You’d be hard-pressed to meet a golf player who wasn’t looking to improve their swing, accuracy, and game play. For those who are seeking to add depth and breadth to their golf game, the Monster Golf Swing course promises to add over 40 yards to their current reach through tried and true tactics used by the masters.

According to the author, Terrence Thomas, this course will break down what you should be doing, what you’re doing wrong, and how you can go about correcting even the most subtle mistakes that undermine your performance over time. No more frustrating hours spent on your swing only to realize that you’ve overcorrected it and have ruined your accuracy.

For any ardent player, the promises the Monster Golf Swing course make can seem almost too good to be true. You may want to know: what is actually included in the product? What do reviewers say? And, most importantly, what type of improvements can you expect in your golf game?

Who is Terrance Thomas?

Terrence Thomas is a self-proclaimed professional golfer who spent over 25 years refining his game. Now, Terrence has retired to become a golf coach with an emphasis on biomechanics.

When he first set out in his career, Terrence was frustrated when he started reaching plateaus in his ability. It seemed that no matter how often he went to the tee, he kept on making the same mistakes that kept his accuracy, swing, and drive stagnant over time.

After almost quitting the sport altogether, Terrence decided to give it one last push by trying something paradoxical. In his own words, he was going to do the opposite of what “all those pompous ‘golf pros’ teach”.

Almost by accident, he stumbled upon a simple, easy to learn and – apparently – instantly effective secret that very few golfers ever manage to learn. The next time he went up to tee with a few friends, he found that his accuracy and drive had improved drastically. He surprised and utterly shocked that he added 40 to 70 extra yards to his normal range.

His friends pressed him for his secrets and soon people he’d never met before were calling him to ask about his special recipe for the perfect swing. Terrence quickly realized that it’d be simpler to make an intuitive, snappy guide that he could distribute to family and friends rather than explaining his secret over and over.

Soon enough, his wife urged him to publish it online and now his secrets are available for any curious golfer.

Although his story is detailed on many sites, little is known about the specific golfing championships, local tournaments, or career of Terrence Thomas. Some believe that his guidebook was published under an alias, while other happy reviewers state that “it’s the fundamental and game-changing tips that matter, not the identity of the man”.

What is the Monster Golf Swing?

The Monster Golf Swing is an online tutorial book authored by Terrence Thomas, who has been playing the sport professionally for years and is now a golf fitness coach. The guidebook reveals secrets about how players can improve their accuracy, drive, and aim to maximize their game performance. Terrance claims that, through the guide, players can expect to improve their game by 70 laser-accurate yards of distance without shelling out money for coaches, trainers, or golf gurus.

Terrence claims that players will be able to learn the Monster Swing Golf guide through a series of simple steps. No matter your age, physical impairment, or lack of depth perception, so much of the game comes down to how well you use your body.

What Does the Guide Include?

The Monster Golf Swing guide is a set of written and video material that can be found online through the official website crafted by Terrence Thomas himself.

Clients should be aware that the guide is only available as an e-book that can be viewed on any electronic device, whether it’s a phone, computer, or tablet. Little is known about the secret material that is actually inside of the guidebook and many reviewers state that you have to buy it first before seeing any of the material.

Currently, there are many “free” copies of the e-book circulating online; however, readers should be aware that many of these products are counterfeit and do not include most of the material in the actual product.

Included in the purchase are three items:

  • The Monster Golf Swing Guide, a step by step system that covers all the essentials for players to improve their ability
  • Monster Golf Swing Flexibility Video, which is a thorough tutorial that explains the more technical instructions provided in the e-book
  • Quick Start Guide for Busy Golfers, which is a small guide designed for those too busy to read or who want to quickly run through some of the most major tips on the field

Through the official website, there are three tips published that are expounded upon in the book. Users can expect to hear seemingly small, insignificant tips that actually end up maximizing their game play ability.

The free tips are:

Step 1: Stretch to Create Torque

In this step, Terrence outlines the absolute most common problem for golfers everywhere in the world. Most players have a stiff upper back, meaning that they aren’t physically capable of creating the torque needed for an accurate and effective swing. Terrence outlines the different ways that players of any age can treat their muscles in order to generate sufficient torque during the golf game.

Those who’ve read the e-book state that Terrence has really nailed the biomechanics of the golf game. How you use your body is integral to how well you do; regardless of your age, depth perception, or other physical disabilities, there are key things that you can do to improve your game step by step.

It should be noted that merely stretching the muscles will not solve the problem of insufficient torque. Many customers have bought the e-book purely to hear about the effective remedies they can use for their stiff upper torso.

Step 2: Unlock Muscles for Creating the Power Swivel

The game is not all in the upper back – players must also deal with persistently tight hamstrings. According to Terrence, power needs to come from everywhere in the body, especially including the legs. In the e-book, Terrence teaches golf players how to unlock their chronically tight hamstrings in order to produce the appropriate amount of power.

Step 3: Train the Entire Swing as one Velocity

We’ve all heard this tip from professionals who state to use your full body in the swing. One of the most major negative impacts on gameplay comes purely down to velocity. The e-book outlines how golfers can learn to maximize their force, thereby improving their drive by up to seventy yards.

Through maximizing your ability by using these simple tips and tricks, players will learn how to improve their game. In fact, they won’t even have to sacrifice their swing: you can benefit your drive without doing motions that are uncomfortable or unfamiliar to you.

Additionally, players learn the stretch method, which is the most straightforward technique for improving velocity and torque. By stretching and treating muscles properly before the game even begins, golf enthusiasts can start engaging larger muscle groups based on the hips that can add more power. Ultimately, Terrence is employing his knowledge of biomechanics to help players of any ability, weight, and age.

What Do Golf Players Say?

Many reviewers have felt positive about the guide and all the materials provided along with the e-book. Through honest dedication and consistent practice, many of these players have improved their game noticeably enough that their friends have commented on it.

One of the most common comments provided on the guidebook is the shock and surprise that it actually worked. One California woman expressed that she made the purchase on a whim, not believing anything would really come of it. However, she states that she achieved much more than she thought possible and noticed almost instantaneous improvements in her gameplay.

This woman claims that she increased her golfing distance by over 20 yards at first and, slowly, as her precision improved, she was regularly going over 50 yards of her normal play. Now, she competes in local tournaments and frequently places. She believes that consistently applying the material provided improved her aim, accuracy, and drive in sustainable ways.

Another man in his late fifties said that he was the laughing stock of his group of golfing buddies. He almost always overshot or undershot his swing and found his gameplay hampered by chronic back issues. Considering quitting, he bought the e-book to see if he could make any appreciable improvement in his golf game.

Over the course of two weeks, he believes that he improved his gameplay more than he had in four years of consistent golfing trips. Now, he usually makes 300 plus yard drives on every round of golf and knocks ten strokes off his score by only applying simple tweaks. He went from never winning to becoming the most proficient player in his group of friends.

Terrence boasts that over 5,000 readers have left glowing reviews on his Monster Golf Swing e-book, stating how thankful they are towards him for improving their game. Many reviewers have noticed small improvements at first which only compounded over time. Often, reviewers state that they saw appreciable improvements within their first two weeks of applying the material.

You would be hard-pressed to find many negative reviews on Terrence’s guide book. However, some players have been disappointed that they didn’t instantly achieve all the benefits the guide boasted. Others have suggested that they keep applying the material and frequently revisit the tutorial videos online in order to fully integrate the material.

Ultimately, your performance gains come down to your willingness and expectations going into the product, according to the majority of reviewers. Those who practice consistently and make true efforts to improve their power, velocity, and torque will likely see quicker results than those who slack off.

The Verdict: Does The Monster Golf Swing Work?

The Monster Golf Swing is a full, online guidebook that shows players of any level of ability in how to improve their game. With claims that players can regularly hit 300 plus yard drives on their next round of golf, it’s clear why some are very skeptical of Terrence himself and the product.

That being said, many reviewers have stated that the guidebook completely turned around their game play. These players are no longer frustrated and mired in continuous defeat. Terrence shares simple, intuitive, and easy to apply tips that almost immediately improve your drive, aim, and accuracy.

If you’re considering purchasing the e-book, know that players who’ve been in the same place as you have used it and succeeded. Terrence believes that golfing often comes down to how well the body is in tune with the swing.