TestRX is a testosterone boosting supplement that is going to make it easier for people, especially men, lose fat, build muscle, and increase their sex drive.

Here in this review, you will find what tests are exes, is ingredients, benefits, how to use its typical side effects, the packages it comes in, prices, pros and cons, and where to buy this supplement.

So, who will be interested in this product? Maybe you are a bodybuilder, or need an edge to build your muscles faster? The solution to these issues can be found in a testosterone supplement.

In simple terms, TestRX is going to provide the following benefits to the user:

  • increase strength
  • larger muscles
  • increase athletic potential
  • weight loss
  • faster recovery times

This review will help you to see if these claims are valid for this testosterone supplement or not.

The testosterone booster, TestRX

TestRX is a formula that was crafted to help men lose their testosterone. It is a natural supplement and is sold by the Leading Edge Health company that is based out of Tennessee in the United States.

TestRX ingredients

Below, you will see the active ingredients that allowed TestRX to boost testosterone levels in men.

Below, you will see the active ingredients that allowed TestRX to boost testosterone levels in men.

The fenugreek seed extract is included in the supplement because of its exceptional ability to reduce one’s body fat? Is a strike can perform this action in your body because of its galactomannan content, which triggers sugar metabolism and fat breakdown.

Vitamin D3 was also implemented into this supplement because it is a fat-soluble vitamin that is going to help absorb calcium in your small intestine. When there is a proper amount of vitamin D3 in your body, this will help boost your testosterone levels up to 25% for a disclaimer, this conclusion of vitamin D3 having an effect on your testosterone is suggested by the evidence provided by the supplement, but it’s not backed definitely by science research.

Vitamin B6 as another essential component in the supplement because it’s going to promote the production of androgens. Androgens are a precursor to testosterone, and this will help increase these levels in your body.

Zinc is a mineral that is going to be used in your body to boost testosterone and your athletic abilities.

Another mineral that is used is magnesium. Magnesium is beneficial for muscle oxygenation and helps improve your physical performance. This is done because magnesium has the possibility of boosting your body use glucose more efficiently.

The last ingredient listed on TestRX is D-aspartic acid. This is an essential amino acid that supports the production of your sperm cells and testosterone. It also has been linked to an increase in your sex drive and virility.

Behind the Scenes of TestRx

According to the manufacturer’s official website, the ingredients provided in the supplement is going to promote testosterone production. Increased levels of testosterone are going to help with your protein synthesis. Protein is one of the building blocks to building muscle and inhibits the creation of the cortisol hormone. Cortisol is an enemy of your muscles, as it is what causes it to break down.

Testosterone is part of protein synthesis because it’s able to bind to Androgen receptors in your muscle cells. That protein is then used to repair the muscle so that it can go through the recovery process and come out bigger and stronger.

Having more testosterone at your disposal for men means that they would have faster recovery times, more muscle growth, in overall bigger muscles. Additionally, you have more red blood cells at your disposal to transport oxygen around the body.

Using TestRx

TestRX comes in a simple pill form. It is recommended on the product that you take only two capsules daily. It is best to take these pills once in the morning, and once in the evening before bed.

Side effects of taking TestRX

Even though testosterone is a natural hormone, taking a supplement to boost your levels can cause possible side effects. The user may experience the following:

  • bloating
  • abdominal discomfort
  • gas
  • diarrhea
  • lower blood sugar level
  • upset stomach

Only a few of these issues have been reported in users, but when they do occur, they are very mild in severity.

Will you lose your money investing in this product?

Now you may wonder, like many other products online, is this testosterone booster a scam? Well, you can rest assure because since all of the ingredients and TestRX are well-known and natural. All of their effects have been slowly researching and are put together in a formula in a way that will help men boost their testosterone levels.

Almost all of the ingredients have been found in this pill to be effective in increasing testosterone levels. Of course, most of this research is suggestive. However, they are still linked to producing this hormone.

Another issue users may experience when looking at this product is the fact that there are two products with two different formulations from this company. The current version Push by the manufacturer contains zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, and fenugreek. The older version that has been almost discontinued has Ashtanga, cabbage seed extract, and Tongkat Ali.

Many male athletes today decide to use the zinc, vitamin B6, and magnesium formulation because it has helped them to increase their testosterone is substantial. It is best to look at the product ingredient list carefully to ensure that you are getting the product with the ZMA compounds. The new package of TestRX also comes in a pack of 120 pills, while the older version only comes in a box of 60 tablets.

Reviews from customers

TestRX has been on the market for a few years now, so there are plenty of surveys available for interested customers to look at to see if this product is right for them. Many men have reported that by taking this testosterone booster, they feel energized and less angry. They are starting to feel more refreshed and get the sense after only a week I’m taking this testosterone booster.

Men’s mood has improved because of the great benefits this testosterone booster can provide for them. They feel stronger and can perform better in the gym and during their exercises. Having a bigger Sex Drive is also a plus, and we’ll make your sexual partner happy as well. Many men claimed that they don’t even need a second cup of coffee because TestRX provides a lot of energy for them to go about their day.

The best part of TestRX is that it doesn’t even take a lot of days for you to start feeling the benefits of this fantastic supplement. You’ll be able to handle the results after only 7 to 10 days.

Some men may be hesitant to start taking a testosterone booster, but when they do begin on this journey, they find out that this is one of the best things I had taken in a long time. Why not live a life with a better mood, higher energy levels, and the ability to have better sex?

Of course, TestRX is going to work very well for men who have a considerable decrease and their testosterone levels. Men who already have high levels of testosterone may not notice any difference in their body after a few weeks.

TextRX packages

When you go to the manufacturer’s official website, you will see that there are six options for you to buy this product. You can either get one, two, three, four, five, or six bottles in one shipping.

Two more containers that you do end up buying, the more you’re able to save, potentially saving up to $80 when you buy six bottles at $340. The six bottles even come with free shipping and handling. Even when you live outside of the United States, you are still able to purchase and have the products shipped to your home.

Rebuilding you Manhood

Not much else in this world will make a man happier than being able to look in the mirror and be happy about the body they are in. Even getting second glasses from women when they take off their shirts is a nice feeling.

TestRX is a natural bodybuilding supplement that is going to help you raise your testosterone levels without having to take painful injections. If you feel like you are plateauing currently in your weight loss goals, or muscle building gains, then look into getting TestRX.

Being able to transform your body shouldn’t cost a lot of money. And you shouldn’t have to go through a long process of visiting your doctor to get testosterone replacement injections.

You probably have tried other supplements, and you have found out that they do not even help you to boost your levels and you still feel the same. There are many bodybuilding supplements on the market today, and here we understand that finding the right product for you is what matters most.

The basic fact is that you need testosterone to build muscle and feel stronger and have more energy. And a critical feature to getting muscles is having protein, and for protein synthesis to happen you need to stop protein can be supplemented into your life through eating a healthy diet that consists of protein-rich foods, what to help your body more you should take a testosterone booster that is going to help lead to protein synthesis.

The best part is this natural supplement is unlike testosterone steroids. That is a route that is dangerous and can cause issues later down the road for you.

Build muscles the natural implementing minerals and vitamins that are linked to help to boost your testosterone levels. It was a study conducted on NCAA football players, and when they took zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, their strength, immune system, and energy were boosted to Greater Heights.

The ability of your body to use the protein depends on the bioavailability of the protein. When testosterone helps make more protein, you would have more energy and the ability to build your muscles. So if you are looking to get ripped and boost your energy, TestRX has the formula to help you with this.

Of course, if TestRX does not live up to your expectations, the manufacturer does offer the use of a 67-day money back guarantee. However, they do ask that you try to complete the full 60 day supply. Yeah given 120 pills that are recommended to be taken twice a day.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can return the empty bottles or is the unused product for a full refund. The only thing you will not get your money back for is the shipping, but if you get the six bottles, you will not have to worry about this tidbit.

TestRX Pros and Cons

Now that we have given you the general information about the TestRX testosterone booster let’s review the information about this fantastic product.


  • this is a natural formulator product with evidence-based ingredients
  • not produced with any steroids or synthetic hormones
  • 67-day money back guarantee


  • can be a bit more expensive than similar testosterone products

Many men around the world are affected by low testosterone. It is affected by the time you reach your early thirties, your testosterone levels will start to decrease. This is part of the aging process.

However, you do not have to let this stop you from achieving your body goals and dreams. Testosterone is what many people linked to what makes a man a man. The higher bone density, muscle mass, and high sex drive have been continually linked to higher levels of testosterone.

Low testosterone does not feel good and can make you feel less in your manhood. Men do not want to have to suffer from erectile dysfunction and low sperm counts. And the next thing you know, you end up start losing the hair on top of your head. And unfortunately, this is only the beginning for your low testosterone levels.

You will start to feel tired throughout the day, and your mood will begin to change, and you would get irritated more. You might begin to blame yourself for not being able to control your body anymore, Emery cause of all this can be linked to your low testosterone levels.

Final Conclusion

You are hitting the gym, and you are noticing that your body is not reacting to your workout as it used to. And for some reason, you feel that you were actually losing muscle mass. This could really damage your self-esteem when you are seeing your hard work and progress go away as you age. Even getting the beard man boobs or gynecomastia, is a deterrent.

If you believe you are suffering from low testosterone, you should look into getting a testosterone booster, such as TestRX. You don’t want to have the feeling of having low self-esteem, inability to focus, and depression because your body is going through changes.

Today, you had the means to stop this and get your body on the right track. You did not have to take harmful steroids even to get the results that you desire, as there are natural supplements on the market today.

Don’t let low testosterone be the bane of your existence. Text RX was formulated to help men increase their testosterone levels so they would have the energy to perform high level and intense workouts again.

Building your muscles will help you feel better about your life, and you would gain a sense of purpose. TestRX was met with many ingredients that are backed by evidence-based science so you will be assured to have a safe product to use.

This is just one product out of many that can prove to gain more significant muscle shouldn’t be stopped as you age, so look towards getting a testosterone booster to help you in these means.

Today, you see many Fitness enthusiasts who are well past the age of 50, even, and they still can have ripped abs and chiseled bodies because they are taking care of their body by using supplements. Also, if you didn’t have muscles when you were younger, it is still possible for you to start gaining them in your maturer years. Let today be the day where you take back your manhood.