STDs are on the rise in the United States, now affecting the majority of people at some point in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many people do not get the medical care that they need for these contagious infections, often because they are too embarrassed to see a doctor and undergo an invasive physical examination. However, a new STD testing service “” is offering the private, affordable, confidential care that people seek. Overview is a website with a novel concept: allowing people to select STD tests from the privacy of their homes and get them performed at a local lab without even giving a name. They offer the same FDA approved tests that people would normally get from a clinic or physician, without the embarrassment, permanent medical record, or the long wait for an appointment. This service is allowing individuals to take control of one very important aspect of their care.

Many people go without the high quality STD testing that they need. There are several reasons for this. First, many people do not have a primary care physician or would need to wait months to see a doctor. Second, there is a stigma associated with asking for an STD check. Many worry that their doctor will think they are promiscuous or unclean if they ask for one of these tests. They also may be concerned that their STD status will be on their medical record for the indefinite future. Last, finances are a barrier for many people. Seeing a doctor can be very expensive, even beyond the cost of the test itself.

As a result, many people go without STD testing. This is unfortunate because many of these infections are highly contagious but do not have symptoms until they have become very severe. Routine STD testing is recommended for many age groups, but people simply cannot or will not get this testing. This leaves many people to deal with negative effects that could have been easily and affordably treated.

The STDCheck Process

This medical testing service has a simple process that makes STD testing fast and private. First, visitors can either call or visit the website. They then choose the STD panel that they wish to purchase. There are several to choose from, each with different sets of tests. Individual STD tests can also be purchased, such as individual HIV tests. Once the test or panel is selected, the customer is given an identification code. This ensures that none of the ensuing testing is linked to their name in any way.

The person then chooses a lab from the more than 4,500 participating laboratories in the country. No paperwork or appointment is necessary at these labs. The person will only be asked to give their identification code rather than a name or other identifying information. Blood or urine samples will be collected in just minutes and then the person is done with this part of the process. Many people choose a test, pay, and have the sample collected on the same day.

Results are available through the person’s confidential account online. They also can be emailed if this is requested. This takes as little as two days after the sample is collected. Some tests require longer to process, but results are given in as little time as possible.

If the test is positive, website visitors have two options. They can choose to visit the clinic or physician of their choice or they may call a confidential, toll free line. Licensed physicians are available to give an online consultation and advice. The contracted doctors often can even prescribe medication to a local pharmacy if this is needed. The next steps depend on exactly which STD was detected.

Benefits of Using STDCheck Service

The benefits of are clear. People can get the high quality, confidential STD testing that they need without any of the drawbacks. There is no embarrassment, no judgment, and no taking time off work. Getting treatment is made easy as well, often prescribed over the telephone.

Another benefit is that a person’s request for a test and the results are not permanently a part of their medical record. Any tests received from a typical doctor become a permanent part of one’s chart, as well as the results of these tests. These medical records can be viewed years after the test by anyone who renders medical care and usually are part of the permanent record.

There are additional, greater benefits as well. Many people avoid STD testing for various reasons and end up spreading the infection to others, or suffering physical damage from an untreated infection. This website makes it easy to attain this testing and get treatment quickly. In addition, this makes the process of getting tested easy and affordable enough that people can be tested more often, for example before having sex with a new significant other. offers the same FDA approved tests that would be given in a doctor’s office, so they are extremely reliable. Their professional labs are the same ones that handle sample collection and testing for mainstream clinics and hospitals. These labs are inspected and accredited by national, state, and local organizations. All testing is of the same quality one would expect from any other health care organization.

Drawbacks of Using STDCheck Service

There are a few drawbacks of using STDcheck as well. People will still need to have body fluids collected at a lab. While this process has been streamlined and made as confidential as possible, some “in person” care is necessary.¬†Besides, a positive test will always require further care, whether from this company or a traditional clinic. In uncomplicated cases, the doctors working with this company can prescribe medication with a simple phone call. Some STDs, however, require more treatment or a personal visit to a physician.

What Are Customers Saying?

What are customers saying about The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Most people appreciate the reliable, accurate results as well as the privacy and convenience. Hundreds of satisfied customers have attested that the process is as easy as it is claimed to be.

Another point that is often reviewed positively about this service is the customer service. Even the smoothest of processes often requires good customer service. This company is dedicated to making STD testing easy and has a dedicated service team to answer any questions or walk people through the process.

The average customer rating for this service is a 9.8/10. People are overwhelmingly happy with the price, process, privacy, and reliability of their results.

Privacy and Security

There are several layers of security and privacy at this STD testing service. First, like all health care organizations, this service has to obey HIPAA laws regarding patient information. This means that information about your health and even your accessing health care can only be shared with you.

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The website itself is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. This is the gold standard for internet security, ensuring that no one ever sees personal information. The HL-7 interface, favored by hospitals all over the country, is used. Phone lines used by this company also are completely secure and private. The same protocols are used as are used for hospital telephones.

Customers are only identified by an identification code. This number is assigned when the package is bought. The laboratories also only use this number rather than the customer’s name or other identifying information. This code, along with a password, is also used to collect your results. None of a patient’s health information is tied to his or her name.

Even our charges are kept private. The charge will show on your credit card or bank statement as a payment to Medology. No other information is given, so no one knows what services the payer may have bought.

If a customer tests positive, they are given access to a Physician Hotline, where they can get expert advice and in many cases care from a licensed doctor. After this, all records all deleted. In the case of a negative test, records are deleted after the results are viewed.

How Much Does STD Check Cost?

Students at colleges and universities can get a free HIV test through this business. The website has a nonprofit foundation that pays for these tests as a public service, as college students are one of the fastest growing populations with HIV.

Like most medical services, other tests do cost money. The cheapest testing begins at just $28. Some tests cost more than others, and panels with many tests of course will cost more. However, unlike with most medical tests, these charges are listed upfront so patients can make an educated choice. All charges are below industry averages.

This company does not accept health insurance, as this would require giving insurance companies the customer’s private health information. In addition, the website would not be able to file information by identification code rather than by name if insurance companies were involved. Information from bills submitted to insurance are unfortunately placed on a patient’s medical record, which is not consistent with this service’s commitment to privacy.

However, this testing service can accept payment from health savings accounts (HSAs), flex spending accounts (FSAs), and other similar accounts dedicated to health care. They also accept credit cards, debit cards, prepaid gift cards, Paypal, e-checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders.

Customer Service reviews all rave about the quality of customer service and support. Because this is a sensitive test for many people, support is given in a timely manner and without judgment. People can contact customer support through email, telephone, or live messaging at the website.

Many of the positive reviews are regarding the quality of customer support. Helpful agents are there to help people through any step of the process, from choosing a package to payment to accessing results.

Customer service continues even after the test results have been given. The company employs licensed physicians to walk customers through the next steps if a test is positive. Getting medical care, often in the form of a confidential prescription sent to the pharmacy of a person’s choice, is essential to treating the STD and preventing infection of others.

Is the Right Option for You?

The reviews are clear that this company delivers on its promises. However, this does not make it right for everyone. People who wish to see a doctor in person obviously should do so. People who have very complicated health also may benefit more from letting a doctor examine them and determine the best steps.

However, many people will find that using this confidential company is a good decision. People who want complete confidentiality and do not wish to have anyone else ever know about their STD status, for example, are only likely to get this level of confidentiality from this testing service. In addition, people who do not have time for an appointment will benefit from the ability to drop into the local lab of their choice and have the process done in just a few minutes.

Ultimately, appears to be as legit and reliable as a trusted local doctor’s office. They offer the same high-quality care with lower cost and complete privacy. The reviews show that they deliver completely on these promises. While this may not be the right choice for all people, it is a valuable service that can make the process of STD testing easier for many.

Last Updated: January 02, 2020.