Glenn Johnson understands sciatica pain because he has suffered in the past. He decided there had to be a better solution than various medical devices, nerve blockers and prescription painkillers. His nerve pain was impacting his life. He was unable to help his wife carry groceries into their home or even play outside with his children. This was what resulted in him creating Sciatica SOS.

An Overview of the Program

Sciatica SOS is an eBook, not a potion or some kind of magical pill. The book contains a lot of good information about sciatica in addition to providing numerous methods for dealing with the pain. The concept for the book began when Glenn Johnson was introduced to Xie by his wife. Xie originated from Nepal and had the ability to heal the back.

Xie was aware of several methods that had been proven to eliminate the pain caused by sciatica. He decided to share his information with Glenn Johnson. Xie is responsible for all of the methods and recipes contained in the book. The book begins with a lot of information regarding sciatic pain. Just like the majority of other types of pain, sciatica pain can cause weakness, numbness, tingling and shooting pains.

The pain begins in the lower back prior to moving to the back of the leg. This is not the cause of the pain but a symptom of sciatica. Sciatica is not a disease that has been diagnosed but rather the final result of another condition. The six most common causes of sciatica are:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Lumbar herniated disc
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Isthmic spondylolisthesis
  • Piriformis syndrome

The reason all of this information is so relevant is that there are numerous different causes for sciatica. This means unless you choose to take prescription medication despite the potentially nasty side effects, there is not a single treatment that will be effective for everyone. The author does address this in Sciatica SOS. One of the methods he reveals in the eBook is a special tea.

The issue of using prescription pain medication is that the cause of the problem is not addressed. All the medication does is mask the symptoms and the pain. This type of medication also has the potential of becoming extremely addictive. The book will provide you with a complete explanation regarding sciatica pain. You will learn more than you would from visiting the majority of standard medical physicians.

Medical physicians are always pressed when it comes to time because they see so many patients every day. This means they do not have the time to explain everything about the condition you will learn from reading Sciatica SOS. The next section of the book is focused on natural ways to treat sciatica. You are most likely unaware that individuals with sciatica have to sleep in a specific position.

The author talks about the special massages capable of relieving the pain and symptoms of sciatica. According to Glenn Johnson, the best things you can do for this condition are having this type of massage and sleeping. This is because sleep has a lot of healing properties. If you go to sleep in the right positions and get enough quality sleep, you will not feel any pain once you wake up.

The book even reveals a special remedy developed by Xie. If you add this recipe to your diet, the symptoms caused by your sciatica will decrease. You will need to follow all of the instructions of the author to be able to see results. This includes the position you are in while you are sleeping, massage therapy focused on pressure points to relieve your pain, the remedy and the diet. All of this information is in the book.

The Contents of Sciatica SOS

You will receive both the Sciatica SOS eBook and the treatment plan for your sciatica with your purchase. The author has also included several free bonus gifts. These are:

  • Sleeping Solace
  • Stress Soothers
  • Lessons from Miracle Doctors
  • How to Lose Ten Pounds Naturally
  • 10 Ways to Fight off Cancer

The reason these bonuses are important is that when your overall health is better, your pain levels will decrease. You will no longer need to endure conventional treatments or take medication for pain that will not really help your condition. As long as you adhere to all of the information contained in the bonus books, you will start to feel much better because your general health will improve.

The testimonials you can find on the website show the program works. A lot of people have received help for their sciatic pain. The best part is provided you adhere to the plan in the book, the program will work inside of a few days. If you are suffering from sciatic pain, you already understand the frustration of the back pain and the tingling sensation in your toes.

You are most likely tired of being in pain all of the time. The worst part is all of this pain can have an impact on your entire body. It is nearly impossible to think clearly when you are in a lot of pain. As your body processes this pain, your energy levels will drop. This is where Sciatica SOS becomes so important. You will learn how to eliminate your pain.

Everything begins by getting a good night’s sleep. All of this makes the book a good opportunity for treating your sciatica while eliminating your pain. The book contains numerous sections. This includes:

The Introduction: This is where Glenn Johnson describes his life when he was affected by sciatica. He explains how he was able to overcome all of his issues within just seven days. You will learn how his path led him to many different medical exams. Learning how he overcame his condition and improved his life is heartwarming.

The Exercises: The program includes an important exercise program. You will not be able to successfully complete this program without including a good exercise routine and diet. You will learn 22 exercises for stretching that may help you to overcome substantial pain centered in your lower back.

You can easily perform all of these exercises in your home in approximately thirty minutes. The author has included picture illustrations of all of the exercises. This visual will help you understand how to perform these exercises easily and properly.

Home Based Foods: The second section of the eBook is about four common foods you may already have in your home. These foods will help prevent the inflammation that can surround and swallow your nerves. You will also learn about three little exercises to compress your lower back. This will help you combat the irritation so common around the sciatic nerve.

The Diet Plans: The combination of exercise and a proper diet will make your life a lot easier. This is why the author has included four excellent meals in addition to an effective time plan for eating.

The Sleeping Posture: Your posture while you are sleeping and sitting is closely connected to your back pain. This is why Sciatica SOS introduces the correct posture for sleeping. The author explains the information in this section extremely well.

The Extras: There is an extras section showing you the tips you should follow to help prevent this condition from reappearing as time passes. This is extremely important because if you do not continue to follow the plan outlined in the book, your sciatica will return in the initial stages. You have to be careful to prevent this from happening.

Once you understand what the condition actually is and all of the causes, you will be able to stop your suffering. The author explains everything from trauma to spinal tumors. Once the diagnosis of the condition and the key symptoms have been discussed, you will learn about all of the most common misconceptions about sciatica. If you do not have the correct information, you will not be able to lead a quality life.

Even if you have been unable to find an effective solution for your pain in the past or think you are too healthy to be affected by sciatica, you will have an understanding of the six most common misconceptions regarding the conditions. This will enable you to take the right actions. Once you have reached chapter six, you will learn everything you can do for improving your sciatica.

Glenn Johnson teaches yours about the more traditional options such as rest and physical therapy. He then explains how you can take everything to the next level. Chapter seven delves into homemade remedies. This includes the power of cherries, the importance of having a mustard massage and the benefits of horseradish. The focus on homemade remedies is just the start of eliminating your sciatica.

The next five chapters reveal the truths behind effective diet, exercise and trigger point therapy in addition to offering some important tips. The format of the book is ideal, ensuring you can read and follow the program easily. You can make the necessary changes simply by using the exercise tips and recipes included in Sciatica SOS. If you are willing to take action, you can benefit from the contents of this book.

The Numerous Benefits of Sciatics SOS

If you have sciatica, your ultimate goal is probably achieving results that last. You will see a lot of benefits from the guide. The information is effective, presented well and will have a significant impact on your life. The section about exercise is exceptional. You can perform the exercises easily due to the visual demonstrations included in the book.

Sciatica SOS was written for individuals interested in treating their condition at home without the necessity of medications and physicians. Reading the book enables you to learn all of the tricks and tips provided by the author. This includes:

  • Using physical therapy at home
  • The natural foods for balancing your diet
  • Exercises and stretches
  • Therapy while you are sleeping

The methods in the eBook are completely natural. The program does not include any injections or pills. The combination of the diet plan and exercises are a good way to handle your sciatica. You will receive a money-back guarantee for a period of two months. The author promises you will see results in only seven days. This is a short period of time to have to wait for your results.

The majority of sciatica programs currently available on the market generally require a much longer period of time to see any results.

The Final Verdict

If you have been looking for relief for your sciatica pain, this program may be your ideal solution. You can take action as opposed to living the rest of your life in pain. Sciatica SOS will show you everything about sciatica including offering you treatment methods that are completely natural and effective.

Since Glenn Johnson has included a money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to try both the program and the free bonuses. You can live the life you want without any pain simply by following the guide in this program. The author is no longer suffering and neither should you.