Puffy Mattress is an excellent fit for anyone looking for a more fully-featured sleeping experience. The mattress has a wide assortment of excellent features that can enhance sleep quality. These features are on the cutting-edge of mattress-design technology and are sure to be a step above what you have used in the past. Puffy Mattress is available in all standard sizes, as well as some larger builds for those requiring even more space for sleep. The mattress is doing everything in its power to meet the ever-rising demands of consumers around the nation. If you are wanting for a superior nights rest, then the Puffy Mattress may be a great fit for you.

The manufacturers of Puffy mattress have invested heavily in a bid to meet the requirements of all sleepers.  But what specific features make this such a standout option? In our coming breakdown, we will explain all of this and more. If Puffy Mattress sounds like a great fit for you, keep on reading.

Puffy Mattress Construction and Build Quality

When reviewing the construction of Puffy mattress, it becomes clear that the manufacturer preferred a simple construction that is suitable for most sleepers as opposed to being too showy. The mattress features two layers that are scientifically designed to make sure the mattress performs all the needed tasks perfectly.

Top Layer

The top layer is 4 inches wide and is manufactured using a cooling technology that ensures the mattress maintains its coolness regardless of the body heat emitted or the weather conditions. Moreover, this layer is also responsible for reducing warmth. This is made possible by the added layer of a cooling cloud gel that regulates not only the sleeper’s body temperature but also its temperature as well. This cloud gel layer is integrated into the memory foam in order to properly blend without affecting the basic components of the foam.

With true memory foam, the top layer provides maximum pressure relief while distributing the weight evenly. The high response makes it adaptive, implying that it will be easy for you to move and assume different sleeping positions. The top layer and the second layer, which is also a foundation layer, work together through an Insta-Firm technology to provide good response and support from the base.

This layer, however, is not hypoallergenic and many sleepers may feel uncomfortable, especially those that might have allergic reactions. Although the top layer of a Puffy Mattress is carefully designed and integrated, you might still find it uncomfortable since it has a tougher feel compared to other mattresses.

Second Layer

The second layer is also the bottom layer. With 7 inches in width, it is dense enough to provide maximum support even to people as heavy as 230 pounds. It can offer support of up to four times what regular mattresses are capable of. It is also highly responsive, and with the extra firmness, Puffy Mattress is intended to touch the correct pressure points while giving your body the much-needed support.

This layer also provides a great and stable foundation for a variety of sleepers. However, its dense memory foam feature does not provide the bounce that some people prefer. With this downside, you may have to flip your mattress after every few days. Moreover, it gets saggy sooner than the other foam mattresses available on the market.

While most standard mattresses feature three to four layers with some high-end luxury models featuring five to seven layers, this mattress comes with two layers that serve the intended purpose.

Featured Materials

Nothing is more essential in a mattress than its construction. If the materials that fill out the mattress aren’t up to snuff, then do all of its extra features really matter? The best options available have fantastic foundations and deliver on the basics before they consider more premium options. The Puffy Mattress does just that, as it delivers top of the line materials with an emphasis on practicality. But what components make up the mattress’s overall composition? Let’s take a look.

This is a memory foam mattress. Memory foam is a trendy material that forgoes more standard mattress-technology in an attempt to deliver a more uniform and shapely sleeping experience. The result is a bed that warps and conforms to your own shape. This prevents much of the aching and wears and tear that are commonly associated with more standard options. Memory foam will be a great fit for anyone who wants a less restrictive sleeping experience.

The middle of the mattress, where the majority of the heavy lifting is done, is composed of a high-density poly foam. This section of a mattress is not intended to provide comfort. Instead, its supposed to provide a balanced and even distribution of weight, so that the top layer, also known as the “comfort layer,” can do its job. In the case of the Puffy Mattress, the high-density core exceeds all expectations and does a wonderful job of delivering a sturdy foundation for the mattress.

Lastly, the outside cover of the mattress is 100% polyester. This material is known for its silkiness and pleasant feeling, which makes it a great fit for this layer of the mattress. The outside layer is what makes contact with your skin, so it’s absolutely essential that it’s both comfortable and resistant to irritating debris. In the case of the Puffy Mattress, the outer layer is fantastic in every regard.

The materials used by the Puffy Mattress are all exceptional. They do more than get the job done and deliver an exemplary experience. But what of its build quality? It’s one thing for a mattress to have high-quality materials, and another thing entirely for those materials to be used in an effective satisfactory way. If all of these high-end materials don’t hold together, what is the use in having them?

Fortunately, the Puffy Mattress is built for longevity. Featuring fantastic durability and high-quality, erosion-resistant materials, it’s a product that will remain structurally sound for a good deal of time. You won’t need to worry about this mattress falling victim to time, as so many others do. Mattresses are notorious for being susceptible to quick wear, which means that their effectiveness and initial standard of comfort quickly erode shortly after use. This is NOT the case with the Puffy Mattress. You can expect consistent comfort and excellent support for years to come. And to guarantee this, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty. If there are any defects with the mattress that aren’t caused by negligence, you will be eligible for a full refund. In many aspects, the Puffy Mattress excels.

Motion Isolation

Motion Isolation is often an overlooked aspect of mattress technology. This fact is a shame, as its often one of the most essential factors in creating a mattress that appeals to discerning audiences. In short, Motion Isolation refers to how your mattress responds to individuals weight loads being placed in different parts of its overall area. As an example, if your mattress moves a great deal, shifting and bouncing and losing its straightness the moment someone sits or lays down on it, then it has very poor motion isolation. Conversely, if you someone can jump on the mattress, or sit down or undergo any sort of similar action, and the non-affected parts of the mattress do not contort in response, then your mattress has exceptional motion isolation. In the case of the Puffy Mattress, motion isolation is absolutely fantastic.

The Puffy Mattress excelling in this area is unsurprising. Product’s that use memory foam technology typically feature exceptional motion isolation — it’s a frequently cited benefit of using the material. Motion isolation is one of the major factors in what makes memory foam such a desirable material. The same technology that allows the material to conform to your shape is precisely the same technology that allows motion isolation to exist in such a stellar capacity.

But why is this? Simply put, its because Memory Foam is a very, very densely packed material. There is very little space between each individual piece of foam and the next. That means there is less room for vibration and contortion to occur, which results in spectacular motion isolation. With the Puffy Mattress, you will be able to place things like glasses of water on its surface with very little worry as to whether or not it will spill. Someone could even sit down on the bed with you, and the glass would only spill in the most extreme of cases. Overall, this is a wonderful benefit that is sure to appeal to a lot of potential mattress owners.

Motion transfer is a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a mattress if you are a couple. Most foam mattresses use many layers to lessen motion transfers and vibrations from your spouse’s disturbances. However, Puffy mattress only uses its 4-inch top layer to respond fast in order to eliminate the excess motion disturbances that its user could experience from his or her partner. The memory foam mattress, therefore, offers a dependable solution even to the most sensitive sleepers since it suppresses any motion disturbance even from the most disturbing partners.

It is important to note that the degree of your mattress’s motion isolation ability depends on your weight and that of your partner’s.

Stellar Edge Support

For many people, edge support is an absolutely essential aspect of a mattress. In short, edge support is what ensures the structural integrity of your product the closer you get to its outermost layers. This means that if you or your partner find themselves sleeping on the outskirts of the bed, then edge support will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t fall or are disturbed as rest. This is a crucial feature for couples or those who share a bed with someone else for any reason. It can also be a great fit for those who love to share their sleeping area with their pets.

How does the Puffy Mattress fair in the area, however? Very well, as the mattress uses custom technology to ensure that the bed is as stable at its corners as it is in its center. This is in large part because of its center layer. As discussed before, the Polyfoam center of this mattress ensures that it has a rock-solid foundation. This foundation ensures that no one area of the mattress is less stable than the others. For you, this translates to a safe, hassle-free resting experience. The edge support capabilities make sure that when you are lying on it, it feels just the same as you are lying on the center. While you are sitting on the edge, Puffy mattress experiences negligible compression.

In most cases, edge support is determined not only by the quality of a mattress’ material but also the construction it features. Bearing in mind that Puffy mattress features a memory foam material; its edge support will diminish as time goes by. In order to make more out of the edge support of your mattress, therefore, you may need a coil system bed. For the heavier sleeper, there is a possibility of rolling off since the mattress is made from memory foam.

Temperature Control Technology

Research shows that one of the most vital parts of falling asleep is temperature. If you are attempting to fall asleep in extreme conditions of any kind, cold or hot, then your sleep experience will suffer. People who are in conditions of abnormal heat are statistically shown to have trouble falling asleep, while those suffering from abnormal conditions of cold are shown to struggle with enjoying a restful sleep. Both of the scenarios are unwelcome, and your mattress can go a long way in helping to avoid them.

How, exactly? Mattress technology has come a very long way in the past few years. Gone are the days of your mattress being a simple rectangle stuffed with feathers. Many mattresses offer a lot of options that can assist with temperature control. This is a wonderful feature for a variety of reasons. The first, and most obvious, is enhanced sleep quality. But a mattress that assists you in enjoying comfortable temperature can also help you save money on air conditioning, as well as your home’s overall power consumption.

A sleeper using a foam mattress that do not feature coil system will have a high chance of retaining heat. When it comes to Puffy mattress, however, the manufacturer focused on ensuring that it maintains a neutral temperature control by using its latest cooling technology in its foam.

The top layer incorporates a cooling cloud memory foam and an integrated gel to enhance air circulation up to eight times that of regular foam mattresses. The first layer also utilizes conduction and convention to allow heat dissipation away from the sleeper’s body.

Its base is also dense, thick, and solid enough so that you don’t sink into the mattress but keep you close to the surface. By sleeping close to the surface, you are more likely to have proper air flow between the mattress and your body. Moreover, the mattress cover is breathable and effectively keeps the mattress’ top cool. Overall, Puffy mattress is more of a neutral temperature mattress.


Off gassing is a common issue that potential buyers and users tend to worry in all foam mattresses. However, this mattress produces minimum gas, mainly in the first nights of usage. This is because the mattress is rolled and compressed into a deliverable plastic box. The little off-gassing is due to the less time it spends in the delivery box.

After unpacking Puffy mattress, it will take about 24 hours to dissipate the gasses in a well-ventilated room. As such, you don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals from the mattress.


When you are looking for a mattress to use every night, you wouldn’t want a mattress that is too firm or too soft. When unboxing Puffy mattress, you will know that you got a medium-firm mattress because its ratings range from 6.5 to 7. In addition to providing the appropriate support, this firmness rating will also allow the mattress to contour according to your body curves.

Normally, a medium-firm mattress will offer the right amount of support, thus enabling you to sleep comfortably all night. Moreover, the medium-firm mattress will work best for all sleeping positions and even support the largest majority of sizes and shapes.

Guaranteed Comfort

All of the previous entries may be great features, but what use are they if the mattress itself isn’t comfortable? Comfort should be a mattresses main priority. As such, the Puffy Mattress has created a product that is as comfortable as it is feature-complete. Once again, its memory foam constitution does a lot to assist in this goal. The material is as popular as it is for good reason. It provides resistance-free resting that also allows for a greater degree of movement. This material is one of the most crucial aspects of the Puffy Mattresses comfort-factor.

But Memory Foam isn’t the only comfort-based feature the Puffy Mattress has to boast about. It also features some truly fantastic fabrics and materials, ones that are soft to the touch and pleasant to lay upon. These fabrics do a wonderful job in helping the Puffy Mattress feel like a truly premium offering. Overall, the Puffy Mattress succeeds at every corner when it comes to comfort.

You Will Like the Puffy Mattress if You:

  • Want to maximize your sleeping health: Puffy mattress is designed with the commitment of bringing you better and healthier all night sleep. It is manufactured to relieve your joint and back pains by eliminating all the pressure joints while enhancing blood circulation. Regardless of your sleeping position, the cooling cloud foam will adopt it and effectively distribute your weight evenly as it dissipates your body heat.
  • Want motion reduction: If your partner moves a lot at night, Puffy mattress can provide a great solution. Puffy can greatly help to reduce motion transfer from your frequently moving partner so that you can sleep comfortably without feeling the movements of your partner.
  • Want to sleep cool: Puffy mattress features foam that is infused with gel to prevent heat build-up better than the traditional memory foam. Moreover, its cover is breathable to facilitate airflow and circulation leaving you cool all night long.
  • Are a side or a back sleeper: Puffy mattress is medium-firm, which makes it reliable for both side and back sleepers. Even the heavier side sleepers can comfortably sleep on the mattress because it will adapt and conform to their body contours.
  • Want a durable mattress: Puffy is medium-dense and firm, which means it will be very durable for you even with every night use. This mainly holds if you are a light sleeper weighing 230 pounds or less.
  • Want comfort when sleeping: Comfort is all that we yearn for when buying a mattress and Puffy manufacturer understands this aspect best. Puffy Mattress is specially designed to conform and mold your body in the right way to eliminate all the pressure joints that a normal mattress exerts on your shoulders, hips, and knees. Combined with the breathability of its cover, you will be sure to have a balanced throughout the night.
  • Want a mattress that delivers a lot of features. If you’re looking for a sleep-aid product that doesn’t skimp on its overall offerings, then the Puffy Mattress may be just what you’re looking for. It’s one of the most feature-complete offerings out there.
  • Want high-end quality. The Puffy Mattress doesn’t cut any corners in terms of the quality of its materials. Everything included in the mattress’s overall composition is premium, and as such delivers a premium sleeping experience. You won’t need to worry about cheap fabrics or unsatisfactory performance with the Puffy Mattress, as it impresses with its fantastic quality and stellar offerings.
  • Value memory foam technology. So many people are unwilling to budge when it comes to having a memory foam mattress. This is because once you have experienced the comfort it provides, it can be exceedingly difficult to return to lesser-materials. Memory foam is quite possibly the most highly sought after features in a mattress. The Puffy Mattress uses memory foam to great effect and creates a stellar resting experience as a result.
  • Want a mattress that can handle any body type. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are: The Puffy Mattress can effortlessly provide a stellar sleep experience regardless of your shape. If you are a larger person — heavy, tall, or both — then you will love the large amounts of support the mattress provides you. If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and have trouble finding a mattress that conforms to your smaller frame, then the Puffy Mattress will be a similarly great fit. The memory foam technology will conform to you as well, regardless of your lightweight frame.

You May Not Like the Puffy Mattress If You:

  • Weigh 250 pounds and more: Even though Puffy mattress is excellent at evenly distributing your weight, you won’t have a problem of sinking too low. However, if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you won’t get to use your mattress for long.
  • Want a more bouncy mattress: The top layer of Puffy mattress is infused with gel, thus making it firm and flexible like the latex mattress. So, if you want a bouncier mattress, this one will disappoint you.
  • Want a stronger edge Support: Although the edge support is slightly strong, there are those who want a strong edge support. If you are in that kind of category, then this mattress isn’t your best pick.
  • Want a mattress designed with inner coils: If you prefer to sleep on a mattress with a spring or coil to eliminate extra sinkage, this memory foam won’t provide that. Puffy mattress is a foam mattress that excellently supports your body weight while reducing motion transfer to leave you with a comfortable sleep. It isn’t a bouncy spring mattress. If you prefer a bouncy feel, you can get other options available on the market.
  • Prefer too firm or too soft mattress: There are those individuals who prefer to lie on very soft or very firm mattresses. Puffy Mattress has a medium firmness with a score of 6 to 6.5 on firmness ratings. Thus, it is neither too firm nor too soft. If you are looking for a very firm or a very soft mattress, we advise that you research around to find your preference.
  • Are accustomed to less feature-complete offerings. Many people value simplicity in their products, a fact that can often be overlooked. Often times, if one such person is presented with the sort of laundry list of high-end features found with the Puffy Mattress, they may find themselves overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with this, as simplicity has its place in every medium, even when it comes to sleep.
  • Enjoy more contemporary offerings. There is something to be said for old-fashioned feather and fluff mattresses, those whose foundations use springs instead of foam. If you require your sleeping area to feature these old standbys, then the Puffy Mattress may not be the best fit for you.

Get Adorable Prices

When you go buying your desired mattress, the first thing you do is to consider your budget. How much money are you willing to invest in a mattress? Money is one of the greatest determining factors of the quality of product you will take home.

However, when it comes to Puffy Mattress prices, they might prove a bit high for what most people can budget for. However, after considering the sleeping experience you will enjoy, we think it is worth every dollar.

Here are the prices against respective mattress size

Size Price

  • Twin $550
  • Twin XL $600
  • Full $800
  • Queen $950
  • King $1150
  • California King $1150

NOTE: Check for the latest prices on the Puffy Mattress website.

What Else Should You Consider?

When you go buying a mattress, there are other pertinent factors that you should consider before you make your final decision about buying.


Puffy mattress comes in six different sizes with the same US standard dimensions. The mattress is shipped in its respective box. The mattress is then compressed and packed into the box when ready for shipping. It is vacuumed sealed before being rolled into a cardboard box for shipping purposes.

The shipping process is done free via FED-EX to more than 48 States while shipping charges to Alaska and Hawaii are $150. Moreover, the company provides free shipping services to most states in Canada. You can be sure to get your mattress in 3 to 6 days after order placement.

You don’t have to worry about setting up your mattress since the process is very easy. You simply unbox it and it will automatically decompress itself into its original shape and size within hours.

Sleep Trial Period

Puffy Mattress comes with 101-night risk-free trials. This implies that you are at liberty to return the mattress after the first 101 nights from the day of delivery in case you feel that its comfort and quality don’t match your preference.

However, it’s advisable to use your mattress for at least 3 to 4 weeks before you decide to return it because it will take time for your body to adjust and adapt to its comfort level.

In the event that you don’t feel satisfied with its service, you can contact the company within the specified trial period and it will make arrangements to pick it up at no charges.


Puffy Mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This shows how Puffy is confident about their customers’ sleep and promises that this is the best mattress you have ever tried.

The limited lifetime warranty means that the mattress is covered as long as you have the mattress with you. This warranty covers defects that could have resulted during the manufacturing process and throughout its life. Moreover, it also covers the workmanship and material defects in the first ten years from the day you buy. The company can have it replaced with a new Puffy mattress at no charge while you keep the old mattress.

CertiPUR-US® Certified

Since this mattress is manufactured in the U.S, its materials are certified for environmental and human use. It features no chemicals or heavy metals that could affect you in your sleep.

Our Final Thoughts

Do you want to take your sleep experience to the next level? Are you bored older offerings, and are wanting for an experience that is more catered to your personal comfort? Then you will want to strongly consider the Puffy Mattress. This review has been comprehensive, and allow you to make an informed decision in regards to your next mattress.

The bottom line is that Puffy Mattress is a great choice for light sleepers that weigh less than 280 pounds. The mattress is also good for side sleepers.

Once you lie down on this mattress, you will experience a cloud sensation that is good at pressure relieving while you sleep cool and comfortable. The mattress is also impressive in aspects such as a high-quality build that features superior foams and fabric cover.

  • Good conformance to body contours
  • Reasonable prices for most individuals
  • Medium-firmness that is appealing for many persons out there

Try Puffy Mattress today and share your sleeping experience with us.