When you get married, it may very well be the most exciting day of your life. You spend so much time prepping for the wedding, enjoying the moments leading up to, and fantasizing about the rest of your lives together. It’s magical. But after that, it can fade away and real marriage comes into the mix along with its woes. How do couples face it?

Years on top of years can produce problems we don’t foresee. There is nothing quite as disappointing as feeling like the life you have built with another person is about to come to an end. So, how can you salvage a broken relationship? How can you mend heavily broken trust, deal with effects of infidelity, sexual dry spells, financial crises, and other detrimental things that can happen? There may be a silver lining that is easier than you think.

Who Is Amy Waterman?

Amy Waterman is the author who developed the Save My Marriage Today course alongside Andrew Rusbatch. She set out on a mission to help struggling couples regain confidence in their relationship in a less traditional alternative to counseling.

Waterman is a relationship expert who has taken all issues affecting marriages and created palpable solutions toward betterment. Her life’s work has been to help couples regain the commitment, love, and intimacy they once possessed. In Save My Marriage Today, it is clear to see her passion rising to the surface.

What is the Save My Marriage Today Course?

The Save My Marriage Today course was designed by Waterman to help couples who are at a point of failure in their relationship. Whether than choosing divorce as a means of solution, this was written to help struggling couples overcome their hardships and find renewal in their relationship.

Though each relationship comes with its special forms of heartache and turmoil, there is quite a bit of familiar ground in marital problems. What Waterman tried to do in this extensive course is to cover all key elements that can create these issues and provide applicable solutions.

Sometimes, it is not so easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel due to confusion on both parts. This course provides both parties with insight and consolation for their feelings. Also, it especially focuses on how to find mutual common ground to resolve issues that have long plagued the relationship. Seeing it from a neutral standpoint can often change perceptions, leading to encouragement to try.

While each situation comes with its own scale of severity and individual results vary, this is a wonderful course that has successfully assisted couples to rekindle a dying flame. Traditional counseling does not work for all couples due to time constraints or other schedule conflictions. Also, when visiting traditional counseling, you are on time limits during counseling sessions and must pay each time you go.

With this program, you won’t have any additional charges or timed restrictions. You can work at this at your own pace, going through the modules together and implementing them as you see fit. It is a wonderful benefit that the course costs significantly less than most other couple’s therapy options.

Save My Marriage Today can be liberating for many couples who cannot attend other counseling for these reasons.

What is Included?

This course is structured in modules. Each section was meant to touch on a different aspect of trouble. It includes a 12-part video series, written material, 5 study guides and 4 additional in-depth portions for guidance.

The areas covered by the program are as follows:

  • How to Identify Your Marital Issues:

This section discusses the root cause of problems in the marriage. It addresses the fact that you may be focusing on secondary issues while ignoring the main causes. Once you can properly pin the issues where they lie, you can work diligently with your partner on how to resolve these issues from the core.

  • Examining Your Marriage Expectations:

This section goes over how we perceive our marriages. Where our expectations lie and where our relationships stand can say a lot about how couples operate. If your expectations are too high or if they differ from your partner, they can cause rifts in the relationship. Reassessing your expectations can greatly benefit both parties if it is out of alignment.

  • 10 Steps to Save Your Marriage After Infidelity:

Infidelity is one of the main causes of divorce. If you and your partner are still willing to work through the infidelity when it occurs, this will teach you how. Giving you 10 steps toward recovery, you can learn to forgive or be forgiven and move forward with the relationship.

  • How to Deal with Addiction:

Addictions of various kinds can plague relationships. This teaches you the different types of addictions in relationships and how to overcome them. It tackles aspects from both the addict and the other person to show each how to end the addiction for good.

  • How to Create a Place for Each Other in Your Marriage:

Many marriages suffer when one person or another is feeling left out or abandoned. This creates feelings of separation and resentment towards each other. This portion helps you to best ensure you are giving your partner the attention and love they deserve. It is helpful to understand what they require and how you both can mutually benefit by finding a happy medium.

  • How to Manage Anger:

Anger is an issue some seem to have trouble controlling. If one partner or the other tends to become enraged when faced with issues, it can cause greater communication issues. This can cause one person to shut down. It can even cause even bigger issues, such as physical violence, to occur. This can help you to manage stress and find better means of communication.

  • How to Balance Goals:

Balancing your goals in your marriage is a great way to promote a healthy sense of unity. If you both assess and set self-goals, you can share them. This portion guides you both to make individual long- and short-term goals to look forward to.

  • How to Develop New Tools of Communication:

A large issue existing between couples lies in areas involving communication. Since we all have our own communication styles and listening skills, it can be easy to get lines crossed. This portion of the course will give you and your partner helpful tips and tricks for getting your forms of communication on par so that you can resolve issues better.

  • Transformation:

This brings you closer together by tying together everything you need in your partnership to create lasting changes. It addresses the importance of kicking bad habits and creating healthy ones. By working as a unit rather than as separate entities, this course can help you work to overcome your hardships.


In addition to this thorough course, it comes with complimentary benefits as well. It has guest videos with relationship experts Scot and Emily McKay who teach you how to deal with depression and mental disorders in relationships. There is also a guest video with coach Mimi Tanner on how to keep your partners interest throughout your marriage.

Also, if you have a particularly specific issue in your relationship, this includes a free email consultation with a counselor. This can prove very beneficial if there is an area the course doesn’t cover. This way you can address other problems that you and your partner need help with.

Is it Successful?

There are many notable success stories for couples working through the Save My Marriage Today program.

On the website, there are testimonials of many people who have purchased and fully used this course. You can read their personal stories and how it has impacted their relationship with their spouse. You can read through the differences in each individual situation to see how vastly this system helps people in many walks of life.

Save My Marriage Today: Pros and Cons

As with anything, there is no one-size-fits-all for any marriage. The success of marriage greatly depends on both parties involved as well as the tools you utilize to get results. As a marriage takes two, so does the work involved to keep it. If both parties are willing and ready to accept their flaws and face necessary changes, the results will be much more effective.

So, what are the positives and negatives on the Save My Marriage Today program? Let’s look!


  • The material is easy to follow.
  • It is equally geared towards both people in the marriage.
  • It covers a wide range of issues most marriages face.
  • It provides additional tools to help if the course was not thorough enough.
  • It comes with materials to gauge your progress.
  • It is a cheaper alternative to traditional counseling.
  • You can use this at your own pace and there are no deadline rushes.
  • It fits in with both people and their schedules.
  • It has excellent success stories associated with the program.
  • It comes with a 60- day money-back guarantee so if you aren’t satisfied, you won’t be out anything but your time.


  • Both parties must be equally involved to yield positive results.
  • It takes a commitment to do at-your-own pace counseling.
  • It is not going to be a solution in all cases since situations differ so greatly.
  • It is fully digital, so it is not available to those without internet access.

As you can see, if both people agree before purchase that they are actively willing to bring about necessary change, this is likely worth the effort. While there is no magical guarantee that all relationships will resolve themselves, you can be assured that this program is a good tool to use for mending.

If both people are equally participating and active throughout the course, the chances of this giving you a new beginning are very high.

Final Verdict

As mentioned above, if both people are not willing to implement needed improvements, nothing will be able to solve your issues. That includes this course and likely other methods as well. However, most couples who are seeking out this system agree that their relationship is failing, and it needs to be put back together. If this is the case, you and your partner can each rest easy knowing this program has all the resources you need to get back on the right track.

If both of you work diligently toward the goal of marriage renewal, Save My Marriage Today can be a pathway to success for you- as it has been for so many couples. You both deserve to have your love lives replenished and to overcome obstacles or stagnancy in the way. Don’t hold yourselves back any longer. With the 60-day money-back guarantee, it is worth the energy you will apply to attempt resolution. You both warrant a chance for betterment.