Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress Review


Purchasing a quality mattress is a little bit easier these days than it once was. In the past, you had to go to a retail outlet and query the salesperson about the mattress available. For the most part, you have to take their word for it. These days, it’s possible to buy a high quality bed in a box mattress online based on reviews and customer evaluations. This means you can get a real bargain that still your needs and those of your sleeping partner. This purchase is important, since even a reasonably priced mattress is still a considerable investment.

For example, the Alexander Memory Foam mattress from Nest Bedding is a combination of high density, high quality memory foams and a comfortable quilted top designed to provide you with many of the benefits of one of a name brand product. However, it does so at a much lower price and without the outgassing that is so common and with memory foam mattresses. This mattress is manufactured entirely in the United States using materials that have been obtained locally. Many review sites have rated the Alexander mattress as being one of the more comfortable mattresses available on the market.

What Makes up the Alexander Mattress?

From its original inception, this mattress was intended to be a less costly competitor for the name brand manufacturers of memory foam beds you can find in mattress stores. Nest Bedding is a relatively small family-owned business, which means they have a much smaller overhead than the larger mattress manufacturers. They also have lower costs because they are not selling out a standard brick and mortar store. Instead, they sell directly to their customers online, slashing their costs. This in turn allows them to create this kind of high-quality, low-cost memory foam mattress for their customers.

The Alexander Memory Mattress comes with 3 different firmness levels, means it offers a comfort selection you do not often see in mattresses you purchase online. The quilted, soft top gives the sleeper a layer of cushioning and clear airflow. This is important, since it sits on a layer of thick gel memory foam. It’s thanks to this quilted top that you will not experience the “sinking into the mattress” feeling people so frequently have when they are lying on a foam memory. The designers used a foam known as “egg crate” to enhance the mattress airflow. And one of the best things about this mattress is that it doesn’t give off an intense chemical smell – something that is all too common with many foam mattresses.


The manufacturer decided to provide its customers with the ability to choose their own personal firmness level, rather than providing a single firmness level as many other mattress manufacturers do. These firmness levels are – predictably – soft, medium and firm. While the soft is extremely soft, it’s not recommended that side sleepers choose the firm. If you happen to select the wrong firmness level, you can easily take advantage of the 100 day trial that Nest Bedding offers. This is a tremendous advantage when making such a sizable investment.

Motion Isolation

This is perhaps the best feature of the Alexander mattress. Customers and reviewers seem to indicate that there are no problems in this particular area. Certainly, it’s easy to understand why this is the case, since there seems to be no significant movement between the two sides of the mattress when you’re lying on the Alexander mattress at medium firmness.

Motion isolation is not necessarily a major consideration if you sleep alone, but if you share your bed with someone else can be a serious problem. Every time your sleeping partner roles over, gets out of bed or gets into bed, you could have your sleep entirely disrupted. By producing a mattress that isolates the motion on one side of the mattress from the person sleeping on the other side of the mattress, the manufacturers of this product are helping to ensure you get a full night’s rest.

Sleeping Hot

Many people have concerns about memory foam mattresses because a common problem is overheating. However, with this product the combination of a quilted top and egg carton layers helps guarantee there is more than enough airflow to minimize heat buildup. Part of the reason that this mattress is able to avoid this is that it does not allow you to think out into the mattress as much as many memory foam mattresses do.

Nest Bedding does suggest that you make use of a breathable mattress protector. They further recommend that you place the mattress on either slats or a box spring that is itself breathable – to maintain optimal airflow. Putting the mattress directly on plywood or on the floor could keep it from getting enough air circulation. The manufacturer can provide you with further information about the kind of support you should use.

Mattress Durability

If you take care of this mattress according to the instructions, you can expect it to last at least 10 years – perhaps more. The manufacturer achieves this by using quality materials and careful design. For instance, they used to pounds ball in their base foam layer, while the top layer uses 4 pounds foam. By comparison, another leading manufacturer of memory foam mattresses – that charges far more for their product – uses lower quality, 1.5 pounds foam in their base.

By adding the breathable protector the company recommends, you can help prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells and moisture on the surface of the mattress – which would otherwise accelerate its deterioration and cut short in its usable life. Another thing that contributes to the robustness of this mattress is that it is made entirely in the United States – meaning that you can rely on its quality. Many competing bed in a box mattresses are made outside of the United States, meaning that their quality, safety and durability might be questionable.

That New Foam Mattress Smell

According to the manufacturer, this mattress will give off no detectable older when you 1st open and use it. Nest Bedding uses CertiPUR-US in its mattresses guarantee there is no outgassing of toxic fumes. However, if you do detect some odor – of whatever kind – you can just put the mattress in a room by itself for a few hours or days and this should solve the problem. If necessary, you can leave open a window in that room to accelerate the process. Note that when you are removing the packaging around the mattress, be careful not to damage the mattress itself.

Nest Bedding Mattress Structure

Nest Bedding’s Alexander Memory Foam mattresses are made with a quilted foam top, a 4-inch layer of 4-pound gel memory foam and a 7-inch layer of 2 pounds foam for the base. This foam has been tested to ensure that it is safe. The upper, comfort layer has a high density, highly resilient memory foam that aids with cooling and enhances durability. You can safely anticipate that this robust memory foam will last you for many years.

The lower layer’s support foam construction uses a high density, 2 pounds poly foam to reduce the effect of foam softening. Overall, the mattress is covered with a cotton and polyester blend fabric top. This topic has suede on one side and a mesh on the other. The suede side is attractive and clean looking, making it aesthetically pleasing in your home.

Mattress Sizes

Of course, the manufacturer offers the usual range of sizes in their mattress. Regardless of the size of the mattress you choose, it will arrive at your doorstep in a box and highly compressed and roll-packed. Once you carefully release it from this packaging, your mattress will expand very quickly and will be ready to use in a short time. The specific sizes available for purchase include:

  • Twin (39″ x 75″ x 10″)
  • Twin XL (39″ x 80″ x 10″)
  • Full (54″ x 75″ x 10″)
  • Queen (60” x 80” x 10)
  • King (76″ x 80″ x 10″)
  • California King (72″ x 84″ x 10″)

One of the advantages to this mattress arriving at your home in a compressed state is that the small box can be positioned in any room quite easily before you release the mattress from compression. This makes it much easier to get the mattress where you want it to be in your home.

Is a Bed Frame or Foundation Necessary?

The manufacturer strongly recommends that you put your new mattress on a reliable foundation, such as slatted frames or a box spring. Any other approach can alter the comfort levels for the sleepers and can also impact the long-term durability of this mattress. It can also reduce the airflow this mattress needs to keep you cool and comfortable.

Reducing the airflow is definitely a mistake for many reasons. This mattress comes with a special spacer cloth at the bottom that optimizes airflow. When placed directly on cotton rugs, plywood or similar surfaces, the reduction in airflow can over time not only result in sleeping hot, it can also lead to a buildup of dangerous mildew.

Can a Mattress Pad Be Added?

If you want to, you can add a mattress pad to this mattress. And the manufacturer definitely recommends using a protector to help keep your mattress clean. If you’re concerned about allergens, you might want to use it. This can give you additional protection. And if you’re feeling a bit chilly or want a bit of heat on a sore spot like your back or legs, the manufacturer says you can use a heating pad as well. This will not in any way void your warranty.

Mattress Maintenance

One of the great things about the mattress made using memory foam is that it is very easy to care for. Note that cover on the mattress is not removable. This is why the company recommends that you use a waterproof, breathable mattress protector. Thanks to the design of this mattress, it’s not necessary to rotate or flip it – or air it. Note that this mattress needs to always position with the fabric gray side facing down.

Return Policy

Unlike many other bed in a box manufacturers, Nest Bedding has an impressive return policy. It allows you a 100 day trial. In which you can take advantage of their free return or exchange policies. The company does have its customers who want to return to donate them to a local charity – with confirmation – before they can obtain their refund.

Nest Bedding Warranty

The warranty the manufacturer offers is equally impressive, and representatives of the high standard of customer service it provides. The Alexander Mattress has a full 20 year Limited warranty. This warranty covers material defects in workmanship flaws – as long as the mattress has been used as recommended.

For example, this warranty will cover things like visible sag – beyond 1 inch – in the memory foam when it has no weight sitting on it. Most manufacturers will only warranty sacking that goes beyond 1.25 inches – or in some cases as much as 2 inches. This is what makes the Nest Bedding warranty terms so impressive. And with this warranty, there is no prorating, with the policy apply throughout the entire 20 year period following your purchase of the mattress.

Keep in mind one important caveat. It’s absolutely essential that you ensure that your mattress is properly supported by a foundation that can support the weight of the mattress and your weight as well so that the weight is correctly distributed. If you do not do this, you risk voiding your warranty. Avoid any mistakes in this regard, you might want to contact the company directly to find out if the foundation you are considering using will comply with the warranty.

So What Is the Cost?

Clearly, one of the most important considerations when choosing a mattress is its cost. It can be very difficult to get a high quality mattress at a reasonable price. Fortunately, the Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress is very competitively priced. In the same time, manufacturer has not compromised on craftsmanship, materials or the warranty. In fact, it provides much more value to customers that many of the much more well-known brands.

At this time, you can buy the Queen size Alexander mattress at the remarkably low price of only $1099. This allows you the opportunity to get an excellent mattress without having to spend thousands of dollars in the process. Note that there are many low price band in a box mattress is on the market, but these are generally of inferior quality and reliability. Like other major manufacturers on the market these days, Nest Bedding is able to give their customers such an incredible bargain because they had been able to entirely eliminate the middleman by shipping their products directly to their customers.


  • A very comfortable and inexpensive alternative to iComfort and Tempurpedic memory foam mattresses
  • Manufactured entirely in the United States
  • No strong chemical odor when unboxed
  • 100 day trial period
  • Excellent 20-year Limited warranty
  • Highly rated by mattress review sites


  • Mattress must have a firm foundation
  • Many consumers object memory foam mattresses
  • Very weak niche support because of the use of memory foam


To sum up, while this mattress is not necessarily for everyone, the many options it provides when it comes to firmness, size and price meeting that it might be quite appealing for a wide range of customers. The materials used are all the high quality and the manufacturer has been careful to ensure a range of options that your regular preferences. While it’s probably not the right mattress for someone simply wants to place a mattress on the floor – since it will tend to overheat – for anyone looking to use it in a more conventional weight this mattress could be ideal. Certainly, the competitive pricing is impressive given all of the features the manufacturer offers.

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