Author Carol A. Foster has written 17 books for Goodreads. Her more prolific topics include recipes, horses, and various social issues that affect the United States. Besides an author, she is a consultant, a certified health nutritionist, and an ovarian cyst survivor.

Ms. Foster experienced unbearable pain from ovarian cysts for years until her extensive research in science books, the internet, journals, medical reports, family and friends led her to develop the three-step system that she used to cure herself. She used her knowledge and personal experience to write her 190-page ebook, Ovarian Cyst Miracle. Ratings for this book at the time of this writing have given Ms. Foster’s book 4.16 stars out of 5.

A Peek at the Ovarian Cyst

You may have spent years living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). If so, you may have endured the embarrassing leak episodes and basically ignored the condition.

Years later, maybe you noticed that you had become bloated and that you began to eat less than you used to eat. Various symptoms came and went, but severe pain likely caused you to finally visit the doctor. He tested to see whether a cyst existed, to know how big it was, and to determine its type.

A pelvic ultrasound allows a doctor to definitively know whether or not a cyst exists because he can see it in detail on a video screen. The image reveals the cyst’s location and whether it is filled with fluid, solid tissue, or some mixture. A CA 125 blood test indicates whether a cyst is noncancerous, as is the case with pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, or endometriosis. It also tells the doctor whether the cyst is cancerous. Young, sexually active women are sometimes given a simple pregnancy test to see whether the cyst might be a corpus luteum cyst. Small, symptomless fluid-filled cysts are generally just notated and watched.

Ovarian cysts are common in women who of childbearing age. Although there are many risk factors that could have contributed to the development of your ovarian cyst, the direct cause was metastatic, malignant neoplastic, benign neoplastic, infectious, or physiologic. Left untreated, a secondary health issue can develop.

Conventional Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies create man-made, toxic versions of the powerful plants and other healing things found in nature. By choice, the drugs they usually choose to manufacture only reduce symptoms. Sometimes.

In addition to being trained in anatomy, diseases, testing, and many other useful things, medical doctors and gynecologists are trained in pharmaceutical drugs. Prescribing pharmaceutical drugs is a main part of their job description, and much revenue comes in for the prescribed drugs. Sometimes a drug causes a secondary health problem for which the doctor happily prescribes another toxic pharmaceutical drug.

Some doctors unnecessarily prescribe drugs that don’t even lessen symptoms. For example, your licensed drug pusher of choice may have prescribed birth control pills to treat your cyst-related symptoms. Estrogen does not cause ovarian cysts, which is why birth control pills don’t affect your cyst or symptoms. Birth control pills would only prevent you from becoming pregnant, which your cyst problem may already be doing.

Big pharma and doctors don’t make money if the doctors tell the patients that they can’t help to try alternative medicine solutions. Your regular MD may be a fine person, but suggesting that you visit their in-house nutritionist for weight loss reasons is about as far into actual health as he will likely ever take you.

If the subject of surgery comes up, you would be lucky if your doctor takes a conservative approach and recommends that you let them remove just the affected ovary or even just the cyst.

Complete hysterectomies are commonly recommended. Doctors cite the fact that the risk of cancer increases when a woman gets older. You very likely heard that speech if you are an older woman with an ovarian cyst that recently developed. A cancerous cyst will definitely get you referred to a gynecologic cancer specialist who will very likely want to do a complete hysterectomy.

Surgery brings in a lot of revenue. Some surgeries also cause you to need prescription drugs afterward. If your ovaries are removed, your body won’t produce estrogen and you will look to your doctor to prescribe you estrogen replacement drugs for the rest of your life.

Holistic Solution

Ultimately, the medical establishment offered you no acceptable solution to remove a simple cyst. You received nothing but bad news. Your doctor, however, stands to profit from your ailment in various ways. Writing prescriptions and/or performing surgeries is what your doctor was trained to do. High costs are associated with practicing medicine these days. Ethical or not, doctors must pass the costs on to patients in various ways to stay in business.

In response to these kinds of practices and the harmful effects of modern-day life in general, some like-minded people in the 1970s pushed back and started the holistic movement that continues today. This movement involves a return to nature in the areas of fitness, nutrition and mindset. Think yoga, smoothies, shopping at whole food stores and farmer’s markets, and so on.

EMF protection devices have been added to the holistic practitioner’s world in recent years to deal with the radiation that comes from “smart” gas meters and appliances, cell phones, wireless internet, and so on.

The continual increase in the various man-made threats to your health makes it more important than ever for you to whole-heartedly adopt holistic habits in every part of your life. Even in today’s modern world, the body can be empowered to heal itself and prevent the onset of diseases. The secret sauce for eliminating your painful cyst involves a complete return to nature, not another drug. People simply need to work with nature instead of against it.

Ovarian Cyst Miracle Program Overview

The Ovarian Cyst Miracle program was slow to arrive on the scene, and it had to be born in severe pain. The book’s author, Ms. Foster, endured excruciating pain for years and received no real solution or even pain relief from the medical community. After 14 years of extensive research, she tested various theories that she formulated on herself until she discovered activities that got rid of her ovarian cyst. Naturally, all of the pain and other associated symptoms also disappeared.

Ms. Foster knew first hand that the medical community did not offer a viable solution for ovarian cyst problems. Having successfully delivered herself from her own massive ovarian cyst health problem, she knew that her brain child would allow other women to also quickly, effectively, and permanently eradicate their cysts without drugs or surgeries. She put her discovery through clinical trials to get the final research details. Then she developed the three-step program and wrote her ebook, Ovarian Cyst Miracle, for the public’s benefit.

While other experts teach you to just treat the symptoms, Ms. Foster teaches you to treat the problem at its source and cure the condition, just as she did in her own situation. The program also makes PCOS symptoms disappear. Ovarian Cyst Miracle is currently the only place you can find this valuable information.

The program’s main three steps balance your whole body. In addition to the three main steps, you get many other pieces of information and benefits, which are listed in the “PROS” section below.

Specific Cyst-Related Problems You Will Learn How to Eradicate

Ovarian cysts cause pain, infertility, and other health problems. Addressing them with this program relieves PCOS symptoms as well. Overall, you can expect to rid yourself of the following problems:

  • Pain
  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Male features
  • Hair thinning
  • Facial hair
  • Irregular periods
  • Infertility

Pros and Cons

Major changes will be required of you to self-treat and keep cyst problems at bay. Making these kinds of changes in your life may not be comfortable for you, but the quick, effective results would likely make your efforts worthwhile. Over time, your new way of life would become second-nature.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this program:

The Pros

  • Easy to understand – Ms. Foster uses clear and precise language in her book.
  • Complete eradication of your ovarian cyst – You do the work, but the program works.
  • Quick results – Within 12 hours, you can relieve some of all of your bloating and discomfort. Complete elimination of your cyst will come within two months.
  • Pain management information – Your cyst may be causing you a lot of pain. Knowing how that feels, the author places this information at the front of the book. You will be able to manage your pain before you do anything else.
  • Works for hard situations – This program works even if your cyst is large, you have many cysts, you are menopausal, or you have endometriosis.
  • No more PCOS symptoms – Your periods will regulate, your weight will drop, and your skin will clear up. You will also see male features you may have developed, including facial hair, disappear, and your hair will thicken back up.
  • No prescription drugs required – Avoid taking manufactured poison, designed to line others’ pockets.
  • No surgeries required – Keep your uterus, your ovaries, and your money.
  • Improved quality of life – Live again.
  • A list of dietary must-haves and no-no’s – Ms. Foster, a renowned certified health nutritionist, lists the top ten foods that you need to eat. She also lists the foods you must avoid during the treatment period. She even includes a meal plan for you.
  • Information about body relaxation – Body relaxation is an essential element in cyst management.
  • Information about sleep – Sleep is an essential element in cyst management.
  • Fifteen ways to improve your reproductive system – Ms. Foster divulges these little-know secrets for women who want to have children.
  • Updates – You will receive reports about any new information that Ms. Foster comes across.
  • Free counseling for three months – You will get free one-on-one counseling from Ms. Foster, who practices counseling as a profession.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee – You get results or your money back.

The Cons

  • You will have to eat particular foods.
  • You will have to shop for particular foods.
  • You will have to give up some of your favorite foods.
  • You may have to make separate meals if you cook for others.
  • You will have to give up bad lifestyle habits.
  • You will have to get more physically active.
  • You will have to read the information in digital form.


You have stumbled upon life-changing information that will enable you to avoid your doctor’s depressing solutions and regain both your health and your youthful appearance. No drugs and no surgery for you! You’ve got the secret.

When you go back to see your doctor after you have healed yourself, he will quickly notice the improvement in your overall appearance and your general health. He will notice that you lost weight. The best reward will come last, when he verifies your claim that you eradicated your cysts without surgery. The look on his face will be priceless.