Unlock Your Gains

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike are always looking for an edge to increase their gaining potential. Of course, when you are working out, you’re going to experience some mental and physical fatigue. This makes it harder to focus on your gym workout, and you’re going to receive less oxygen to support your muscles. So, people look towards niacin supplements to improve their strength and performance.

A powerful and popular niacin supplement today is NiacinMax. It is specially formulated to support oxygen flow, and it helps you break through the fatigue barrier. Other supplements usually have poor bioavailability, meaning that the body is not able to absorb the nutrients efficiently.

NiacinMax is ready to be absorbed by more than 90% by the body. In this review, you will see how NiacinMax will be able to help you reach your true potential.

What is NiacinMax?

NiacinMax is a supplement with vitamin B3, or niacin, as a primary active ingredient. This vitamin is essential because your body is not able to store water-soluble vitamins like niacin properly.

In essence, it is going to leave your body through urine. NiacinMax has been crafted to be more stronger and work better than other supplements. Ironically, NiacinMax contains fewer milligrams of niacin than other supplements. However, the technology, combined with an efficient delivery system makes it 40x more effective than other pills.

Niacin can increase your power, strength, endurance, and speed. When looking for a sought after supplement, it is best to choose a product like NiacinMax that’s going to deliver these results for you.

NiacinMax is one of the top muscle growth and vitamin B supplements on the market today. NiacinMax performs in a very unique way because nutrients can go directly to your cells by not having to go through the digestive system, thus being wasted.

NiacinMax is an excellent supplement for your workout regimen, as it is going to improve your performance. Fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes have proclaimed it is able to help them achieve the results that they desire.

How Does It Work?

NiacinMax is a small two layer pill that consists of a protective outer layer of phosphatidylcholine and an inner layer that contains niacin. After you place the supplement into your mouth, it’s going to dissolve really quickly to skip past the digestive system.

It will go straight into your bloodstream so your cells will be able to use it for your body instantly. Since it is going to bypass your digestive system, the pill will not upset your stomach as well.

NiacinMax is able to be dissolved really quickly and be delivered to your cells because it uses liposomal encapsulation technology. This technology can protect niacin by creating a double layer of bubbles around it until it can reaches your bloodstream. The bubble layer is then going to dissolve, releasing the niacin so you can receive it to reap the benefits.

This technology allows NiacinMax to contain less niacin than other 100 mg pills, but it is still four times more effective in delivering the niacin to your system.

All the niacin can be used by your body and is not going to waste. You will not need a lot of niacin if 100% of it is going to be absorbed by the cells. This makes NiacinMax a beneficial supplement.

When to Use NiacinMax?

It is advised that you take spray 3 times twice a day into your mouth. This will help ensure that the NiacinMax will dissolve really fast. Each spray has 15 mg of niacin and you spray 3 times. To receive the best results, you administer the first spray in the morning. It is best to do this on an empty stomach.

If you are hungry, it is advised that you do not start eating until 10 minutes after taking NiacinMax. The supplement is good to use for your exercise or training for at least three to five hours after. Niacin will help release the human growth hormones during this time, making it 600% more effective than usual.

As you increase your natural human growth hormone production, you are going to feel much younger, and you’re going to move faster as your muscles can build efficiently. You’re also going to burn fat at the same time.

You can even take NiacinMax on the days you do not exercise as it is going to continue influencing human growth hormone in your body, improving your recovery time. NiacinMax will work even more if you are getting the proper rest that you need. During REM sleep, your muscle tissues are going to grow and repair themselves, and your energy levels will increase. Your body is going to refresh itself for your next exercise or workout.

Your body can restore itself because of the increased absorption levels of HGH, which is provided by taking NiacinMax. When you take the second spray about three to four hours before you head off to bed, this is going to increase your human growth hormone absorption substantially.

Components of NiacinMax

So, what makes NiacinMax different from its competitors? Well, this supplement is all natural and only contains two ingredients to work. It contains the active ingredient niacin, commonly known as vitamin B3. The second ingredient is nicotinic acid. Nicotinic acid is another variation of vitamin B3 and is known to give you clear skin.

NiacinMax contains 15 mg of the active ingredient, niacin per serving. Niacin by itself, when concentrated and used with this developer technology, is going to provide plenty of benefits for the user compared to other nitric oxide supplements.

Niacin is popularly used for fitness means because it is proven to help improve one’s blood flow and increase the levels of oxygen to your cells. The vitamin it provides as well is necessary for your body and will provide you with plenty of health benefits.

Benefits when using NiacinMax

The advantages of using NiacinMax are the following:

  • it will increase your energy levels
  • this supplement improves the blood flow
  • higher levels of oxygen are introduced into your cells
  • it helps you with your muscle fatigue and quick recovery
  • NiacinMax provides users with plenty of nutrients to enhance their performance level
  • boost your human growth hormone levels during exercises

NiacinMax is fast acting and has a pleasant peppermint taste. This supplement was formulated to be very potent and useful for the user. It offers many benefits, so you’ll be able to reach your maximum potential as you work out. So, why are these benefits necessary for you to improve your performance? Let’s look at some of the key reasons why.

When you can increase your oxygen circulation, it helps your muscles replenish itself and work harder. NiacinMax is able to improve this process by 50%. Oxygen is needed for your workout so you’ll be able to have the energy to perform different tasks. Your muscles will be able to work better and will be stronger when there’s plenty of oxygen able to flow to those cells.

So, since oxygen is a pretty good power source, it is best for you to want to boost your oxygen levels. Any action that you perform is impacted by how much oxygen you’re able to intake, so if you’re ready to increase the flow of oxygen throughout your body, your performance levels would drastically increase.

A secondary result of taking niacin is that you would have improved blood flow. Your blood is where most of your nutrients are going to circulate throughout your body to the proper cells. The reason why many people go to the gym is so that they have their blood pumping through their bodies.

The better you are able to optimize pumping the blood throughout your body, such as through taking NiacinMax, the better your muscles will be able to repair themselves when they are able to absorb the nutrients effectively. More nutrients mean more energy for your muscles to repair themselves.

This is what makes NiacinMax a great supplement to help you in terms of rebuilding your body. Additionally, niacin is an excellent method to improve your body for a low-cost.

Lastly, another critical factor of taking NiacinMax is that it is going to boost your human growth hormone levels potentially. Your body releases this specific type of hormone about 15 minutes after you start exercising. So, when you take NiacinMax, your body is going to absorb more of this HGH.

HGH is going to be more effectively absorbed by your cells and will result in your better performance. NiacinMax is not releasing HGH from its home base, but it is going to help this specific hormone circulate through the body because of the increased blood flow. If you’re not getting the results you want, most likely the HGH in your body is not being fully utilized, so NiacinMax improves the chances of using HGH.

Potential Side Effects

Since this is a natural supplement, there aren’t really many side effects when you take this supplement straight. The only issue users have commented on is that there is such a thing as the “niacin flush.” This is basically a tingly and warm sensation that you will feel in your face after a few minutes of taking NiacinMax.

However, it usually does go away pretty quickly after consuming the supplement. The manufacturer of NiacinMax does claim that their product is very safe to use as its main ingredient is just niacin.

To reduce any adverse effects, it is best that you follow the directions on the bottle and only take the recommended amount of sprays per day. Niacin is an essential nutrient that is needed by everyone. It is virtually 100% safe to use, and if your body does happen to intake more niacin than is required, it is flushed away by the kidneys.

Despite niacin being a safe supplement to use as part of your workout regimen, it is a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure your body will be able to use the supplement. This is especially necessary if you are pregnant or breastfeeding at the moment.

If you are currently or previously suffered from kidney, heart, or liver diseases, you should consult with your doctor to make sure NiacinMax would not conflict with your medical conditions.

Final Verdict

NiacinMax is readily available for athletes and bodybuilders through the manufacturer’s official website. When you visit the site, you will gain additional valuable information about NiacinMax, just in case you have any other lingering questions.

Buying straight from the NiacinMax official website will eliminate any doubt that the product you are buying will not work. Additionally, purchasing NiacinMax in bulk will help you save money in the long run by ging you a great deal.

So, you are wondering if NiacinMax really works for the fitness enthusiast. Well, when taken at the desired time in the morning for your exercise and at night before you go to bed, you unlock your real work out potential. Your gains will substantially increase, and you will build muscle more efficiently.

When you are looking for a niacin supplement, you want to look for a product that is going to give you the results that you desire and make your gym session a little more worthwhile.

Niacin Max has a quick-absorbing formula that makes it really easy to use and give your cells the vitamin B3 it needs so you’ll be able to carry on with your work out session. Niacin Max will even help you to recover so you’ll be able to perform at the level that you desire. With constant use of this product, you will definitely see an improvement in your abilities, and your physique will change for the better.