Let’s face it—most of us think that diet should be a dirty word. While most of us would like to shed a few pounds and get healthier, few of us know how to manage to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes into our already hectic schedules, and we grow increasingly frustrated at our increasing waistlines and our decreasing energy levels. What can be done?

The 2 Week Diet Overview

The 2 Week Diet, authored by Brian Flatt, is marketed as a sustainable diet plan that promises the loss of unsightly belly fat in as little as two weeks. While initial changes as a result of implementing the program are promising, it is best to be realistic when incorporating lifestyle changes and creating healthier habits. It is not likely that you will lose 100 pounds in a month, but with consistent steps and adherence to program protocol, you will experience increased energy, a decrease in belly fat, and you’ll feel better than you have in quite a while.

One attractive feature of the 2 Week Diet program is the list of metabolism boosting and fat burning foods; while you don’t have to incorporate these into your meal plan, you may want to, as you’ll see faster results.

The program consists of a launch section, a diet plan, activity suggestions, and motivational workbooks. This comprehensive approach to weight loss is intended to be used as a package; if you omit one of the aspects of the program, you may not experience the changes that you wish to.

Designed by Brian Flatt to offer fast results, its unique approach to weight loss has you doing so safely, and without harmful side effects. To sweeten the deal, Flatt offers a 60 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you don’t like it or if you have not lost weight within 60 days, you can keep the program and you get your money back. Losing weight does not often come with such guarantees.

About Brian Flatt

Brian Flatt, the author of the 2 Week Diet and several other best-selling books on health and fitness, comes with an impressive list of success and credentials. A certified nutritionist and personal trainer, he has helped thousands of people change their habits and create healthier habits, experiencing measurable success in a short time.

An icon in the health and fitness world, Flatt runs a chain of successful gyms and offers individual training by consulting and advising clients. His “students” consistently report positive changes in body composition, overall health, and increased mental clarity as they put his time-tested methods of training and nutritional advice to work for them. His passion is improving world health, one person at a time, in hopes that diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer can be reduced and possibly eliminated.

What will I Learn on The 2 Week Diet?

A wealth of information is available to you with this course. Some material may seem like common sense advice on how to lose weight, while other concepts may offer suggestions for success that you have not heard of before. The program is broken up into a series of workbooks that are intended to be implemented at the same time for optimization of the program:


This is the volume for those of us who wish to blast fat off our bodies from the very beginning of the program. Insider secrets are described for revving up the metabolism and burning stored fat—time tested secrets that fitness industry insiders and celebrities use to reduce fat and get slim quickly. It also contains scientific information on how fat is gained and stored in the body, and how you can lose it and keep it off. A must for anyone wishing to eliminate unsightly fat and improve overall health and appearance. Starting with the launch program will help you to understand the science behind weight loss and why what you have done up to this point has not been working. It’s time to blast through those old habits!

Diet handbook

This “meat and potatoes” aspect of the plan will deliver a personalized and customizable nutrition plan with REAL foods, foods that may be in your cupboard right now. Food combinations will be paired for maximum fat burning and reducing hunger, leaving you satisfied and full of energy. This section also contains valuable information on foods that you may be eating right now that are keeping you from losing weight; who wouldn’t want this valuable advice when wanting to establish healthier habits and eliminating sabotaging eating patterns altogether? Choose from customized menu options or an EZ list of foods for quick combining and start losing weight quickly.

Activity handbook

This part of the program will give you rock solid advice on what exercises you should do for your body type. Including workouts for those who hit the gym as well as those who would rather work out at home, it is so effective that you could use this section of the program alone and still see measurable results. Perhaps the best part of this section is that you only need one hour a week—cumulatively—to incorporate these exercises into your busy lifestyle, so there are no excuses for not implementing them.

Motivation handbook

Who doesn’t need a little motivation to stay on the straight and narrow every now and then? The short, motivational exercises to do on a regular basis will help you to transform your negative and limited thinking, to cast off your own self-imposed limitations, and help you reach your goals quickly and easily. It will help you move through tough times and stick with it, even when you experience setbacks and adversity that could have caused you to give up before. These real life skills for blasting through negativity and limitations can be taken with you into every other part of your life, making you more motivated and successful.

Pros of the program

Many participants of the Two Week Diet program have reported results, and while different people report varying experiences, most cite positive changes in their lives that can be sustained long term. Some of the positive aspects of the program are:

  • Instant access after purchasing the course—upon payment, you will have instant access to all aspects of the program via email; you can capitalize on your excitement by getting started on your program right away without delay. For those that are not so tech-savvy, the PDF files can be downloaded and printed for later reference and use. Do what works for you.
  • Suitable for almost anyone. Almost anyone can follow the diet tips and advice contained in the program; if you don’t have a host of allergies or diet restrictions, you will be able to put together suitable meal plans for use on the program. Modifications exist for movement and exercise as well; finding the perfect balance of proper nutrition and exercise that works for you and your body will ensure that you can stay on track for long lasting success.
  • It has comprehensive nutrition information so you can make informed choices about food. Flatt’s nutrition background helps provide solid advice and tips on what to eat, when to eat, and why to eat, so you can leave the guesswork about nutrition behind.
  • It provides a wealth of information about your body and how it works. Helping you to understand how and why your body works will help you to make informed choices about your diet, your workout plan, and your overall lifestyle.
  • The program provides cutting edge information on how to lose belly fat—and keep it off for good. Everyone is going to want to get their hands on this information once they see your tangible results.
  • Comprehensive workout plans help to enhance your results. In fact, this aspect of the program is so complete in and of itself that if you were to implement it alone, you would still see lasting results. Looking and feeling better is finally within your reach with a sustainable program that you can fit into your busy schedule.
  • This is one of few programs out there that comes with a money back guarantee. Flatt is so convinced in the sustainability of his program that he offers a sixty day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Even if YOU fail, you get your money back; it’s a no risk venture, so you have nothing to lose.
  • This is not a crash diet—while it delivers fast results, it truly teaches you sustainable ways of losing weight and keeping it off, allowing you to build the health and the healthy lifestyle that you’ve been wanting for so long.

The Cons

With any weight loss and fitness program, there are bound to be aspects of the program that are difficult to implement. In order to achieve success with this program, you must be willing to participate in all aspects of it. Cutting corners, cheating while on the diet plan, or failing to keep yourself accountable and motivated will yield less than desirable results, helping to contribute to yet another failure. If you want true and lasting changes that will allow you to live the life you dream of, you need to implement all the steps in the program.

There are no videos included with the program; for those who struggle with reading and comprehending information, it will be difficult to dig into the meat and potatoes of the program to extract what you need for success. Experiencing success on this program is being willing to get through all of the material and design a program that works for you on every level. While weight loss will be quick, there will be no shortcuts to long term success on this program.

Does The 2 Week Diet Actually Work?

The 2 Week Diet has a proven track record of success; thousands of happy customers attest to the fact that it has changed their life in significant and beneficial ways. Tips and advice in this program are invaluable, to the extent that you are motivated to use them and develop a healthy life plan that incorporates new habits into daily living. The fact that you can get almost immediate results by beginning to implement the diet and exercise strategies is enough to keep most people motivated and experiencing daily success that compound on themselves for lasting weight loss. With the 2 Week Diet program, you will not have to workout for hours at a time; you’ll get clear and concise meal plans to follow, and you will receive tips and advice on how to keep yourself motivated when those temptations and tough days threaten to derail your hard work. Two weeks is a short time to explore and uncover successful new habits and a lean, healthier body that can take you places. The program’s reasonable claims of 6-15 pounds of belly fat in two weeks is absolutely attainable, provided you are willing to stick to the plan and make a few changes. You are worth it!