Nectar Mattress is designed for people looking for a deluxe sleeping product. It is made with premium quality materials and comes at a super friendly price. The manufacturer assures their clients of unmatched comfort. To test this assurance, clients can use the mattress for 365 nights during which time they could return it and get a full refund. The manufacturer also backs each purchase with a lifetime warranty, which makes this mattress one of the best in the industry. What’s more, the company will deliver a brand new mattress cover alongside the mattress at your request.

Nectar Sleep is doing everything possible to meet the needs of all users. This review will help you learn more about the mattress.

Nectar: What Type of Foam Mattress is This?

Nectar mattresses are well-rounded memory foam mattresses that offer balanced support levels and a highly dense foam structure. Like other top mattresses in the market, Nectar is tastefully designed and finished to offer consistent sleep and comfort throughout the night.

Constructed with high quality memory foam and designed with a breathing airflow, this modern mattress is not only meant to offer quality but also to bring elegance and class to your bedroom. The mattress will leave you feeling refreshed every morning after a night of therapeutic sleep for you and your sleeping partner. With the combined performance of all its features, the Nectar mattress is among the top in the list of best foam mattresses.

This remarkable mattress is known for a plush feel and the fact that it offers customers a selection of features and benefits. It allows you to have a comfortable and satisfying sleep every night. The nectar mattress also features an innovative cooling system and a high firmness guarantee on top of being affordable.

Nectar Mattress’ Construction

This mattress is made exclusively from foam and comes with a thickness of 11 inches. It has 4 distinct layers that reflect its uniqueness.

  • Top layer- This is the comfort layer and is 1 inch thick. The foam has been stitched into the cover, which makes it ultra-soft and gives it a luxurious feel. The layer is designed to enhance aeration as well as relieve pressure. It also relieves pain from your back, hips, shoulders, and other potential pressure points.
  • 2nd Layer- This is the support layer of the mattress and is made of 1 inch of 4lb patented Lush Foam. This foam is infused with a fast-recovery gel that gives the mattress a cooling ability. This layer also provides support to the sleeper and enhances his or her comfort.
  • Transition layer- This section features a 3-inch Nectar’s LushFoam that allows an even distribution of heat and weight. This technology has five patents by Nectar and is the most premium gel memory foam in the market right now. The layer provides support to the top and bottom layers.
  • Foundation layer- This layer forms the foundation of a Nectar mattress and is 6 inches thick. It is made of high-density foam that provides compression support. It is made of half inch Adaptive Hi-Core Foam and the rest is breathable foam.
  • The cover- This mattress features a super soft, cool, and absorbent cover that surpasses ordinary cotton, silk, and linen. This is because it is made from long staple cotton that is combined with Tencel fiber. This superior material gives the cover its unique quality.

The cover allows continued aeration on the upper layer, which gives the sleeper a comfortable sleep throughout the night. Tencel is naturally resistant to bed bugs.

The manufacturer’s choice of material is remarkable. Some of the materials used are too heavy and expensive to put in a mattress yet Nectar includes them all for your comfort. Carefully chosen and skillfully merged, these materials have created such a strong classy product. The best part, however, is that you get such quality at a highly competitive price.

Another amazing thing about Nectar mattress is its low price. As such, you can enjoy features that are only available in expensive brands. Furthermore, the company will replace the cover with a new one whenever you request them to do so.

Firmness and Sinkage

When it comes to mattresses, you want one that is neither too firm nor too soft. However, this will depend on your preferences as a sleeper. Nectar Mattress is designed with one firmness level. On a firmness score of 10, with 10 being the firmest, this mattress is a 6.5. This means that it is slightly firm due to the memory foam used. The mattress, therefore, is ideal for the stomach sleepers as well as those with a higher weight capacity.

When it comes to Sinkage, we will rank this mattress based on the indentation load deflection (ILD). With 12 representing the very soft mattress and 50 the firmest, the top two layers of Nectar Mattress score 14 to 15. The transition layer, on the other hand, has an ILD of 45 while the foundation layer shoots up to 55. This enables the mattress to be comfortable and supportive at the same time. For people with a medium weight capacity, you will sink into the mattress up to about 6 inches.

With these firmness and Sinkage scores, this mattress is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of sleepers. For instance, its cover is plush so that one can sink perfectly into the supportive layers for pressure relief. The top layers are slow responding while the base layers are highly responsive. This mattress, therefore, is a great choice for people interested in a mattress that will hug a sleeper.

The pressure points and lighter body parts will sink evenly into the mattress for more comfort. For the lightweight sleepers, Sinkage will be minimal as compared to the heavy individuals. Nevertheless, all sleepers will sink into the top layers of the mattress while the base layers provide support.

Superior Edge Support

This is the first thing you look out for if you have a sleeping partner. This is because you will be looking for a large sleeping area. You will also want to be comfortable as you sleep or sit on the edges of your mattress. Nectar Mattress is designed as a bed-in-a-box, which makes it uniquely capable of providing reliable edge support. Its supportive capabilities ensure that lying on the edges feels the same as lying at the center. If you sit on the edge, the mattress will experience minimal compression. The edge support provided by this mattress is extraordinary, considering it is made of density foam.

Guaranteed Motion Isolation

If you have to share the mattress with your partner, you want the motion transfer to be as low as possible. This way, even a light sleeper will sleep comfortably when sharing the bed with a heavy person. With Nectar Mattress, you will not have to worry about your partner tossing, turning, or getting in and out of bed. This is possible because the mattress is made of memory foam, which isolates motion greatly. When a 20-pound ball is dropped on the mattress, it only bounces a few times before the motion is passed on to the rest of the mattress. You will barely feel the movement of your partner on the mattress as you sleep. The premium quality memory foam used on this mattress will absorb all the motion.

You should know that the motion transfer and Sinkage of the mattress vary based on the sleeper’s weight.

Get a Cooling Effect

Nectar Mattress is designed for breathability as well as temperature regulation. Most people prefer a mattress that has a cooling effect in order to enjoy a comfortable sleep. This mattress features:

  • Tencel cooling cover
  • Lush Foam
  • Circulation ventilation Innovation

While the cover is made of Tencel fiber, which facilitates air circulation, the gel-infused memory foam and the quilted type make the mattress super cool. Unlike the other memory foam mattresses, this brand does not stick to your body, especially if you sweat while sleeping.

All these techniques work together to whisk off the heat from your skin surface. When a thermal imaging camera is used to capture and record how this mattress creates a cool sleep, you will notice that it only takes about 12 minutes. For a mattress made of memory foam, this time is impressive. Its heat transfer capabilities will address the needs of people who can’t sleep hot.

Looking for Comfort? Nectar Sleep has you Covered!

This mattress is the right sleeping product for you if you are after opulence. The cover is made of Tencel fiber, which is plush and capable of creating a soft sleeping surface for you. The subsequent layers are created to conform to your body and provide support.

The mattress features a gel-infused foam layer that facilitates a cool sleep for you. It also comes with an adaptive foam that is highly responsive. This allows the mattress to respond to your sleeping position as you turn. This implies that it will support the weight capacity of each sleeper perfectly. As the mattress responds to your sleeping position, your partner will not feel any movement. It has a great push back as well as bounce, which makes it great for activities like sex. This is because you will not sink into the mattress. It is constructed with high quality materials that work together to achieve this.

For the back sleepers, their body will contour into the mattress providing support to the lumbar region. The base region that is made of high-density foam will help align the spinal cord.

Side sleepers worry that a mattress may not provide enough pressure relief. This is because all their body weight will be centered on a small body part. With Nectar Mattress, however, the shoulders, hips, and other pressure points will be supported adequately for comfort during sleep.

For the stomach sleepers, this mattress will cradle your hips well. This way, you will not sink into the mattress uncomfortably, which may lead to back pain. The heavier users, however, may want to look for firmer versions of this mattress for maximum comfort.

No Off-gassing!

When buying a new mattress, most users are worried about off-gassing. Even if a mattress is comfortable, supportive, and pressure relieving, you may not sleep well if it has a certain odor.

After receiving your Nectar Mattress, you might need an extra pair of hands to take it to the set up area. After unpacking it, you should give the mattress some time to unfold completely. You may notice minimal off-gassing, which is a common thing with new and boxed mattresses. To get rid of this smell, you should ventilate your room by opening windows and doors for air circulation. With a few hours, the mattress should be set and ready for use. This is because the smell will dissipate leaving the mattress nice and comfortable.

You will like Nectar Mattress if you:

  • Prefer memory foam mattresses- Some sleepers love memory foam mattresses more than the spring and other types of mattresses. This might be because it hugs them with a cradle. With a hugging mattress, you are able to melt into it as you sleep. Nectar Mattress goes a step further to include a breathable cover and a gel-infused and quilted memory foam for heat dissipation.
  • Are looking for pressure relief- Sleeping on this mattress relieves pressure on the entire body, regardless of your sleeping position. The shoulders, hips, and knees will be comfortable for quality sleep. The mattress contours with every curve in your body thus addressing the needs of all types of sleepers.
  • Are looking for extraordinary quality- Nectar Mattress is made from top quality materials and advanced innovations. As such, you will get a night trial period of one year and receive a new cover from the company when you feel the one you have is getting old. This way, you will have a peace of mind after settling for the mattress as your number one choice. What’s more, you will enjoy all that at an affordable price.
  • Like sleeping cool- Nectar Mattress is designed to create a cooling effect as you sleep. Its cover is made of Tencel fiber, which is breathable for air circulation into the rest of the layers. The support and transition layers are further made of quilted foam that is gel-infused for a cooling effect. This way, you are able to stay cool throughout the night. The cover will also whisk away the moisture from your body if you sweat during sleep.
  • Have put on some weight- For people who can be considered heavy, this mattress is designed with a super supportive foundation base that will give them a comfortable sleep. Even if you sink into the mattress, the base layer will fully hold your weight so you don’t wake up with back pains.
  • Sleep with a partner- For people who share a bed, this memory foam mattress is designed just for you. It will provide adequate motion isolation so your sleep is not cut short by the movement of your partner. With this mattress, you can change sleeping positions and move in and out of bed without worrying about disturbing your partner. Additionally, this mattress provides enough edge support thus providing a larger sleeping surface for you. Each of you will have enough sleeping area without rolling out of bed or being squeezed at the center.

You will not like Nectar Mattress if:

  • You love mattresses constructed with inner spring- Some people like lying on mattresses that have a coil technology or springs because their bounce prevents excessive sinkage. While Nectar Mattress features high quality foam that is adaptive, supportive, and comfortable and has motion isolation, it does not have a bounce like a spring bed. Look for other options if you want a bouncy feel that memory foam cannot provide.
  • Your nostrils are hypersensitive- Like most other boxed products, this mattress will have a new smell that should dissipate after 24 hours of aeration. However, sleeping on the mattress before airing it will not be a good idea for people with sensitive noses.
  • You prefer mattresses that are too soft or too firm- Nectar Mattress has one firmness level and scores around 6.5 on the firmness score. This means that it is neither too firm nor too soft. For people who like sinking completely into a mattress or a hard sleeping surface, we would recommend that you do further research.

Get Sweet Prices!

When buying a mattress, you should always consider your budget limit in order to determine the price ranges to look out for. Nectar Mattress is a high-quality sleeping product that has plenty to offer. Besides the limited bounce and off-gassing, you can rely on it for quality sleep. With it, you will be able to sleep cool and enjoy unmatched comfort because it provides support, contouring, and pressure relief.

Unlike the competitor memory foam mattresses, this brand is affordable and offers quality. If you are not fully convinced, you can take advantage of its 365-night sleep trial period before making the decision to stick with it. The prices vary with respect to the size you choose.

The twin XL goes for $550 while the twin XL sells at $600. You can buy the full mattress for $720, queen for $850, while king and California king are available at $950. Where else can you get such sweet deals for a mattress that allows you to enjoy the best of memory foam technology?

What Else Should You Consider?

When buying Nectar Mattress, there is a series of other factors to take into account as you make your decision:

  • Sleep Trial Period- The company gives its customers a 365-night sleep trial period. You can use this time to test the quality and features of the mattress versus your needs. This period is risk-free, implying that you can comfortably return the mattress once you find that it does not fully meet your sleep needs. If you return the mattress, you are able to claim a full refund.
  • Warranty- The warranty of this mattress brand is “Forever!” I mean, you are covered for life as you use it. This way, you are guaranteed that the mattress will always meet the stipulated specifications.
  • Shipping- After purchasing the mattress, the company will ship it free of charge if you are within USA. Hawaii, Alaska, and other territories of the US will be charged an additional cost. This deal, however, does not apply for Puerto Rico.
  • You will get an adjustable base depending on the size of mattress you buy.
  • White Glove Delivery Service- This service is optional and targets people who would want the mattress set up for them after delivery. The charges will also include the removal of the old mattress. This professional installation will keep you from dealing with off-gassing since the technicians will un-box and set up the mattress for you.

Certifications of Recognition

Nectar Mattress has attracted a number of certifications for its quality and ability to meet the needs of multiple sleepers. These include:

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified- This mattress is made from unique materials that are safe to the environment and for human use. It has no formaldehyde and ozone depleters. It does not feature heavy metals like mercury that would affect you as you sleep. Your safety and sleep is a priority!
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified- The cover of this mattress is made from special Tencel fiber that has undergone thorough testing for quality. It is free of chemicals since it has been inspected throughout the processing and construction period.

These certifications are proof that Nectar takes your safety as a priority when manufacturing its sleeping products. Knowing that these watchdogs can testify to the quality of this mattress gives you a peace of mind when purchasing and using it.


Nectar is arguably among the best memory foam mattresses in the market today; as such, it offers a lasting service compared to many of the competing memory foam mattresses. What’s more, it has been manufactured using high-quality materials under the strictest guidelines to ensure that it meets all the industry standards.

Nectar is manufactured abroad with the highest quality production protocols that guarantee the best product in the market. Every piece manufactured has to be inspected at a Nectar facility before shipping to the final customer. Nectar mattresses have reported over 80 percent in customer satisfaction ratings to become one of the most sought after foam mattresses today and this popularity is continually on the rise.

Maintenance of Nectar mattresses

It is recommended to rotate the mattress twice per year to prevent wearing down due to sagging for a longer life for the product. Routine cleaning is also important and it is advisable to use cool water and a mild detergent to clean out the stains that the Nectar might have. Clean it in gentle circular motions and avoid rubbing since it wears out the fabric on the mattress.

Our Final Thoughts

Is your mattress old and uncomfortable to sleep in? If it is, do you want to upgrade to a new one as soon as possible? Well, we have you covered. This is because the above review provides all the details you need to know about Nectar Mattress.

Online retailers like Nectar have created a perfect solution for consumers. This is because you can do your research on the internet to identify the sleeping products that could best satisfy your needs. You can also view the testimonials and reviews of other users to know whether you made the right decision. This way, you don’t have to drive all the way to the mall just to realize that you can’t find what you want.

Nectar Mattress is a bit on the firmer side and provides support from the edges to the center. It is constructed with gel infusions, quilted foam, and features a Tencel fiber leather that is breathable.

These qualities allow the mattress to create a cool sleeping surface for you. Although it retains heat longer than innerspring or other mattresses, it does a great job for a memory foam mattress.

It is a perfect choice for people who share a bed or sit on the edges of the bed a lot. You can also sleep on the mattress comfortably if you are heavy since the base layers will support you, ensuring that you don’t sink too much. The mattress also has an adaptive foam that allows it to conform to your body curves.

It is also great for all sleeping positions since it provides enough support and pressure relief for quality sleep.

Its price range is also super friendly, which means that most people can enjoy its quality and service.

Try Nectar Mattress out today and you will not regret your decision!