We all want to attract what benefits us in life. We all want enough wealth to be comfortable, a steady income and an enjoyable existence. It would be lovely to not want for anything and to be living your best life- every day.

With this digital course based around a concept of scientifically attracting your desires, Alex West guides you with a formula he discovered based on Nikola Tesla teachings. Tesla is a very famous scientist who studied frequencies of the universe.

While no one can become rich and famous overnight, West explores the ways you can manifest more into your daily lives by using this knowledge. West developed what he claims is a system inspired by Tesla’s life work.

In the eBook and bonus materials, West walks through science, conspiracies and life-changing affirmations.

Does it work? You decide.

Who is Alex West?

Alex West is an author specializing in metaphysics and universal manifestation. He developed Tesla Code Secrets once he realized he had harnessed a hidden message in Tesla’s work. While it may be less hidden than implied, he definitely manages to capture the essence of Tesla’s scientific discoveries.

This formula he has designed and handed out is meant to use the power of manifestation to bring your desires forward. West has created a powerful concept which he expands on to help readers fully grasp their divine potential. His mission is to help people create powerful changes within themselves so that they may live their lives to their fullest potential.

The Great Nikola Tesla

For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with who Nikola Tesla is, he was a world-renowned scientist and inventor in the 1800s. He has forever left his mark on the scientific community and has spawned some of the most powerful discoveries and studies of all time.

Tesla is famous for the quote, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Based on what Alex West portrays in his book, this is largely where it stemmed from. By harnessing the secret of the universe, you can then propel forward utilizing the natural power around you.

Not only was Nikola Tesla a great philosopher about life, but he also had a huge impact on our electrical and energetic distribution today. Based on his very insightful teaching, it is no wonder West chose him as the basis for his grand idea.

While this is largely aimed at your mental state, the teachings delve into the science behind our universe and how this impacts our lives. Using Tesla’s scientific experiments as leverage, West makes this relatable to current times. This helps to aid minds that tend to be more realistic to conceptualize their own power of manifestation.

By using the concepts Tesla’s great mind left humanity, West tries to generate us to respond to how our brains are wired for our advantage. Since we are the sole individuals responsible for creating lasting change, this just gives the capability of helping our thoughts work for us- not against us.

What Does Tesla Code Secrets Teach?

In this book, it largely touches on quantum physics and other incredibly interesting scientific aspects of our existence. It shows us how these elements going on around us affect us on a subconscious level without us realizing. Once we do take heed, we can create lasting changes to embrace our potential.

The cortex of this program seems to stem from what he refers to as “cerebral powers”. Cerebral refers to the brain and our power of producing our own destinies. According to West, if humans learn to harness these cerebral powers, we can then use it to naturally live a more successful and bountiful life.

Since we unconsciously create our realities, we can trigger our cerebral powers to bring this to the forefront. Once we start consciously using them, we can have what we strive for. He speaks of how our brains and the way we believe can influence the world around us. Also, how if we want to change the way we view the world, we must change our brains.

Using Nikola Tesla’s teachings, he describes scientifically how we can use our brains as a type of transmitter to attract what we wish. He helps us to comprehend the laws and ways of the universe so that they can be transferred to our lives.

This is not a cure-all. There is much responsibility on the part of the person who is trying to manifest these things in their lives. This must be done intuitively and with good intentions. Decision making and responsibility do not fall on anyone’s shoulder but your own. You can simply learn how to navigate through.

Program Details

This program comes with the main course being a 242-page eBook consisting of 18 different chapters. Each chapter is designed to last one week, making this an 18-week program to follow. You take each week and implement it into your life, so it is well-paced and learn-as-you-go.

In each section, there are exercises and actionable steps to help you retain this information and apply it. The exercises are designed to help make sure you can fully grasp the concepts behind the teachings.

Some main points touched on in the eBook are:

  • Cerebral powers and how to harness them
  • Actively changing your brain wiring to manifest your desires
  • How to utilize photographic memory
  • How to achieve lasting personality and consciousness changes
  • How to handle the chaos of everyday life

Along with this eBook, there is also a workbook that comes with the program. In the workbook, you can take the teaching you learn to use it towards activities. It is a very helpful way to help you retain the knowledge and fully soak in the information being provided to you. The more your brain is trained by the program, the more you can see the results surfacing.

The course also includes peaceful music for relaxation called the Rejuvenate Your Mind Audio Program. There are five audio tracks of mental-soothing tunes to help you concentrate or meditate. This can relax your brain, creating ease in transition to focus on what you are trying to change within yourself. You can also use this music while you read the eBook or use your workbook to help remove any stressors or blockages.

With these resources, you can harness your own cerebral power and become what you set out to become.

Bonus Materials

This program also comes with bonus features.

Napoleon Hill is known for his guidance in helping people get rich- and has proven success in doing so. IN this program, Alex West has included The Napoleon Hill Compendium as an added feature. You will get this book in .pdf format. You will also receive some of his less popular works as a bonus as well!

It also comes with The Power of Believing eBook. In this book, the author helps you to understand how your thoughts affect the way you live your life. It explains how when you change your thoughts, you can break your limited belief structure to get outside of what you believe is possible. This will help you have faith in your natural power.

Because the bonus features are subject to change with revision, do be sure to check your product upon ordering to ensure these are the materials listed. They can be subject to change.

Positives and Negatives

As with any product or program, there are positives and negatives to address. There is no one-size-fits-all for any method of learning. There is no sure-fire way to ensure success. But you can be educated and confident upon ordering to make sure it is worth what you pay for!

Let’s look at what you get in a snapshot!


  • It is factual. It is full of scientifically-backed knowledge and well-researched material based on the teachings of Nikola Tesla.
  • It is easily digestible. It is easy to follow and includes materials like the workbook to make sure you are retaining the knowledge needed to implement change.
  • It comes with a guarantee. This program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This way if you don’t feel like the program is right for you, you can guiltlessly get your refund hassle-free.
  • It is credible. It can be linked back to very credible sources. It has tons of information on Tesla’s life, UFO information, and conspiracy theories. All of which can be traced and backed up.
  • It has great exercises. The exercises are very helpful and thorough. They are designed to assist you in retraining your brain and keeping with it.
  • Full of bonus material. It has 6 bonus eBooks and tons of DIY material with a wide array of tips and tricks for your life.


  • It is fully digital. This may bother some people. There is nothing tangible that you can hold. It is only available in digital format, which may not be for everyone.
  • It is not 100%. There is no way for this to ensure 100% success rates for anyone. This is merely a resourceful guide. How it is used is up to the individual.
  • It is not a miracle. Just by reading the contents, it will not magically create changes. It can only give you the tools to change yourself. Just because you read through the program won’t create the changes alone. Hard work is required.

The negatives don’t seem to be too daunting. Aside from what lies within your power, you don’t have a lot of letdowns in this informational program. The product itself is a valuable resource with only the accredited data alone. Since it has the money-back guarantee, it is even more convincing to try. You would not be out anything but your time if you were unhappy with the results.


With all the knowledge given in this eBook alone, it provides much credible and interesting information. Whether or not you apply the concepts given is up to you. It is fully backed by resources and filled to the brim with rich knowledge that you can reflect on for years to come. If you are a person who is serious about changing the direct course of your life, this is a great way to begin.

This provides you with the understanding necessary to not only change your life but to understand how your life changes when you change your thoughts. Implementing the cerebral power activation in your life can make improvements you didn’t realize you could make. If you are ready to get serious about permanent changes, this may very well be the golden goose you’re looking for.