A good night’s sleep starts with the comfort and quality of your mattress. Mattresses that are too firm cause for the user to rise with aches and pains. Mattresses that are too soft reduce upon the support of the major extremities, once again leading to these deep tissue pains that persist throughout the day. Repeating the nighttime routine can lead to chronic illnesses and irreversible injuries, spiraling the user down a tunnel that sees no light.

The Nolah is a comfy and breathable mattress made by a company whose goals include helping the environment. It’s a mattress with a quite a unique feel, thanks to its high-grade materials that made it a well-balanced bed for a very reasonable price. Every Nolah mattress sold helps save an endangered species courtesy of the partnership between Nolah and Defenders of Wildlife.

At Nolah, creating the complete mattress package is a staple to stand by. The Nolah system combines factors such as air-cooled memory foam, pressure relief mechanisms and designs, and supportive inclusions. The combination of these and other factors leads this brand strive to success. Below is a comprehensive look at the Nolah mattress. This review touches on specific components and breaks down the features and benefits for the user.

Nolah Mattress Construction

The Nolah Original 10 features a layered platform that is 10 inches thick. The 12-inch design is also available to the user and features similar layer properties as highlighted below.

  • Top Layer – the first layer comprises the use of Nolah’s AirFoam material. AirFoam operates within similar standards to that of memory foam, bringing the absorbent foundation one needs to support the main muscle groups and extremities. This material is treated in a fashion that creates a non-temperature sensitive build. This allows for the top layer to lock in the air and cool the top portion to a comforting level. This notion also allows for an ease in contouring, creating more impactful surroundings for the body to sleep on.
  • Supportive Second Layer – The second layer is created via the usage of high-resilience foam. This foam is harder and stronger than basic latex designs, rendering the proper give upon layering down or rising from the mattress. This material absorbs contact and pressures, increasing the surface area coverage of lift and bounce back. This foam seals and holds the positioning of the level above it, keeping your body in a comfortable, at-rest position.
  • Base Layer – The base design continues upon the foam inclusion, calling on high-density materials to create a solid foundation. The design of the mattress allows for Nolah to create a third layer that requires little foundational support or additions. This layer is 7 inches in thickness, comprising the majority of the mattress make up. This material retains shape and build, preventing bowing even under the heaviest of pressures. This design also reduces shock upon standing and laying, easing the user into the proper comfort positions.
  • Cover – This mattress utilizes a natural, viscose design. This material is prevalent and instrumental in removing moisture and preventing moisture build-up. This keeps the overall temperature of the mattress in a cool setting, remaining prepared at all hours of the day. This material is light and soft to the touch, creating a luxurious feel at a low-cost price range.

Firmness and Support

On a rating scale of 1-10, the Nolah mattress falls into the 5-6 firmness range. This medium level of firmness represents the proper hardness for side sleepers and those looking for back, shoulder, and hip support. The treated foam design also offers the ample amount of support needed for stomach and back sleepers. The firmness level is reinforced with the different layers of comfort. The second and base layers absorb the give a mattress would emit when placed under pressures, limiting the sink. This layering technique also helps to reinforce the surrounding of the body, catering to the shape of your body and sleeping position. These three layers also work hand-in-hand to increase responsiveness at the base layers, providing a soothing top that remains consistent upon movements and turning.

It’s safe to compare the Nolah with most mattresses when it comes to firmness, but what makes it different is its feel and texture. It gives off an “airy” sensation, thanks to its topmost layer that comes without any dense materials or elastics.

It’s not too soft that you lose the support you need when you sleep, and it’s not too hard either that it cause pressure points. The construction of the Nolah is backed by science, designed to give that “just right” sensation that most people would go for when lying down on a memory foam.

Made in the USA with the Safest Materials

What’s amazing about the Nolah is the fact that it’s handmade. The company makes sure that only the highest quality materials are used for the construction of their beds, and they’re all made in the USA. And by made in the USA, that means that all their materials are sourced from companies based in the US. When you buy a Nolah mattress, you don’t only get to have the best possible sleep — you’re helping the local economy too. This is backed up with a warranty of 15 years, which again, is a very generous offer coming from the company.

When it comes to safety, the Nolah excels as well. It is certified by Certi-Pur, which means it’s free of any harmful substances. This means that Nolah is safe not only for you but for the environment too. In fact, everything about Nolah centers on safety: their materials are locally sourced, they practice safe manufacturing methods, and their packaging is all about decreasing the company’s carbon footprint.

Another noble thing that the company does is their contribution to wildlife protection. For every purchase of a Nolah mattress, the buyer is given a certificate that allows them to “adopt” a wild animal. This means that a portion of their sales are given to Defenders of Wildlife in order to save species on a brink of extinction.

Responsive, Bouncy, and with a Good Edge Support

Another feature of the Nolah made possible by the Avena foam is its extra bounciness. Emitting some form of bounce is important at the base layer. Bounce provides the user a form of resilience that keeps your mattress soft and allows for the proper sink. This mattress includes the user of high-resilience foam. This foam acts with similar properties to that of latex, which is a stretchy material that returns to form after heavy contact. This material is slightly stronger than latex, boasting positives in terms of mattress life span.

You’ll love how the Nolah gives a great bounce similar to latex foams, but you don’t have to deal with the hassles a latex foam gives. As mentioned, latex has the tendency to trap heat if a mattress doesn’t happen to have cooling chemicals.

Most mattresses utilize springs to create bounce, which slowly damage the body over time. This springless layering technique is utilized to reduce upon discomfort and increase the overall protection needed to provide ample relief over long periods of rest. The resilience layers also double as acting agents to increase your mobility at the top layers. These mobility increases afford users the ability to toss, turn, and switch positions throughout the night with ease, you don’t have to worry you’ll fall off the edge too because of its strong edge support. Like most foam beds, you’ll notice a bit of compression on the sides, but you’ll stay away from the sides most likely so you should be okay.

This edge design also caters to the different sleeping positions the user wishes to access. The median firmness level helps cater to larger coverage of the sleeping population, representing a great fit for the side and back sleepers. The AirFoam creation creates a greater resistance to pressures, creating a softer foundation for the user to access. This helps the user rise and sleep with ease. The foam coverage extends from top to bottom, creating a more natural sleeping sink for the user.

Motion Isolation

The Nolah is perfect 10 when it comes to motion isolation. This is a good thing especially if you’re sleeping with a partner. When they move, you won’t feel a single thing. If they get in and out of bed several times to pee, your sleep won’t be disturbed. The reason for this is its excellent engineering.

The foam is designed in a way where it’s bouncy and responsive enough, but if somebody moves during the night, the Nolah dulls these subtle vibrations caused by movement.

Therapeutic Design

The different levels of mattress treatment allow for this design to feature a therapeutic title. The reduction of toxin build-up and the reduction of pressure on the main points of ailment greatly improves the natural healing properties of this mattress. The treatment relates to all layers of stacking, reducing any seepage of moisture and keeping your top resistant from air-borne toxins. Due to these treatment types, your mattress remains safe to use over long periods of time. This reduces the need to remove covers for washing and maintenance. The natural healing properties relate directly to a design that reduces upon high pressures at specific body points. Pressure points exist all over the body, so catering to these areas with forms of relief and comfort greatly reduces any chronic problems.

This design also changes the focus of pressure, limiting the attention to pressure on the hips and back. This spread allows for an even distribution of pressures which helps to limit contact in these vulnerable areas of mention. Therapeutic also relates to catering to the natural design of the body. This scientific approach allows this brand to cater to many different body types and forms. Catering to the natural curvature of the spine or creating reinforcement techniques at the hips are just a few areas of acceleration for this mattress type. Therapeutic design also realtes directly to periods of rest, keeping you sleeping longer. This precision measure allows for the user to obtain a full night of rest without having to worry about tossing and turning. This design directly promotes a sound period of rest, limiting the aches and pains that arise from excessive movement during sleep patterns. Complete your night of sound rest with the therapeutic inclusions placed within the Nolah mattress.

Cooling Breeze

One caveat of normal mattresses is their inability to dissipate heat. They trap these warming molecules within the fabrics, reducing the capability of the mattress to remain cool. The Nolah mattress is designed in a fashion that allows for the material to be non-temperature sensitive. This keeps heat from building within the fabric and keeps your mattress cool. The resistance properties keep body heats from absorbing into the layers, lifting this heat to the surface and surrounding areas. This helps to keep your mattress cool during null periods, offering you that cooling sensation your desire when you lay to rest. This combative technology also works to dissipate any heat that is being given off. It meets the heat head-on with cooling properties, canceling out any build-up. This design is carried out between all layers of the mattress, applying treatment to the core. Evenly distributing this treatment also works with moisture wicking capabilities to keep your mattress dry and soft to the touch.

One of the best features of the Nolah is its coolness, in a literal sense. The coolness of this mattress is also contributed by the Avena layer, which is responsible for keeping you just at the top of the mattress and preventing you from sinking in.

Any Flat Surface Will Do

The Nolah is one flexible mattress that doesn’t require a specific type of foundation. As long as you lay it on a flat surface, the Nolah will work just fine. You can lay it on slats, a platform, or on a box spring. You can even lay it on the floor! The Nolah will simply adjust on any surface.

Just make sure that the area you’re putting the mattress is even, flat, and without any gaps. Make sure the area dry too and free of anything that will potentially damage the mattress. This can make your warranty void, and you don’t want to have a hard time returning it or having it replaced.

Stacking Up to Other Mattress Brands

The specific nature of the Nolah design renders successful inclusions when compared against other, similar mattress brands. Below are some of the top regions of acceleration with comparisons to other mattress types.

  • The Complete Package – The layering design of this mattress renders it capable of being used without a box spring. The natural resilience capabilities of the base and second layers provide the ample support and bounce needed to be placed directly on the ground. Nolah also designs adjustable bedframes that coincide with their mattress creations. No more aches and pains from spring loaded boxes that represent the main areas of support to your mattress.
  • Material Usage – Nolah samples from a wide range of materials, citing their own creation with the AirFoam technology. As it relates to a memory foam, AirFoam is more resilience to moisture build-up and is created in a non-temperature sensitive manner. The firmness of this mattress falls directly in the middle of comparable types, suiting the tastes and likeness of most sleepers. This allows the company to shoot for a larger consumer base, catering to all individuals. This mattress also subs strengthened materials in place of items such as latex and silicon. This creates an environmentally friendly stance and strengthens the working components of the mattress.
  • Cooling Capabilities – The dual-performance of this mattress allows for moisture wicking capabilities and the reduction of heat build-up. Most mattress brands will shoot for one of these two inclusions, which helps this mattress excel in the discussion against other brands. The capabilities and performance measure this mattress stands by helps excel against the test of time. This keeps this mattress brand relatively maintenance and preparation free.
  • Three Layers of Comfort – Most mattresses operate with a single or dual-layer design. These layers are then placed upon a box spring or a frame to keep the supportive measures high. The triple layer design of this mattress reduces upon the call for additional supports. The built-in design keeps all functions relevant and steadily available. The properties of the thicker layers replace the need for a box spring. This reduction technique greatly increases the comfort for the user as box springs often create uneven distributions of weight.
  • Mattress Cover – the design of the cover greatly promotes the mentioned capabilities of this mattress. It is the vocal producer and supporter of heat reduction. This cover is also treated to a hypoallergenic coverage, which greatly reduces the threat of illness or the build-up of debris. The cover also holds the cooling capabilities needed to keep your mattress cold prior to usage.
  • The Pain-free Good Night’s Rest – Many customers have said that the Nolah also helps when it comes to decreasing pains and aches, particularly in the back, hips, and shoulders. This mattress can reduce pain efficiently, that even side sleepers will find the best comfort when sleeping on a Nolah mattress.

The combination of these mentioned factors keeps Nolah in the discussion of the complete package mattress. Whether it is cooling capabilities, comfort inclusions, or resilient levels, this mattress excels from all angles of the discussion.

Zero Risk Trial

If you’re looking into buying the Nolah mattress but want to try it out first, the company offers a trial period of 4 months. That’s 120 nights of good sleep! In any event you’re not satisfied, they will give you your money back without questions and without hassle. That’s a lot of time to assess the quality of a mattress, but the company is generous enough to give you a full refund if the foam doesn’t sit well with you.

As a buyer, this gives you a full advantage. Compare to buying a mattress from a local store, where you’re only given minutes to try out a product. To know what your body needs, you really have to sleep in it, don’t you think?

What Nolah asks is that you allow your body to adjust before you decide to return the mattress. The company suggests sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 days before you come up with a decision. If after 30 days you still don’t feel quite right with the Nolah, the company will send a representative to pick it up. The used mattresses will then end up at a recycling center or to a charity. It’s a win-win situation for you — you get to try out a brand new bed, and if you don’t like it, you can return it and it still will end up useful.

Customer Support

A noteworthy thing about the makers of Nolah is their customer service. You won’t have a hard time reaching the company, whether by phone or through their online contact form. On their website, there’s also a chat box where you can talk to customer service rep should you have questions about the mattress.

If you have any concerns about your order or you want to return the item, customer service is always available.

The Nolah is For You If:

  • You tend to sleep hot – The problem with most memory foam mattresses is its tendency to trap heat. With the Nolah, it works very differently. The top layer is designed to dissipate heat, so you won’t be feeling too hot when you sleep.
  • You sleep on your side – For people under 200 lbs and sleep on their sides, the Nolah would make the perfect sleeping companion. The topmost layer offers great pressure relief and you will feel no pressure on your hips or shoulders.
  • You want a memory foam mattress on a budget – For its price range, the Nolah is well constructed and is quite durable. It will also last long as long as proper care and maintenance are observed.

The Nolah is Not For You If:

  • You weigh more than 200 lbs – The Nolah, unfortunately, isn’t for you if you weigh more than 200 lbs. The topmost layer is very soft, you’ll sink right in and feel the firmer layers beneath.
  • You sleep on your stomach – If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll need a firmer mattress. You will need more support on your shoulder and hips and the Nolah doesn’t really offer that.

Final Thoughts

The Nolah is a highly recommended memory foam mattress for people who prefer medium firmness, but still want to have that soft, luxurious feel while sleeping. If pressure points or heavy sweating are your nightly problems, the Nolah will definitely help you achieve the quality of sleep you need.

The Nolah works four times better when it comes to relieving pressure points when compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. It’s all because of the company’s Air Foam and the Avena foam beneath it, which gives sleepers the steady support sans the discomfort.

With its motion isolation, sleeping on this mattress will leave you undisturbed despite having a bounce. But the thing about that bounce is it’s not like a trampoline. It’s responsive, but not too sensitive.

Overall the Nolah is one great memory foam mattress. It’s priced reasonably, so you won’t have to shell out a lot of dough for it. A mattress as responsive and cool as this is normally priced higher, but thanks to the makers of Nolah, you get to have a wonderful bed without getting broke.