My Green Mattress is part of a growing trend in organic and allergen-free bedding. With allergies and eczema cases on the rise, many manufacturers have been developing new materials that won’t irritate the skin. However, My Green Mattress isn’t a large corporation. The brand was built by a father who wanted to help his daughter overcome skin allergies and eczema. As an apprentice at a mattress shop, he developed a unique mattress made from organic materials that would give his daughter the perfect night sleep without waking up to rashes.

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This walkthrough gives you an in-depth look at what it’s like to sleep in a My Green Mattress, as well as how it’s made, where it comes from, and how customers rate this new organic mattress brand.

What is My Green Mattress?

Tim Masters founded My Green Mattress after developing his own mattress for his daughter to sleep in. Tim’s daughter Emily had issues with eczema and allergies from an early age. He wanted to create an all-natural environment for her, which included her mattress. However, there were no all-natural mattresses in the shop where he currently worked. He handcrafted a twin-size mattress to start with and then began to develop his own brand, eventually purchasing Quality Sleep Shop and expanded it to include an all-natural mattress line.

The company has been in business for over 10 years and provides online shopping, as well as a local store to purchase the all-natural mattresses. My Green Mattress has its own organic mattress factory in La Grange, Illinois where all of the mattresses are made. You can view the factory, as well as the family’s values on their website. The main selling point for their mattresses is the all natural and handmade construction, as well as being one of the only mattress manufacturers still located in the US that doesn’t outsource labor or materials.

So why is a My Green Mattress considered all-natural?

For one, there are no chemicals used in these handcrafted designs. The mattresses still pass all of the burn tests because they use natural wool in the organic cotton cover of the mattress. This is a natural flame retardant and was once used to make firemen’s coats.

How Are My Green Mattresses Made?

The most purchased and well-liked mattresses under the brand name include Pure Echo and Natural Escape.

Pure Echo is designed as a pocketed coil innerspring mattress, which as a thick comfort layer made from organic cotton. The mattress is layered with natural wool and organic cotton batting. It is supported by a 15.5 gauge pocketed coil positioned at the head and bottom of the mattress.

Natural Escape is a latex hybrid mattress, which is meant to provide a bit more support, stability, and comfort. It still has an organic-cotton cover, as well as natural wool, but there is a bottom layer of organic Dunlop latex. It has the same coils as the Pure Echo.

The mattresses use 1074 L&P three-zone, pocketed coil spring system to provide more comfort. In addition, heavyweight organic cotton batton and all-natural needle punched cotton insulator pads help to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The mattresses are layered with GOTS certified organic cotton, all-natural American eco-wool, heavyweight cotton batting, and a three-zone pocketed coil spring system. Every mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified, as well as Oeko-Tex certified. The mattresses also come with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night comfort guarantee. If you don’t get a peaceful night’s rest with your mattress, then you can simply return the mattress.

What Do Customers Say About This Mattress?

The company has received awards and thousands of reviews for its all natural, one-of-a-kind mattresses. Most customers agree that the mattresses are medium to firm, provide lumbar support, and helpful to alleviating allergy problems.

The shopping experience is also pretty incredible. The mattresses are not as expensive in comparison to other brands that use chemicals to treat their padding, and yet, the company also does not charge for shipping. You can review all of their natural mattresses online, see all of the materials used in the design, as well as read reviews of the products right on the website.

One thing that sets My Green Mattress apart is the high level of customer satisfaction you see in each review. Even when there was a rip in the mattress in a rating, the customer gave a high review because it was replaced quickly and easily with one quick chat on the website. This level of customer service and attention is hard to compete with in an age where so much is automated. You talk to a real person who can simply rectify a poor situation, resulting in a great review and experience.

Customers also state that the mattress is quite comfortable and provides a great night’s rest. Each mattress has a different firmness level, but it’s typically rated between 7 and 10 for firmness.

You can also purchase one-sided or double-sided mattresses. This depends on whether you want to be able to turn over a mattress, which is helpful if you have children and spills.

Pros of My Green Mattress

  • Completely customizable
  • Pick one or two-sided options
  • Free shipping to US customers
  • High customer ratings
  • A+ rating from BBB
  • All natural, organic, handcrafted mattresses

Cons of My Green Mattress

  • Innerspring models don’t have motion isolation
  • Mattress needs to be broken in to be comfortable
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How is My Green Mattress Different From a Traditional Mattress?

Many mattresses today are made with synthetic materials that are petroleum-based or comprised of nylon, polyester, pressboard, vinyl, polyurethane foam, and chemical flame retardants. Some of these retardants include boric acid, phosphates, and silicon. There are even some mattresses still being made with polyvinylidene chloride and melamine.

These traditional mattresses are not made to irritate allergies, but the chemicals do nevertheless. These substances aren’t really helpful for those with sensitive skin, and even though you can buy organic cotton sheets, you still sleep on a mattress that combines toxic materials with your bedding.

All natural My Green Mattresses are made to be organic and only use organic cotton and wool in the creation of each layer. These mattresses do not contain the chemicals and questionable materials as other brands do, and the mattress also doesn’t charge as much as those who use these materials, which actually cheapen the product.

There are some obvious advantages to purchasing an organic mattress, including:

  • Biodegradable eco-friendly materials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic flame barrier
  • No use of harsh chemicals, synthetic materials, or pesticides
  • No VOC chemicals (volatile organic compounds)
  • Customizable
  • Sustainably made in the USA

If you want to invest in your health, these are the reasons that many customers are turning towards products like My Green Mattress. While there are a few different brands out there, My Green Mattress seems to be the only one with consistently high reviews and lower prices compared to competitors.

Does This Mattress Help with Allergies & Eczema?

Absolutely! The founder created this brand just to prevent allergies and eczema in his own children. From there, he built mattresses that would help not only kids with sensitive skin but adults who needed a hypoallergenic mattress as well as lumbar support and comfort. The brand originally had some issues with comfort, but the newly designed line has a new coil system that provides a cool cushioned rest at night while still having a high firmness rating.

The materials used in the My Green Mattress lineup are all organic and largely comprised of cotton. However, the brand also uses organic wool as a natural flame retardant. There are multiple layers of padding as well as an intricate coil system.

All of the mattresses are also certified organic and hypoallergenic. The company has received several mentions and awards for its products as well.

Can You Sleep Well in a My Green Mattress?

My Green Mattress has earned above average ratings for all of its models, but the most popular is Pure Echo and Natural Escape. Both of these mattresses come in a variety of sizes and are customizable. They combine an innerspring with organic materials for a comfortable night’s rest.

Some of the hybrid mattresses in the My Green Mattress lineup do use latex. This is a replacement for polyfoam. As a result, customers say that the mattress lasts longer and provides undeniable support for their backs.

In terms of motion isolation, the Natural Escape is probably the best at not absorbing so much movement. This is due to the thick latex layer, which minimizes motion transfer. The Pure Echo has some issues with this that have been noted by customers.

While synthetic materials can trap heat, My Green Mattresses allow you to sleep rather cool due to the natural wool and organic cotton. Both of these are more breathable and comfortable. All models have been highly rated in terms of sleep scores and preventing thermal capture.

Some mattresses tend to get a little noisy after awhile. Despite having an intricate coil system, the mattresses remained silent for the most part. They both contain innersprings and provide a quiet sleep even when bearing down weight on the mattress.

How to Purchase a My Green Mattress

You can shop My Green Mattresses from their website or find their mattresses at some retailers online such as Amazon. There are several mattresses to choose from online that you can compare in size, comfort, price, and materials. It’s important to note that you can customize each of these mattresses, and the company has a 100-night moneyback guarantee if you don’t like the mattress.

Pure Echo All Natural Mattress

The Pure Echo is the original all natural mattress product from My Green Mattress. The design was recently updated so that it had more comfortable spring system that comes with lumbar support. It’s a medium-firm mattress that provides conforming pressure and is advertised as a great mattress for all ages. You can purchase a one-sided or two-sided version of the mattress, and it comes in twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. The mattress is a lower cost point than the Natural Escape, starting at $649 online at the retailer’s shop.

Organic Natural Escape

Springy support and contouring combine in this updated, hybrid natural mattress. All of the materials in this mattress are still organic, but it has a layer of Dunlop latex to help with motion isolation and comfort. This supplies more support and softness, making it a better purchase for those who have back problems. With the additional latex support, this mattress is a bit more expensive than the Pure Echo, starting at $829.

Emily Natural Crib Mattress

This is where it all started. Families are buying up these incredible all natural mattresses for their cribs, so sometimes stock is limited online. The Emily Natural Crib Mattress is a healthy mattress for babies that is made from organic cotton and wool. It is certified by Greenguard and GOTS, as well as Oeko-Tex. These mattresses are $249 and come with fast, free shipping.

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FAQS About My Green Mattress

There are a number of things to consider when looking at different natural mattresses. Buying a synthetic mattress won’t necessarily aggravate skin conditions, but it doesn’t help either. These are some of the questions that customers consistently asked while looking at these mattresses. We found the answers by talking to My Green Mattress’ customer service team and experiencing the mattress for ourselves.

What is so great about an all natural mattress?

You never have to worry about allergens, skin irritation, eczema problems, and rashes from synthetic materials and chemicals. In addition, this particular brand is founded and headquartered in the USA. They have a commitment to using the best materials and don’t compromise on the quality of the mattress, as it is used in their own home as well. We like the fact that the brand was started by a family man who wanted to build a better bed for his daughter who was suffering with skin problems.

What chemical retardants are used in My Green Mattress?

There are no chemicals used in any My Green Mattress. Wool is used because it is a natural flame retardant and provides a flame barrier that has been around for many years, ever since the early 1900s when firemen used to wear wool coats to stop from catching fire.

The mattresses still pass all of the tests required of mattress makers as well. It passes the 1633 open flame test as well as 1632 cigarette test. The wool is quilted into the organic cotton cover so it won’t catch fire.

What type of wool is used in My Green Mattress?

Only 100% natural wool sourced from the USA is used in this mattress. This also includes the wool batting, which is not treated by any flame retardants. There are also no polyurethane blends or polyester fibers used to create the mattress either. At the factory, the wool is cleaned with an alcohol-based solvent that is certified by GOTS.

What type of materials are used in each My Green Mattress?

Pure Echo uses a combination of all natural, organic cotton and wool. Natural Escape combines organic cotton, organic wool, and organic Dunlop latex. The latex provides additional comfort and support without containing harsh chemically treated materials. In addition, this latex is all natural, GOLS certified from Dunlop.

Does My Green Mattress provide free shipping?

If you live in the continental US, your mattress is shipped free of charge. However, there are some additional costs for customers living in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Shipping is provided via FedEx.

How long does it take to receive a My Green Mattress?

There are some reasons why people prefer to sleep on latex mattresses. In general, it provides a mattress that conforms to your body and takes away pressure from your box, providing excellent support. According to Tim Masters, latex is the most durable cushioning material available as it provides years of sleep without the issue of sagging.

Latex is also resistant to mites, dusts, and it’s hypoallergenic. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold as well. You don’t have to worry about chemicals, and it provides a sound sleep without any issues of thermal heat capture.

Your mattress is typically handcrafted as soon as you start the order, if it’s a customized mattress. If it’s already in stock, then your mattress will be shipped faster. Mattresses are typically ready to ship the same day. If it does take more than a day, the customer is notified of the ship date. The mattress ships directly to your home via FedEx, so you can expect to receive it within 7 days but it can take up to 14 days depending on where you live. This is related to the distance of your home to the Illinois mattress workshop.