In 2008, Matt Morris decided to set up a penny stocks trading newsletter designed to help small investors make gains. Matt had himself traded in different stocks within America for a long time, with a success rate that astounded even him.

After years of trading in penny stocks, the American felt the success he had in stocks was not just luck or chance, he felt it was talent. That marked the birth of Microcap Millionaires, a newsletter company that sends monthly tips to small stock traders. The newsletter is available at a fee to small stock microcap traders of all levels, from beginners to intermediate and seasoned traders.

What is a microcap?

In the USA, a microcap is the stock of publicly traded company whose value falls between 50 and 300 million dollars. People who trade these stocks are known as microcap traders.

Dismantling Microcap Millionaires to check the details

Matt Morris’ company is one of numerous outlets that sell newsletters concerning stocks. Many of these companies are scams, as is bound to happen when an industry floods. As a result, Microcap Millionaires (MM) also has to go through this screening. In this article, we make a detailed review of Matt Morris establishment and leave it to you to make a decision on its genuineness. We look at several factors that one should consider.

How it works

Matt Morris is the sole- or key- data collector at Microcap Millionaires. Matt carries out a research on a particular stock, then makes a decision based on his findings and intuition. He then queues up his subscribers and sends them an alert regarding his stand.

The subscribers then make their own decisions, which is mostly in line with Matt’s. Obviously so, because there is a reason they pay for his alerts anyway. The subscribers’ decision usually causes the prices of these stocks to shoot immediately. The appreciation of value is usually around 20 percent, which is enough value for making gains with penny stocks. Since the moving of stocks is dependent on the number of traders taking positions, the large number of MM subscribers makes a significant move in prices.

All the while, Matt is following the trend of stock prices. He decides when it is right to exit the current position, and sends out the same alert to his subscribers. The subscribers exit, causing the prices to fall back to their original price or close by. That marks a gain for Matt’s subscribers.


Since its inception in 2008, Microcap Millionaires has grown steadily every year, and currently boasts thousands of subscribers. The success rate has been a key factor contributing to this growth, with referrals coming aplenty.

Microcap Millionaires is one of the most popular email alert companies in the stock market. There really is no outlet that gives a hard rating of alert companies, but the popularity among stock traders means it is among the top cream in the industry.


The company has been in the industry for close to a decade. This is an indicator of subscribers’ trust in the service, which directly points towards the company’s accuracy in making stock predictions.

Influence by stock companies

There is a term in stock predictors known as ‘pump and dump.’ The predictors are paid, or otherwise motivated, by stock trading companies to give their subscribers positive reviews, so that the prices of these stocks can go up. The tipster then deserts the subscribers as the prices take a tumble, usually closing shop and exiting stage with the quick buck made from both sides. This is a key characteristic of stock tipster scams. That Microcap millionaire has been around for a decade, is an indicator of Matt’s independence and firmness in the face of influential microcaps.

Payment options

MM accepts most mainstream credit cards, and also allows payment via PayPal. Now, banks and other money transfer institutions are known to be very strict in choosing who they do business with. The need to maintain a good name among sensitive clients demands that they do adequate checks before allowing anyone to receive payments through them. While it is possible for a fraud tipster to make it through the hurdles of money transfer companies, it is virtually impossible for a scam company to stay under the radar this long. The best verdict on this is the MM is a clean, legal business.

Money back guarantee

Microcap Millionaires offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Matt’s services. Yes, 60 days is two months. It is unlikely that a scam company would hold you out for that long, although this is not a strong point to judge by. Fraudsters are known to do just about anything to appear legit, then drop the bombshell when you are most vulnerable and least expecting.

Matt does not offer free trials or discount coupons; it is business from the start. A deep-end pool all across simply means this is serious business.

Who can benefit most from Microcap Millionaires?

Before passing a verdict on a tipster, you have to differentiate between two things: Is it not genuine or is it not right for you.

For starters, MM is a penny stocks tipster and thus appropriate for people trading small stocks. As mentioned earlier, the stocks move within the range of 20 percent at a time. Well, 1000 percent limbs and falls in value have been recorded, but that is just a rare occurrence. For big stock traders who stand to benefit significantly even if stocks move a single percentage unit, this might not be the best stock tipster for you.

Matt does the donkey work for people who don’t have the time to spend the whole day in front of a screen observing stock movement, or those who just can’t seem to make head or tail of the oscillating vibes. People with 9-5 jobs can efficiently adopt buying stock tips as part of their side hustle.

The two sides of the Microcap Millionaires’ coin:


Honesty and genuineness

This does not really sound like an advantage, but for people who have spent hours trying to comb the rubble for a genuine tipster, it is refreshing to finally land a genuine one. The longevity of matt in the business only means he has been dealing real stuff. And he’s not only genuine, he’s successful too! There is no way the number of subscribers would keep going up for a loser for a good ten years.

Small stock

$2,000 is the most reasonable minimum stock to start out with. While it will not record gigantic returns with one move, it still shields you from big resources in the event the tip doesn’t work out as guided. $400 in a single move is not little either, and can grow your stock to significant amounts if dealt with care and patience.

Money back guarantee

This is uncommon with successful tipsters. The fact that Matt offers such is not just a sign of his confidence, but also breeds confidence especially in new traders. There is little chance that you will be asking for your money back after the lapse of two months, but the offer is still nice.

User interaction forum

MM offers a forum for subscribers to talk to and with each other. Iron sharpens iron; traders sharpen traders. Discussion with other stock traders gives users new knowledge at every turn, which in itself is a bonus to the tipster service. It also benefits new subscribers, who can draw their research from past user experiences to make informed decisions.



Matt’s alerts are only via email. Effective, yes, since it is hard to imagine why anyone would be unable to access their email anywhere anytime in this day and age. Still, when it comes to money, it would be nice to seal all loopholes and use every available avenue. Then again, with email being such a common form of communication, there is the chance of the stock notification getting buried within the big haul of incoming mail. An SMS notification would supplement email at negligible cost.

Unsuitable for day workers

The need to keep close attention to notifications make it difficult for people on other engaging jobs to keep up. Microcaps stocks are volatile, meaning significant changes can occur over a short span of time. The secret is to be available to take advantage of opportunities immediately they occur, meaning otherwise engaged workers may miss out.


There is no sure way to tell a scam from a genuine tipster at first glance. Most times you have to gain or get burnt to tell the difference. When it comes to investment, however, waiting to learn from experience is too expensive a lesson. Doing background checks is vital when picking out a stocks tipster. The factors discussed here will go a long way in helping you determine the authenticity of any tipster, not just for Microcap Millionaires.

The home page of any tipster will deceive you if authenticity is what you are trying to establish. Of course, it will be laden with make-up to hide any flaws and unpleasant details that may scare you away. Due to legal requirements, however, deeper details have to be outlined in the ‘About’ and ‘Disclaimer’ sessions. Matt clearly outlines in the disclaimer that the tips he gives out, albeit successful, are not scientifically tested or proven. He also warns current and would-be subscribers that past success in calling market trends is not a guarantee for the future. Such confidence can only be exhibited by somebody who has risen to a certain level of confidence in his trade. That confidence can only be bred by genuineness.