Since the Internet has been around, people have been figuring out thousands of ways to make money online. From affiliate marketing to hosting business websites and everything in between, the net has become a tool used by millions to earn a living. One of the most lucrative methods by which to earn money online today is drop shipping.

This is a method where an online seller finds a third-party from whom they buy, and then have it shipped to them, before they sell it to someone else and ship it out. This is known as drop shipping, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most lucrative businesses around. There’s actually a fairly popular system called SaleHoo that helps people set up a drop shipping business from home, with nothing but access to the Internet.

The SaleHoo system was created by Simon Slade and Mark Ling, and over a hundred thousand people currently use this system to operate their drop shipping businesses. Most of the customer reviews of this product are very favorable, with people applauding the ease of access and the user-friendly environment, as well as the thousands of different businesses with which you can do business.

With a system like this, thousands of people have been able to find ample success. However, the goal of a review is to be honest, not just to speak about the good things. So, let’s go ahead and give SaleHoo an honest, in-depth look, so that we can find out exactly what’s going on with this program.

What is SaleHoo?

Simon Slade and Mark Ling created SaleHoo back in 2005 in New Zealand. Basically, it is a very large wholesale directory that acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. One of the best things about this system is that it connects sellers with over 2.5 million branded products from over 8,000 manufacturers, wholesalers, liquidators, and other drop shippers. Since SaleHoo isn’t a direct supplier, costs are able to be kept a lot lower on your end.

If you’re operating a business as a drop shipper, then a program like SaleHoo is a must have. With this sort of system, all you really have to worry about is marketing name-brand products to people, and then acting as the middle-man between the buying and selling.

For instance, if you’re marketing shoes to people, you will find people who want to buy the shoes, then you purchase them for a much lower rate. You then arrange to have the shoes shipped to the buyer, or shipped to you, and then to the buyer. This is great because you will be able to get name-brand products for a really low rate. This allows you to make a healthy profit on every product sold.

SaleHoo is a large network that puts in all of the legwork for its users. They also implement a training center, so someone can start from absolute scratch and learn how to become a successful drop shipper with this business model. Of course, it attracts most people who already have a pretty good idea about what they’re doing with online shipping businesses, but technically anyone can start from zero with this model and potentially become successful.

Drop Shipping Increases in Popularity

SaleHoo was started in 2005, when the genre of drop shipping was just coming into its own. Before that, most people just set up businesses on their eBay or Amazon accounts. With this method, however, there are no pricey retailers that handle shipping. While on its face this might seem like it would cost you more, to have products shipped to you and/or to your customers, you also get to save money by not having to deal with the intermediary’s costs for shipping.

This also saves the intermediary money too, which is one of the biggest reasons this business model is so incredibly successful. With SaleHoo, you’re put into a system that gives you access to thousands upon thousands of big-named brands, who have millions of popular products from which you can choose.

SaleHoo is very unique when compared to other drop shipping networks. From here, you can use their Lab to research and find all sorts of profitable products. You then find suppliers of that product, or multiple products, which you can easily compare and contrast in order to find the best deal.

After you locate the best deals available on the products you want, you can use the system to create different templates, so you can reach out and make deals with suppliers. The basic idea with this sort of business is that you’re going to buy multiples of that product, so you can save on shipping, store the products yourself, and ship them to people as you sell them. In other words, you’re becoming your own distributor, yet using a system like SaleHoo to find your supply for cheap.

Who SaleHoo Was Designed For

The SaleHoo system was specifically designed for people who want to become drop shippers. These are people who find a discounted product online from a supplier, build a relationship with that supplier, and end up purchasing a lot of said product, store it, and ship it out to customers as they buy it. To this end, SaleHoo puts you in direct contact with thousands of different suppliers, and makes it very easy for you to develop a trusting, lasting relationship with them.

However, you don’t have to be a skilled drop shipper to use this service. With its different tutorial training videos and other helpful information, SaleHoo is very user-friendly for beginners, and tens of thousands of people are using this system to actually get started.

So with the SaleHoo system, it doesn’t really matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re an old pro. If you can use a computer, you can use this easy system. The designers of this system took special care to include everything you need to become successful. As long as you’re a subscriber to the service, you can benefit from it by finding affordable suppliers.

What SaleHoo Offers

There is a whole lot that users can get out of this system. Even as soon as you start, SaleHoo is offering you something that’s very useful and something to help you find the right products from the right suppliers, which gives you a great opportunity to be successful. Here are some of the things that SaleHoo offers.

  • Ample Training: Whether you’re new to a system like this or not, you can quickly figure out how to make money, thanks to the many training tutorial videos that SaleHoo offers you. These videos can only be accessed once you become a subscriber, and they walk you through the process of finding suppliers and the low-cost products that your customer base wants.
  • Ease of Access: One great thing about SaleHoo is that you can operate the system as long as you have access to the Internet. This means that a PC, laptop or smartphone can give you full access to everything that’s offered with this system. So you can definitely do this work from home or any remote location, and operate your business.
  • A Huge Selection: Within this system, you will find over 8,000 supplies, over 2.5 million products, with over 100 countries represented. This means that you can not only find a ton of affordable products to sell, but you can also find a huge customer base. Your potential to make money here is huge.
  • Big Brands: Unlike some networks like Ali Baba, you’re actually getting name-brand products from big-name suppliers, not just generic products that are sold at a much cheaper rate. For drop shippers using this system, having those known names to fall back on is a huge benefit, as customers are a lot more trusting of brands that they know and trust, so selling is a lot easier with SaleHoo than its competitors.
  • Fraud Protection: Another great aspect about SaleHoo is that users have complete protection against fraud. The servers here are very secure, and all of the data you enter into the system is completely protected by an advanced security encryption. This works both ways too, as the suppliers are also going to be protected.
  • Meet Suppliers: One of the best ways to save money is to build relationships with suppliers. When you purchase products in bulk, you’re going to receive discounts and might even receive your products with free shipping. The great thing here with SaleHoo is that you can use their trusted system to contact suppliers directly, and they’re more likely to trust you when you’re using their system to reach out.
  • Online Selling: Just because you’re using this system for drop shipping doesn’t mean you need to create your own website with your own store. One of the best things about this product is that you can also use eBay and Amazon stores to sell on. You don’t have to invest a lot of money at all; you can simply set up pages and online stores with existing services.

Pros and Cons of SaleHoo

Every single system out there today has a list of pros and cons. There are positives and negatives with any service or system. SaleHoo is in no way exempt from this. So before you think about purchasing this system, here is a list of pros and cons to go over to help you make your decision.


  • Thousands of suppliers with millions of products
  • A lot of training tutorial videos that teach you how to use the system
  • The ability to sell on eBay and Amazon as well as your own site
  • A method that allows you to contact suppliers directly
  • A secure system that protects both you and the supplies in the network
  • A system that has 14 years of drop shipping success under its belt
  • No big investment necessary, other than the cost of the system
  • An ironclad 60-day money back guarantee


  • No location-based searching within the system
  • Suppliers in the system might not be the most affordable available outside of it
  • The supplier list, that costs $67/year, is full of suppliers that you might be able to find without SaleHoo

SaleHoo in Conclusion

At the end of the day, SaleHoo aggregates results that makes it easier for drop shippers to operate. While you could spend days, or even weeks online trying to find different suppliers, this is a system that puts everything at your fingertips. The system finds the suppliers for you, so all you have to do is check out their products and contact them.

To date, there are well over 100,000 people who use this system, and thousands of them have found ample success. You can do a lot with this system, such as contacting suppliers on secure servers, making deals, and ultimately selling your products where you want to sell them.