Claude Davis is the author of The Lost Book of Remedies. A lot of the information was obtained from the journal of his grandfather while he was treating World War II soldiers. The author wrote this book because he believes if these facts are not shared, they will cease to exist. The remedies in the book have been passed down through numerous generations by the elders.

The Valuable Information Contained in The Lost Book of Remedies

You have two different options for purchasing this book. One is a hardcover book, the other as a digital download. Both options contain the exact same information. The benefits of the digital download include immediate access to all of the information in addition to the ability to download the book onto your computer. You can also install The Lost Book of Remedies on your tablet or smartphone.

The advantage is you will be able to read the book from any location at the time of your choosing. If you buy the hardcover book, you will also receive the downloadable version. The package includes two separate bonuses. One book is a guide to medicine necessary to survive a disaster. The other will show you how to grow a garden using an extremely small space. Both of the bonus books offer excellent information.

You will receive a money-back guarantee with your purchase. Online support is available directly through Claude Davis if you have any questions. You will be taught how to use plants or herbs to cure numerous common health issues and conditions. Some of these remedies are more effective than traditional medication. In most cases, traditional medicine uses a laboratory to simulate real plants.

The use of a lab means chemicals not found in natural plants are being used. Claude Davis explains all of this information. He also includes treatments for bleeding, burns, inflammation, fever and more. He teaches you what to add to the food you consume to increase the health benefits. This information will be useful for everyone. The bottom line is you will receive a lot of information regarding plants and herbs.

You will learn how to find these plants all around you. The author describes the climate each plant grows in and where you can locate everything. Certain plants are only found in North America while others will only grow in prairies. The author covers a wide variety of topics from the minor to the extreme including specific plants believed to help prevent cancer.

You will be provided with information regarding certain very useful natural ingredients. You will be shown how to use ingredients such as red beak powder, hawthorn tree berries, angry bear paw, log man’s mending fur and numerous others. The Lost Book of Remedies shows you the techniques you will need to grow medicinal plants and herbs for improving your overall health.

Step by step instructions are provided regarding the process necessary for growing medicinal plants and herbs to use during times of illness. According to the author, these plants have the power to treat any issues from the roots. The book includes a list of anti-inflammatory herbs and plants. You will learn how to grow them for the treatment of cuts and wounds. These medicines will also help relieve your pain.

One of the most essential remedies is the marshmallow plant. This should be included in your plants due to the antiviral properties. The book will show you how to use the roots and flowers of this plant for the treatment of health problems and illnesses. The Lost Book of Remedies is a guide for keeping numerous infections at bay including hepatitis A, C and B, flu and herpes.

The remedies the book will teach you are capable of slowing the growth of bacteria. This will assist you in fighting the free radicals found in your body.

The Purpose of the Book

The author believes this book is just as important for your home as placing locks on your doors to keep you safe and having smoke detectors and fire extinguishers readily available. This book contains the information your great grandmother or grandfather may have tried to teach you. These are ancient remedies used by your ancestors to help them fight off diseases and illnesses so they could thrive.

The book is like a link to the information most likely lost to your family generations ago. Some of this information was written down and passed on. Unfortunately, a lot of the information did not survive the passing of time. The book will show you how to identify healing herbs and plants in nature, the best way to harvest them, how to transform the ingredients into a cure and so much more.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a survival guide for optimizing your health and living well naturally. One of the biggest draws of this book is the uniqueness. The information is different than what you will find in the natural programs currently available on the market. The book does not focus on the latest trends such as essential oils or the healthiest ingredients everyone should be consuming.

Claude Davis will take you from your backyard to all over the world. He will teach you about the remedies you probably were not even aware of. Some of them may even be right in your backyard. You will learn how to make natural remedies from ingredients located in numerous areas including:

  • Woodlands and forests
  • Nationwide plants
  • Shrubs and trees
  • Backyard weeds
  • Household remedies
  • Water, tropical and coastal plants
  • Wild plants found in the great plains
  • Medicinal yard weeds

The book contains roughly three hundred pages of natural ingredients. The type of illnesses and health concerns the information in this book will help you with is extensive. This includes cognitive issues, high blood pressure, snake bites, indigestion, mental illnesses, bleeding and more. The book will show you how to treat, improve, alleviate or cure these issues and illnesses.

The Lost Book of Remedies has been compared to finding an ancient book lost for thousands of years and completely forgotten about. The only modern aspect of this book is that it is available in digital form. All you have to do to begin learning is to purchase the book and download it using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. If you are not comfortable using these devices, you can purchase the physical book.

A Synopsis of the Plants and Remedies

The book is so comprehensive, it is not possible to describe every detail in just one review. What is possible is providing a synopsis of what you will be taught for each category including the rather extensive list of ingredients.

The Woodlands and Forests: The category for woodlands and forests encompasses a wide range of plants and herbs. This includes bloodroot, cardinal flowers, golden root, Spanish moss, club moss, bottle gourd, hardy kiwi, juniper berries, unicorn root and a lot more. All of these ingredients are completely natural.

Of course, you can find these plants in woodlands and forests. The author gives you more than just information about the ingredients. You will be provided with instructions for using each ingredient, exactly what you need to look for, recipes, benefits, warnings, etc.

Tropical, Coastal and Water Loving Plants: All you need to do to learn what cocoplum, hops, cattails, watercress, cranberries and more can do to improve your health is take a trip to the coast. This category contains a thorough breakdown of what you need to know for the identification, growth and harvesting of these plants so you can use the ingredients to benefit your health.

Backyard Weeds: This category was written to be a guide to survival using your own backyard. The author will clearly show you which plants and herbs you should be growing in your backyard. You will learn the right way to grow and harvest all of your ingredients. The author tells you the best way to use your ingredients for medicinal purposes including what plants to use for the treatment of each illness.

The plants covered in this section include chamomile, dill, chickweed, plantain, St. John’s wort, aloe vera, couch grass, cabbage, lemon verbena and stinging nettle.

Household Remedies: This is one of the most unique sections in The Lost Book of Remedies. This is because instead of simply providing you with an ingredients list, the author breaks down the actual recipes. You will be given instructions for the treatment of numerous conditions such as acne, bedsores, poisoning and jock itch.

Trees and Shrubs: This section will teach how to make cures and natural remedies using ingredients such as bayberry, ash, dogwood, black crowberry, sage, balsam fur and elderberry. Claude Davis offers the same information for growing, identifying and harvesting these plants as he does for the other sections.

The Wild Plants Found in the Great Plains: You will need to take a trip to the great plains to find certain ingredients. This includes common flax, anise hyssop and sweet grass. You will be shown how to identify the plants, the best uses for them, how to harvest them and the ways you can use them as a nutritional supplement for your diet.

Nationwide Plants: These plants include chives, feverfew, lady’s thumb, peppermint, duckweed and goosefoot. You will be shown how to use these plants you can find all over the world.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a lot of benefits to using The Lost Book of Remedies. This includes learning how to help fight diseases such as cancer and tumors by using a variety of flowers and trees. You will learn how to improve nearly all risks to your health naturally. One of the bonuses is a medicine guidebook for every disaster. All of the information you will need to protect yourself from potential health risks is in this bonus book.

Every single remedy discussed in the book is medically proven, tested and 100 percent original. None of these recipes will cause side effects. You can also help eliminate the harmful chemical substances and toxins from your body by using these recipes. You will receive a money-back guarantee so any concerns you have regarding the effectiveness of this book are assuaged.

The only real disadvantage is good internet access is necessary for reading this book. If this is an issue, you can purchase a physical copy of the book.

The Inevitable Conclusion

The Lost Book of Remedies contains handy and safe information you will not find anywhere else. You can pass this book down through generations so these plants and herbs will always be remembered and used. The recipes do not have any side effects so they will not cause you any harm. They can result in an improvement to your health and well being.

You do not need to understand gardening or botany to use the information in this book because the author explains everything in detail. If you are not happy with your purchase, you have a money-back guarantee. The bonuses accompanying the book will add even more value to your purchase. You can use the information for your health and the health of the people you love.