Amy North is the author of Text Chemistry and a professional counselor. Her studies of relationships are extensive. She focuses on dating in addition to helping individuals find happiness and fulfillment in their relationships. Text Chemistry contains all the knowledge she has gained from her experience and studies. She has infused her book with both expertise and personality.

Amy North is from Vancouver, Canada. Her specialty is helping women from all over the world locate and keep their true love. Thousands of copies of her programs have been sold leading to her being called the number one dating coach for women. She believes every woman is capable of experiencing an ideal relationship.

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The Teachings of Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry is filled with a lot of good advice based on the experience and knowledge of the author. This is a complete guide for every possible stage of your relationship. The book will teach you all of the basics for training a man to text you back consistently and quickly. The approach to texting you will learn was created to help your claim and retain the man’s attention.

This approach will ensure the man’s thoughts remain on you and nobody else. This is an effective technique for making certain you are in control of the situation. Basically, you will become a one-woman show. The Satellite Text is for women who have lost their partner and want to get their man back. According to the author, your man will be begging you to give him another chance fairly quickly.

The book enables you to fill your man with regret and fear. The author believes the key is the hard-wired conditions of the male brain. By using these conditions, you can regain control while ensuring he always wants more. The author recommends using the SuperNova and Game on approaches to bring back the fire in your relationship. This can be effective if your relationship is not functioning properly.

These techniques are designed to make your man feel the passion responsible for creating your initial relationship. Text Chemistry will teach you how to make your man miss you. You will be able to take control of his thoughts. This is exceptionally useful if you are going to be apart for a long period of time. The idea is, once you see each other again he will not be able to resist you.

The time you are forced to spend apart is the key to substantially increasing his passion and desire for you. The crowning glory is being able to place subliminal hints into your man’s mind. These hints may cause your man to decide the time has come to settle down and have a family. This may result in the diamond ring you have been dreaming of receiving.

The Secrets Between Men and Women

This is a completely digital program. This means you will receive all of your products and information online. You do not need to wait for anything to be sent to your home. You will be able to watch and read the program using any device with access 24/7. The main program is sent in the form of an eBook. You will also receive thirteen HD video lessons. This will give you a visual teaching lesson in case you are a visual learner.

The Text Chemistry eBook contains a lot of information. There are three main components. The first is called The Rules of Texting. This will teach you about the mistakes most women make when sending a text. You will also learn how long to wait before texting. You will be shown the difference in the text messages sent by men as opposed to women.

The second section provides a variety of different texting scenarios for both relationships and dating. You will learn which one is right for each scenario. In the third section, the author teaches you what to text your man, what to do when you are being ghosted, the best course of action when something unexpected happens and what is appropriate if your situation becomes rough.

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Breaking Down the Program

You will learn what to do if your man is ignoring your text messages. You will be provided with effective techniques to ensure your man will always text you back immediately regardless of the specific situation. You will never have to feel rejected or ignored again.

Amy North explains her ED-Glow Text technique. She says once you send your man these words, his mind will stop him from ever going too far away from where you are. You will be hardwiring his brain to adore and love you no matter how rough things may become in the future.

The author provides her Satellite Text technique to make your man regret breaking up with you. He will be forced to fight for another chance to love you. Just the thought of being given another chance will delight your man.

The SuperNova and Game On techniques apply if your relationship is boring and stale. This will fill your man with the same excitement and nervousness he felt when you first met. There are three different texts to ensure your man will always be feeling excitement in his body just for you.

Text Chemistry will give you the power to fill your man with passionate desires and thoughts about you whenever you choose. Tantalizing Seduction is about sending him text messages to trigger the type of insatiable desire you have only read about or seen in movies.

When your man looks into your eyes, you will feel your power. He will pull you close while having fantasies about all of the things he will do to you that night. The Cheat Sheet is a simple way to analyze the messages your man sends you. You will be able to figure out how he feels and what he is actually saying. Guessing what he is trying to say will be a thing of the past.

The Crystal Ball is for women who fear they will never receive a marriage proposal from their man. You can send subliminal messages with your texts to make your man want to marry you, have a family and commit to you for the rest of his life. According to the author, these are incredibly powerful texts that will result in a diamond ring.

If you and your man have not seen each other for a while, you can use your text messages to fill him with lust and excitement. Your man will be counting the days until he can see you again and wrap his arms around you. You can increase his lust with love potion photographs. These are not the typical photos you may have sent him wearing your underwear. These images will build on the lust he has for you.

The Big Bang is a type of text message the author says will make your man’s body start tingling with his desire and passion for you. This will build and build until he is constantly calling you just because he needs to hear your voice. He will start making up ridiculous excuses because he needs to see you again as soon as possible.

You will be taught an entirely new way to talk to your man when you are on the phone. This will cause the hairs on the back of his neck to stand straight up. Your man will be willing to do anything to make you happy, please you and ensure you have a big smile on your face.

Text Chemistry will teach you Shooting for the Stars. This text will blind your man to every other female who is a part of his life. You will never have to worry that your man is cheating on you or planning to leave you for another lady. These text messages lead to pure and monogamous love. Every minute he is able to spend with you will be forever and always. Your man will be happy.

The Special Bonuses

The first special bonus is the author’s Phone Game eBook. All you have to do to fill your man with excitement when he calls you is say hello. You will instantly have his full and complete attention, According to the author, your voice will become so addicting, your man will never be able to get enough. All you need to do is use this technique.

Text Chemistry will teach you the science of making your man unable to resist the sound of your voice. This technique is the key to riveting your man to every word you speak. Amy North has stated this particular technique will make your voice completely irresistible to your man.

The book also explains why a man will walk away from a good relationship. The author believes you will be shocked by the answer because it is not even close to what you are probably imagining. The book will show you the real reasons a man will start to pull away. You will learn how to prevent this from happening in your relationship.

Once you have learned all of the important psychological secrets, you can change your relationship. Every time your man looks into your eyes, he will become more and more infatuated with you. His worst nightmare will be the thought of losing you. He will do everything in his power to prevent this from happening. All of these secrets are found in Text Chemistry.

If you have ever tried to find a quality man on Tinder and failed, this book will help you. You will learn the right way to create a profile to attract the most successful and hottest men living in your area. Without this profile, these men will not be drawn to your profile.

You will learn how to make a man crave you by using three specific and simple steps. You will not have any difficulty following Text Chemistry because the clear format makes the steps easy to follow. The videos and the book are exceptionally clear. The key objectives of the program are pointed out by the author without a lot of fluff or useless material to distract you.

The book does provide you with good advice and the techniques do work. Your success with the program is dependent on following steps provided. The program will also change the way you perceive online dating. You will finally be able to use dating apps to find the man of your dreams.

If you are not successful in reaching your personal goals, you do have a money-back guarantee. According to the reviews, the majority of women who have used this program have been successful.

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The Final Conclusion

If you want to jump-start your love life, then Text Chemistry is definitely a program you need. The program has a lot to offer and even though there are other programs like this online, none of them match the quality and depth of information of Text Chemistry. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for love, you’ll be able to benefit from this guide.