Sarah Shepherd is the creator of Reading Head Start. As both a mother and a professional teacher, she is uniquely qualified to write this type of program. Once she realized her child was having difficulty reading, she developed the program to help. Everything she taught her own child is included in the program. This is an eBook to help the reading skills of every child.

The Basics of Reading Head Start

The majority of children will struggle a little as each new school year begins. A lot of parents try to give their children some extra help when they are almost ready to begin kindergarten. Reading Head Start is a good program for helping your child learn to read while smoothing the way for their journey through school. The program makes it exciting for the child to read as opposed to teaching them using only books.

The program is a PDF eBook containing a detailed guide. This provides you with a daily breakdown of the forty-week learning program for your child. The manual will teach you the best ways to provide your child with support. You will still be able to offer support long after your child has completed the program. The program consists of four separate phases.

You will be helping your child learn to read with videos, interactive games and worksheets. Your child will be given a certificate after completing each stage of the program. This will increase their confidence and self-esteem. All you have to do is spend at least fifteen minutes per day completing the worksheets and lessons with your child three days each week. This will enable your child to attain the best results.

Two hundred lessons containing thousands of reading hours have been organized for your child. The lessons cover forty weeks and four different levels of skill. Reading Head Start is a powerful and comprehensive program. Since your child will begin learning prior to attending school, they will be able to excel. The basis of the program is proven data. The methods offered through the program will help children of all ages.

Children only two years of age can benefit from Reading Head Start. The program is in a digital form so all you have to do is download the eBook onto the device of your choice. Your child will enjoy the program because the activities were created to be both fun and educational. This program has already benefited the children of more than five million families.

This program is a lot different from the average reading options available on the market. The system is approved by parents, designed by an educator, loved by children, certified and award-winning. Once you have accessed the online platform, Sarah Shepherd will show you how to become an excellent teacher to enable your child to become the ideal student.

The program is beneficial for children of every age because there are four levels of learning. Each level will keep your child learning by reading for thousands of hours for ten full weeks. The key to your child’s success is their education. When you provide your child with encouragement to begin reading sooner, they will develop important life skills leading to more growth in the future.

Thousands of children have already improved their reading skills by using this program. This will help them to become successful in the future.

The Techniques and Contents of the Program

The components of the program will help your child improve their reading ability. The package includes the main eBook and several bonuses. Following the guidelines of the eBook will enable you to see the results you are looking for. The free bonuses offer information to help your child learn even faster. This includes:

  • Fun with Words: This is a book series specifically created so your child will enjoy reading them.
  • Incredible Reading Shortcuts: Just a the name suggests, you will be able to make the process of learning simpler for your child using these shortcuts.
  • Interactive Reading Games: These games are also located on the online platform. This will help ensure your child is enjoying reading and having fun.

Once you have accessed the platform for Reading Head Start, you will be able to use the entire forty weeks’ worth of lessons. The grade level of your child will determine where you start. If your child is in kindergarten, you will start with week one, day one. You will begin with week 21, day one for children in the first grade. The focus of the entire structure of the program is literacy.

This is the same structure used by educators to help their students develop literacy skills. The first five weeks will teach your child letter writing, letter sounds and basic and phonological awareness. By the time your child reaches the 31st through 35th weeks, they will be learning advanced phonics, compound and irregular words and full letter combinations.

Reading Head Start will teach your child how to continue building their literacy skills. Your child will be tracking their progress as they complete the key lessons. Each lesson is supported through the available resources and tools such as letter cards, picture cards, activity logs and sounding cards. No matter which weeks have been selected, five days’ worth of lessons are included.

Numerous exercises and activities accompany every lesson. The section titled Decodable Books provides you with dozens of downloads. You will find advanced phonics cards, sound out cards and irregular word cards in the Tools section of the program. The program includes everything your child requires for the development of their literacy skills.

The reason the program is unique is due to the methods. Yes, the program is engaging and fun for children. The design and structure also make the program effective. Children as young as two will be able to learn much faster by listening to letters and hearing words. The special techniques are only available with this program. The techniques include:

  • Positive Social Interactions: Your child will improve their social skills with other children and their peers.
  • Psychological Fortitude: You will be able to boost the confidence and self-esteem of your child.
  • Communication Skills and Linguistic Development: Sarah Shepherd will teach you how to improve the communication skills and language vocabulary of your child.
  • The Positive and Enjoyable Reading Approach: Your child will be captivated by the program because the process of learning is a lot of fun.
  • Optimal Neurological Development: This will enable you to improve the development process of your child’s brain to optimum levels.

The Benefits of Reading Head Start

  • The best benefit of Reading Head Start is your child will enjoy the program. This ensures they will want to learn how to read.
  • An important part of the program is interactive reading games. Not only will your child enjoy these games but they will also ensure they remain engaged.
  • As the creator of the program, Sarah Shepherd has promised your child will start reading within just a few minutes once they have started using her method. This is an excellent benefit for any parent interested in seeing fast results.
  • You are most likely already aware of how difficult it can be to get your child to focus on anything related to academics. This is especially true when they have been at school all day and have a lot of homework to do. This program makes reading fun so your child will want to participate.
  • This is an excellent program if you have more than one child with different learning styles. You will be able to determine the best learning style for all of your children.
  • Children who hate reading are usually struggling to read. Reading is a reminder of the difficulties they are experiencing. This is the reason they will avoid reading. The biggest accomplishment is often getting a child who is struggling to want to read.
  • Since the program is a subscription, you will know the methods are always available. Once your child has completed the program all you have to do is cancel your subscription.
  • If your child is an audio learner, they will be able to listen to the sounds while watching the videos. Workbooks are available for kinetic learners while visual learners will prefer books. Every type of learner will be engaged by the interactive video games.
  • Another benefit is your child will want to use the program. Many children see the program as a type of educational game. This means they will want to be able to learn how to read well.
  • Another benefit is the author is offering you a free trial period. This will enable you to see exactly what Reading Head Start can do for your child.
  • This is a good program for any child who has become discouraged about learning how to read. The quick results will provide them with the encouragement necessary to continue learning so they become confident while reading.
  • In addition to the fun and games, the program also includes videos, exercises and workbooks. If your child likes to change their routine on a regular basis, there are numerous different ways for them to learn.

Everything You Learn from Reading Head Start

Your child will learn how to improve their reading skills through worksheets, videos and interactive games. You will also be taught new skills to improve the reading comprehension of your child. This will enable you to continue to support the skills of your child once they have completed the program. You will learn all of the following.

  • Understanding how important it is for your child to begin reading earlier.
  • You will have communication and linguistic development skills to help your child improve their communication skills and vocabulary.
  • You will have the psychological fortitude to increase the confidence and self-esteem of your child for both reading and every aspect of their life.
  • You will learn how the modern educational system is using inefficient methods for teaching and why they need to be avoided.
  • The social skills of your child will improve with both their peers and other children.
  • You will learn what you should and should not do while helping your child learn to read.
  • Worksheets and lessons will improve the neurological development of your child’s brain.
  • You will be shown how to help your child pronounciate words better.
  • You will understand how to engage your child in reading even if they are not interested.
  • You will captivate the attention of your child with an entertaining and fun approach to learn how to read.

The Bottom Line

You will be able to teach your child how to learn to read at a much younger age. This will help them perform better in all of their studies. You can sucessfully eliminate the difficulties so many children experience when they first learn how to read. Reading Head Start offers you the opportunity to build a good educational foundation for your child.

The reviews of the parents who have already used this system show the program is extremely effective. You can always take advantage of the free trial period to make certain your child responds well to the program. If you are not satisfied, you can simply cancel your subscription.