PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review


PlushBeds was founded back in 2007 as an alternative to traditional mattress brands. The company’s main focus is providing beds that feel great, do not use toxic chemicals, and are made from environmentally friendly materials. Their products meet GreenGuard, GOLS, and USDA standards while being unusually cozy and comfortable.

This review will take a look at the Botanical Bliss mattress made by PlushBeds. The Botanical Bliss model is a latex mattress that stands out for having 100 percent natural latex. In addition to its natural latex construction, the mattress uses other organic and eco-friendly products to create a mattress that is safe for the environment and healthy for your home.

To see if Botanical Bliss mattresses live up to the PlushBed reputation, we will look at all the sizes and firmness levels available in the line of mattresses. This review will take into account construction methods, materials used, customer service, and more. We will find out whether the beds truly provide as much support, comfort, and coolness as the company suggests.

The Construction of the Botanical Bliss Mattress

PlushBed has several different firmnesses and sizes for their Botanical Bliss mattresses. The main difference between all of these is simply the thickness of each foam layer. Every Botanical Bliss mattress will have these three layers.

  • Organic Cotton and Wool Cover: The cover used for the exterior of the mattress contains a blend of cotton and wool, and both materials are organic and natural. The very top layer that will be closest to you is a knit cotton that is elastic and soft. Beneath the knit cotton is hypoallergenic Joma wool from New Zealand. This material is antimicrobial, fire resistant, and capable of regulating moisture and temperature.
  • Talalay Comfort Layer: The first layer of latex under the mattress cover is made from completely natural Talalay latex. This type of latex uses a process that creates a very fluffy, aerated latex. It allows plenty of air flow and is light and soft.
  • Dunlop Latex Core: The core layer is also made from 100 percent natural latex sap, but it uses a different processing method called the Dunlop method. This results in a firmer and more dense latex. The firmer core ensures that the mattress will not sag or lose shape over time.

If you get one of the thicker mattresses, each layer of foam will have some extra inches involved. The ratio of Dunlop to Talalay latex will also vary depending on which softness level you select. The softer items have more Talalay latex while the firmer mattresses put you closer to the stiffer latex core.

PlushBed does not glue the layers of their mattress together. They feel that this is not necessary because the natural latex tends to be abrasive enough for the layers to cling to each other instead of shifting. This allows them to avoid using unnatural glues and harsh chemicals to bind the layers together. Another advantage is that you can easily switch out layers if desired. If you decide in a few years that you need a firmer or softer mattress, you only need to order and switch out a single layer instead of buying a whole new mattress.

Testing Plushbed’s Natural Latex to Find Its Benefits

Many latex beds use a combination of artificial and natural latex. However, PlushBed is known for being environmentally conscious, so they choose to use completely natural latex. Latex is made by harvesting the sap from latex trees, so it is renewable and does not use as many harmful byproducts as artificial latex. When you select a natural latex bed, you get many great benefits.

When it comes to support and comfort the Botanical Bliss mattress scores very highly. Thanks to the natural latex, there is plenty of comfortable support for the spine. You will not feel like your hips are sagging too deep and pulling your back into an awkward position. There are plenty of firmness levels, so you can pick a softer latex that cradles you or a firmer one that provides extra support. Most people laying on the mattress experience an inch or two of sinkage which is just enough to make you feel comfortable without leaving you feeling smothered.

Latex is generally known for being a bouncy material, but the Botanical Bliss mattress manages to feel springy while still having a very low motion transfer rating. This allows one part of the mattress to be jostled without having the entire bed wiggle around. If you are sleeping with a person, they can turn over in the bed without disturbing your side of the bed much. This is quite convenient for light sleepers with restless partners. PlushBed lets you get a split option in the queen and king sizes if desired, and if you go for this choice, you will not feel a partner moving around at all.

One of the most exciting advantages of going with a PlushBed mattress is the excellent temperature control. Memory foam and other mattress materials have a tendency to trap heat. Throughout the night, your body temperature soaks into a memory foam mattress, and you wake up feeling sweaty and sticky. With the Botanical Bliss mattress, this is no longer a concern. The latex quickly dissipates heat, and the open structure on the Talalay latex layer encourages airflow that keeps you cool all night long.

A great benefit of latex is that there is a pronounced lack of off-gassing. Unlike memory foam, there will not be a sort of chemical “new bed smell” for several days. None of the natural chemicals in latex break down into emissions that could be breathed in. This ensures that you do not have to worry about volatile emissions in your own bedroom. When you first get the mattress, you can enjoy it right away instead of having to give it several days to air out.

Choose From Many Different Comfort Levels and Sizes

PlushBeds has a huge range of mattresses to choose from in their Botanical Bliss line. The first difference is in the overall size. You can order twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. If desired, you can get a split design for the queen, king, or Cal king sizes. This ensures even less motion transfer on each side of the bed.

There are three thicknesses to decide between. You can get a 9 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch thick mattress. These feel roughly the same if you are smaller, but larger customers will do better with the thicker height. For a different feel, you can choose between three firmness levels. PlushBeds offers a soft, medium, and medium-firm option. The softer options feel cushiony and let you sink into the bed, but they do not provide as much support. Firmer options ensure that the spine remains in a neutral position throughout the night instead of sagging.

If you want multiple firmness options on the same mattress, you can speak to customer support at PlushBeds. They are very willing to provide customized options of the Botanical Bliss mattress. You can get one side firmer than the other if desired.

Specifications for the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

The height will vary depending on which option you select, but the overall length and width remain the same regardless of which option you get. Here are the dimensions for the standard 10 inch Botanical Bliss mattress.

  • Twin – 38” x 75” x 10”
  • Twin XL – 38” x 80” x 10”
  • Full – 54” x 75” x 10”
  • Queen – 60” x 80” x 10”
  • King – 76” x 80” x 10”
  • Cali King – 72” x 84” x 10”

Weight will change quite a bit depending on whether you get the 9 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch mattress from Botanical Bliss. In general, the Botanical Bliss mattresses tend to be on the heavy side because natural latex is such a weighty material. The 9 inch mattress weighs about 15 pounds less while the 12 inch mattress weighs about 30 pounds more. Here are the weights for the 10 inch high Botanical Bliss.

  • Twin – 75 pounds
  • Twin XL – 80 pounds
  • Full – 115 pounds
  • Queen – 130 pounds
  • King – 155 pounds
  • Cali King – 155 pounds

How Does the Mattress Feel for Sleepers?

Those who have never slept on natural latex before will find that it is a unique but enjoyable experience. The Botanical Bliss mattress feels very light and bouncy when you sit or lay on it. Instead of feeling like you are sinking into the bed, you will feel more like you are laying on the mattress while it gently compresses around your body. PlushBed mattresses tend to have a very fast response time, which means you immediately feel the mattress conform to your body instead of having to slowly sink in.

Thanks to the many comfort levels, it is quite easy to find the right mattress for your sleeping style. Back sleepers will most likely prefer the medium-firm Botanical Bliss mattress. This level provides the right amount of support. For side sleepers, a softer mattress like the medium or soft option lets you sink in and relieve pressure. The medium-firm option tends to be ideal for stomach sleepers because it conforms to your body without being so soft that you sink in and feel unable to breathe.

People who have slept on a PlushBed Botanical Bliss mattress before have primarily positive reviews. Many happily report that they can sleep all night without feeling hot and sweaty. In addition to being a very cool sleeping experience, the mattress also seems to be a favorite of people with back or hip pain.

Ordering and Using a Mattress from PlushBeds

PlushBeds is a manufacturer-direct company. This means that you order straight from the manufacturer’s website, and then they make the product once you order it. This cuts down on all the extra shipping and selling costs associated with buying a mattress through a middleman like a mattress store. PlushBeds mattresses might seem like they have a hefty price tag, but they are actually quite affordable compared to other latex mattresses.

When the mattress ships, it will be compressed, sealed, and rolled up to a smaller size. As it unrolls, it will spring up to its fully size without any damage. Keep in mind that the PlushBed mattresses tend to be a little heavier than the average latex mattress. You may need another person to help you move and flip the mattress if you have one of the bigger sizes.

PlushBeds has a very convenient policy called a 100 Night Comfort Guarantee, and they also have a 100 Night Return policy. If you mostly like the mattress but just feel like it is slightly too firm or too soft, PlushBeds will let you return the top layer and get a top layer with your preferred feel. Those who still are not happy with the mattress can return it for no additional cost during the first 100 nights. PlushBed will pick up and package the mattress themselves, and you will get a complete refund.

Once you have your Botanical Bliss mattress, you will find it quite easy to care for. The company recommends that you never put it on a bed with more than two inches between bed slats. However, there are plenty of platforms, mattress foundations, and closely slatted bed frames to choose from. Keep in mind that it is quite heavy, so you will need to use a sturdy frame. If you want to take all the guesswork out of picking a frame, you can just buy one of the stylish and sturdy foundation options from PlushBeds

Who Will Appreciate the Botanical Bliss Mattress?

In general, a Botanical Bliss mattress is an excellent choice for these types of consumers:

  • Those who want to stay cool all throughout the night.
  • Customers who want an environmentally friendly mattress made with organic materials.
  • People that tend to be woken up by a restless partner moving around.
  • Those who like the bounciness and responsiveness of latex.
  • People with back or side pain when they lay in one position for too long.
  • Customers who require a supportive bed but do not want something too hard.

The only people who may not be a fan of a Botanical Bliss mattress are the following people:

  • Those with severe latex allergies may not feel comfortable sleeping on the mattress even though those with a mild allergy report that they do not notice any issues as long as they have a cover over the latex.
  • People with a very tight budget may find that they cannot afford any type of latex bed, even though the Botanical Bliss has a quite low price point compared to other latex mattresses.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Botanical Bliss mattress seems to be an excellent example of a latex mattress. The use of quality, all-natural products creates a bed that is truly comfortable and supportive. There are plenty of sizes and firmness options to choose from, so all types of sleepers can enjoy using a PlushBeds mattress. The company’s products are long lasting and well made, so you can enjoy your mattress for years to come.

Though the higher price tag can be a little intimidating, it is definitely worth the splurge. As soon as you lay down, you feel cradled by the springy yet substantial mattress. Investing in a PlushBeds mattress allows you to get plenty of sleep and wake up feeling cool, well rested, and free of pain. Thanks to the all natural products and environmentally conscious manufacturing process, you can get a mattress that is not loaded with toxic chemicals and harmful materials.

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