If you suffer from chronic pain, whether it stems from a prior injury, arthritis, or muscle issues, finding consistent relief can be a struggle. There are may pain relief methods that you may have tried in the past, be it medications, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic work, or a variety of alternative medicine techniques. If all else has failed, the MindBody Matrix pain relief cream might be something to try. This unique cream claims to be able to relieve most minor pains in a matter of seconds, helping thousands of people in coping with their pain management issues quickly and easily. What is it about this cream that achieves such outstanding results though?

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Who Makes It?

Developed by Dr. TK Huynh, the MindBody Matrix cream capitalizes on a discovery made by NASA scientists when experimenting with technology to help plants grow on the international space station. Scientists and NASA found that Bioenergetic Imprinting could have serious medical implications and help develop medicinal strategies. With extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Huynh learned one key truth about the pharmaceutical industry. While most pharmacists truly want to help their patients, the truth of the matter is that they mostly just medicate their patients according to doctor’s prescriptions. The worst part is many of these patients never come off the prescription, and some even have secondary medications prescribed just to deal with the side effects of the medication they’re already taking. This truth is what motivated Dr. Huynh to find a real solution, and Bioenergetics was the key.

What is Bioenergetics?

After NASA scientists discovered the medical implications of their research, they paired with the University of Alabama and Binghamton Hospital for a two year experiment, which succeeded with outstanding results. 96% of their patients experienced a significant decrease in pain after treatment. These experiments lead to the creation of Red Light Bioenergetics Imprinting. It uses Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to treat chronic pain and swelling as well as treat wounds. This technique is also FDA approved, and perfectly safe.

The important thing about LLLT is that the light is very low in energy, only penetrating about 8 millimeters into your skin, and producing absolutely no heat. It travels just deep enough to reach your capillaries, which allows the light energy to be converted into cellular energy, kickstarting a series of metabolic processes. Some of these processes include:

  • Increasing energy levels through ATP production
  • Stimulates DNA and RNA synthesis
  • Increases lymphatic system activity, helping with healing and immune response
  • Reduces painful symptoms including arthritis pain
  • Increases circulation and blood flow
  • Increases collagen and fibroblast production
  • Repairs damaged connective tissues
  • Increases phagocytosis
  • Reduces damage from free radicals and oxidative stress
  • Decreases inflammation

That last one is super important, as inflammation is the number one cause of chronic joint pain and autoimmune disease. If this Red Light treatment is so effective though, why didn’t Dr. Huynh focus on that rather than making a cream? At first, he did, though he found one major problem with the Red Light treatment. It’s expensive, prohibitively expensive. The equipment required to administer the treatment alone costs around $100,000. This means that very few people have the adequate finances to even obtain such a treatment option, let alone implement it into their practice. Using this Red Light treatment concept and combining it with his pain relief cream, he was able to come up with an affordable solution to provide the best pain relief treatment to people at a fraction of the cost.

MindBody Matrix

Developed by Dr. Huynh alongside some of the top natural medicine companies, MindBody Matrix was formulated using 9 key ingredients proven to help with minor aches and pains, minor bruises, arthritis, muscle and joint pains, and sprains. These ingredients alongside neurotransmitters like GABA and L-theanine which help calm the body make the MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream an extremely effective pain relief solution. On its own, the cream is a great solution, but it doesn’t end there. Dr. Huynh wanted to see if there was a way to combine his Red Light Therapy techniques with the cream, so as an experiment he exposed it to red LED lights in his therapy chamber for 30 minutes before giving it to his patients to try. His theory worked, and his patients were feeling drastically reduces pain, going from an irritable sensation to barely noticeable within 30 minutes of first applying, and even having absolutely no pain after routine application.

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The Power Nine

You might be wondering what those 9 all-natural ingredients are that make the MindBody Matrix Cream work so exceptionally well. It may surprise you that many of the ingredients aren’t rare and foreign herbs or newly discovered roots and flora, but actually fairly common and well-known plants and herbs. The MindBody Matrix is primarily made up of:

-Calendula Oil:

This oil is extracted from marigold flowers, and has been famous since ancient times for promoting healthy skin.

-Tea Tree Oil:

Found in the leaves of trees found only in Queensland Australia, tea tree oil was commonly used by Aboriginals who would apply the oil directly to their skin.


While most people may recognize peppermint more for its flavor and it being synonymous with the holidays, it also has a rich medicinal history. People in Europe and China have used peppermint for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years, as the mint has a cleansing property to it.

-Aloe Vera:

Having a rich medical history going back to ancient Egypt, aloe vera has a wide variety of medicinal uses, commonly incorporated into salves and creams for its soothing and analgesic properties.


Sourced from flowers in the mountains of Russia, this herb has been used in ointments and creams to help reduce muscle pains, joint pains, and swelling for hundreds of years.


Also known as the “Indian Frankincense”, this herb has been used in naturopathic medicine in Asian cultures for centuries.


Most commonly used as part of teas, chamomile is one of the most well know and widely used medicinal herbs in the world.

-Lemon Balm:

This ancient scented herb has mostly been used around the world to help with mood and cognitive function.


Lavender has always been associated with helping mood and relaxation, and is the most common essential oil used in conjunction with massage therapists in helping with relaxing achy muscles. It was also a large part of the mummification process in ancient Egypt.

While these core ingredients make up the bulk of the MindBody Matrix cream’s innate effectiveness, there are two powerful neurotransmitters incorporated into the cream as well to help with various body functions.


One of the main neurotransmitters associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, it promotes calming and relaxation sensations even down to the cellular level.


This green tea extract provides a great boost in mental and physical performance.

The final step is infusing the MindBody Matrix Cream with the Red Light Therapy treatment, energizing the cream and allowing it to pass that energy on to you through topical application.

Does It Really Work?

With FDA approval, glowing reviews and patient testimonials, and hard science to back up the cream, there is no doubt that the cream can work. The important thing to remember about medicine is that similar symptoms may have different root causes, and that there is never going to be a catch all cure for every condition. The MindBody Matrix Cream can certainly work on relieving pain from swelling, arthritis, and other muscle or joint pains, but there are some things it likely won’t work on as well. If your specific issue is being caused by a nerve issue (such as a pinched nerve or an issue with the nervous system itself) then this cream might not be as effective as you would hope. Another thing to remember is that pain is oftentimes your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. If you have pain but are unsure what the cause is, especially if it feels like a deep pain rather than surface level or muscular pain, consult your doctor to ensure you don’t have any serious underlying conditions. Lastly, this cream is meant to help manage your pain. It WILL NOT cure the condition causing your issues. You won’t magically regrow cartilage and heal your arthritis, or have torn or pulled ligaments and tendons reaffix themselves to muscle and bone. This is a pain relief cream, not a cure-all.

Granted, if you are suffering from pain and find the cream does not work, then you do have a 60 day money back guarantee to return the cream risk free. If you suffer from chronic pain and are simply looking for relief, it is most definitely worth a try.

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Pros and Cons


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Combines powerful natural healing methods with red light treatment for effective results
  • FDA approved
  • Backed by science and medical research
  • Fast acting relief
  • No harmful side effects
  • One time payment, no monthly fees
  • Easy to use
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Bonus materials such as stretches to eliminate joint pain and way to reduce inflammation


  • Online purchase only
  • Not guaranteed to work
  • Doesn’t cure underlying conditions

Before You Buy

Before purchasing any product, be it new medical creams or supplements, or any kind of natural medication, you should always consult your doctor. If you take any other medications or creams, there can be adverse reactions of you combine them with certain natural supplements or creams, and you should especially consult your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant before using this product just to be on the safe side.

The MindBody Matrix cream comes in a variety of bundles, each at increasingly discounted rates. A one month supply comes with a $30 discount for one bottle. The two month supply ups that to a $74 discount, and lastly the 5-month supply saves you $205 in total. If you’re not entirely convinced or are having second thoughts, I’d recommend going with either the one or two month supply, as you should have enough to last you through the 60-day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you or you simply aren’t satisfied for whatever reason, you can simply get a refund. If you try it and it works for you, then the follow up with the 5-month supply for the best savings.

Closing Thoughts

The MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream is an effective treatment for pain relief that can give you topical relief to specific areas of your body. If chronic pain is getting in the way of your daily life and you’re tired of expensive treatment options that just don’t seem to do the trick, give the MindBody Matrix a shot. While it can help with managing your pain, the MindBody Cream is not a miracle cure and will not cure many underlying conditions that cause pain. If you have any deep internal pains that may be more related to your organs or deep tissue as opposed to muscle pains and join pains, seek medical attention as it may be an indicator of a more serious issue.

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