo-charged seasonings, These seasonings are sodium-free, healthy and ideal for adding spice to your food.
  • The guide for optimizing your fat loss offers information for burning fat quicker while learning how to cook for nutrition and fat loss.
  • There is a guide showing you how to use the correct supplements for accelerating your results.
  • A conversion chart if you are living overseas.
  • A daily food log you can print out.
  • The finder list for locating recipes fast.
  • The metabolic cooking glossary.
  • Lists for online shopping.
  • The master list for grocery shopping.

The Delightfully Free Bonuses

The seasoning guide offers you a way to remain on track when you are in a hurry. There may nights when you do not have the time to make one of the recipes in the book. If you are ever too busy or just low on energy, this guide will be extremely useful. The authors compiled this guide to enable you to prepare an exceptionally fast meal when time is of the essence.

The idea is to cook plain red meat, fish or poultry every week to store in your freezer. This way you have a good option when time is critical. You simply add one of the recipes for seasoning to your meat or fish to fix a fast metabolic meal. The seasonings in this bonus book include steak seasoning, Mexican seasoning and Creole seasoning. The additional bonus is veggie saver seasoning.

You will also receive quick sheets for metabolic cooking. This will enable you to organize your plan for metabolic cooking. This bonus consists of a series of sheets you can print. The authors of Metabolic Cooking created these sheets to help you follow the plan simply and easily. The sheets include a food glossary and a list for finding your favorite recipes.

Final Decision

The Metabolic Cookbook is overflowing with fantastic recipes, helpful tips and a lot of valuable resources. Even if you do not need a program to lose weight, these recipes are still useful for instructing you about consuming nutritious and healthy foods. There are also many tasty and satisfying recipes made using real food as opposed to processed junk.

The meal plans and recipes are easy to follow and make. This means you will not be spending a lot of time trying to figure out what you should be making. The food in the recipes is good for both women and men. Even though the recipes were created for fat loss, they can be consumed at any time. This is an excellent nutrition program to use with your exercise regimen for improved weight loss.