People have a natural attraction to beautiful sounds. Some people not only listen to beautiful music; they want to learn to play a musical instrument. It is not an easy task. Some people spend years practicing on a specific instrument and are not professionals.

Some instruments are hard to master. A piano is one such instrument. It has 88 keys played in harmony or individually. The keys provide a lot of room to explore. Ardent music lovers fascinated by a grand piano want to learn to play. Is it possible to learn how online? The piano is among the quintessential musical instruments.

There is a plentiful number of popular and classical pieces. Many keyboardists, playing in popular bands, studied the piano. Piano lessons are not available to everyone interested in playing. A beginner’s piano costs several hundred dollars at the minimum.

Inexpensive keyboards have a variable level of quality. The cost of a piano is separate from the price of a teacher. Schools offer fewer arts programs like music instruction every year. Little by little funding for the arts dries up. Piano for All takes on the challenge, showing students how to learn to play the piano online. It is a combination of book instructions and videos. Many people put off spending hours learning musical notes. Learning to play is a gift people give to themselves — those with the slightest desire to play need to consider this program.

About the Author

Piano for All is an invention created by Mr. Robin Hall, a piano master. He has a vast amount of experience with keyboards and pianos. Hall plays various types of keyboards and the piano. He was originally a cartoonist who drifted away due to a lack of current world interest in cartoons. He wrote some material about how to draw cartoons.

Mr. Hall also taught piano lessons. He decided to give heart and soul to the art of playing the piano. The decision motivated him to devise an online teaching and learning piano course that was accessible to users around the world. Hall created a fantastic course that makes students experts in a short time. He explains everything in detail and gives interesting shortcuts and tips for playing the piano. Learning takes place quickly. Mr. Hall has no interest in dragging out the process.

He wants students to learn quickly. On his website, he provides an e-mail address to use to contact him. Users have a direct contact for any questions they have. The e-mail provision demonstrates the dedication he has towards his work and the importance he gives to program users. His teaching method receives positive reviews. Robin explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

How It Works

Piano for All uses a combination of video, audio, music notation, and diagrams keyboard to teach a visual association process. Students first learn by using video, audio, and diagrams keyboard. The course teaches students to play by sight-reading and by ear.

The wide range of styles allows students to take music in the direction of their choice. The techniques apply equally well to digital or acoustic keyboards. Piano for All teaches the basics needed to play a keyboard or piano. Students need approximately 20 to 30 minutes per day to progress quickly.

They follow instructions to learn to improvise, play by ear, and create compositions. Each exercise seamlessly leads to the next. Eventually, they read piano sheet music. The course gradually advances to an intermediate and expert level. Users learn to play at an easy-going pace. They learn various things about piano playing as they follow the online guide.

The focus shifts from starting to sight-read note by note and learning the connection between the keyboard and musical notation, to learning to play chords, and quickly incorporate combinations of chords and rhythm. Students learn to play portions of music they recognize and enjoy. In essence, they first learn to play by ear. Introduction to sight-reading musical notation is gradual.

Contents of the Program

The program is a lesson plan that contains ten e-books that include audio demonstrations and video along with student practice exercises. The complete program is nearly 500MB. The website offers the option of downloading books individually. Individual loading allows students to begin lessons while others download.

Robin Hall includes additional details to help students along the way. The books are specifically for a multimedia approach. It is a one-click approach that minimizes the effort needed to progress through the lessons. The titles of the e-books are

  • Entitled Party Time – Rhythm Piano – Gives basic lessons, tips, and tricks for playing the piano with the use of easy-to-play party rhythms
  • Entitled Blues and Rock n Roll – Polishes basic understanding by the modification of chords based on rock n roll and blues progressions.
  • Entitled Chord Magic – Helps better learn information about chords and playing like magic
  • Entitled Advanced Chords Made Easy – First step towards advanced piano playing
  • Entitled Ballad Style – Learn to play the piano ballad style and possibly create songs
  • Entitled Jazz Piano Made Easy – Helps become a jazz musician like Sebastian Wilder
  • Entitle Advanced Blues and Fake Stride – New tones in an advanced Book 2 version
  • Entitled Taming the Classics – Learn about playing classical music
  • Entitled Speed Learning – Memory exercises and tricks to help learn to play the piano
  • Entitled Bumper Resource Book
  • Bonus. Increase Your Creative Ability 400%

The subject selection demonstrates an understanding of how people want to learn. Subjects, requiring technicality, alternate with genres and styles that allow students to translate skills into musical compositions and styles. The bonus book is not specifically about the piano.

It covers topics such as channeling creativity and eliminating stress. Many people want to play because of a creative mindset and desire to write music of their own. The bonus book encourages creativity and shows ways to establish an innovative mindset. Hall added images and cartoon he created to illustrate the text. Contained in the interactive e-books are 500 embedded audios, 200 video lessons, and lifetime e-mail support.


Robin Hall devised Piano for All intending to help students efficiently learn in a short period without additional piano classes. The design of the program is time-saving for users. The specific time needed to learn varies from user to user, depending on the pace of progress. Some people claim to see results in three days. The average person likely sees results in three to four months.

Pros and Cons

Downloaded e-books, saved on a tablet or computer, are accessible any time or any place without internet connections. The material is compatible with phone, PC, laptop, and iPad. Files are transferable to any device to play at a student’s convenience.

Users receive improvements made to the course automatically and free of charge. The charge for the course is a one-time fee. Materials are accessible for years. Mr. Hall provides an e-mail address on the website that allows students to contact him directly for help or suggestions. He is responsive to students and advises becoming better. Learning is better with someone to guide the process.

Areas in need of improvement are the fundamentals of some genres, such as classical music, seem a bit ignored. There is a technical problem when the audio flips to a new page. It stops, causing a break in concentration and connecting the tune with concepts. The videos are clear enough to understand and show how to play the piano but are of relatively poor quality.

Making the videos reasonably downloadable in size made them grainy, and they seem off-center. Some visuals confuse users. Better visuals facilitate better learning. They keep the interest of learners intact. The focus stays on the screen. Students need a MIDI keyboard that is compatible with their computer.

Equipment investment is an expectation of anyone intending to learn music. It would be better if the program recommended an easily accessible option to buy. The low price of the program allows savings on lessons that are available for acquiring a keyboard. With its flaws, the course is a program containing excellent piano and keyboard lessons for adults and beginners who have limited knowledge about playing the keyboard or piano.


  • Simple, but effective
  • Provides all the tools needed to play any style
  • Easy to follow along videos with music and audio
  • Avoid years of lessons
  • Among the most popular and reliable in the field of the internet
  • Increased creativity by reducing negative emotions such as stress
  • Covers classical, blues, ballads, jazz, and pop


  • Only available online


The PDF format is downloadable and usable offline. Course materials are helpful to those willing to learn to play the piano efficiently. The material is so easy-to-read that a beginner can comprehend the various nuances and techniques involved in playing the piano.

The e-books focus on a strategy that teaches the art of piano playing that users ultimately muster. Audio and video lessons complement the course material. Students get to practice by listening to audios and watching videos after reading the books to gain sufficient knowledge about the techniques. The keyboard and piano are instruments used to play nearly any musical genre and style. The program allows users to learn any style they choose.


There is a lot to like about the program. About 20,000 students already downloaded the Piano for All course. It is among the best piano training lessons currently available online. Robin Hall has a teaching style that presents the course content in a way students learn to play in little time with excellent support.

Hall’s teaching methods are progressive, engaging, and make the learning process fun for students. Students learn on their schedule at their own pace. They learn several styles of music and songs. Learners start immediately and sound proficient within days.

Students no longer allow the piano to intimidate them. More than 200 video lessons take the student through each step and skill needed to play the piano. In very little time, they entertain family and friends. Students stay motivated. It is affordable compared to the majority of piano programs available.

There are limited-time sessions by competitors that cost much more. The price is a fraction of the cost for a piano tutor. The program has a 60-day guarantee to fulfill the promises of the course. Those who ask for a refund get to keep all the materials.

There is no request to delete the program and no termination of a licensing setup. The generous guarantee demonstrates how strongly Hill believes in his work. The program is a unique approach with a creative charm that is risk-free. The program makes an excellent gift for adults and children. It gives them a lifelong love of music.