Those who frequent weight loss and body building forums have likely heard significant buzz about a new, natural pound-shedding regiment that’s hit the market: the Red Tea Detox. Red tea, also known as Rooibos, is an herb naturally high in antioxidants that are correlated with regulating blood sugar, fat production, and metabolic disorders.

What’s the History of Red Tea?

According to avid tea drinkers, the red tea compound is an open secret in many African communities that’s touted to burn a pound of fat every 72 hours. Liz Swann Miller, the author and creator of a commonly used Red Tea program, claimed that she lost over 14 pounds of fat after consuming the tea for several weeks. After continually discovering the benefits of Red Tea, Miller decided she couldn’t keep the secret all to herself anymore.

Liz Swann Miller recalls how she originally heard of Red Tea. After many unsuccessful weight loss attempts, she finally got fed up enough to head to the heart of Central Africa in order to speak with a Shaman. Soon enough, Miller headed back to America to speak about the cognitive, digestive, metabolic, and health benefits of sustained Red Tea drinking.

Most critics want to know, just how successful is the Red Tea Detox at enabling consumers to drop pounds of fat? Are there any other benefits to regularly drinking Rooibos and are there any potentially negative health impacts associated with long time use?

How Does the Red Tea Detox Work?

The Red Tea Detox program lasts fourteen days in total. During this time period, users may expect to lose up to fourteen pounds. Though much of the weight lost constitutes water weight that’s quickly regained after the detox, biometric analysis tests reveal that Red Tea can help shed and keep pounds of fat off the body.

Most importantly – this detox program never requires that the avid health nut fasts for extensive periods of time. Users should strive to drink the red tea mixture up to three times per day with light meals and treats.

No matter how the user prefers their tea, hot or iced rooibos is equally effective at promoting the weight loss benefits many are seeking out. Those who dislike tea can mix the red tea into smoothies, protein shakes, or other hot drinks and mushy foods.

Over the course of the two weeks, harmful toxins that get trapped in the body are slowly released. Through excising these insoluble compounds, users suddenly find that they can both lose weight and shrink existing fat cells. By reducing stress oxidation and relieving poor moods, red tea might reduce the role of mood disorders in weight retention.

Users might notice that their voracious appetite lessens considerably as they continue to drink the tea. It’s no secret that one of hardest aspects of sustainable weight loss is the appeal of sugar and fat. Through regulating blood sugar dips, users will find that they don’t have wild fluctuations in both their mood and energy throughout the course of the day.

Unlike other detox programs, the Red Tea Detox isn’t based on hokey science or flimsy claims. Rooibos has been consumed in Africa for centuries and is a beloved drink all across the world, owing to its status as a renowned health supplement.

Red Tea is chock full of antioxidants that may protect against cancer, heart disease, and stroke, in addition to supporting weight loss regiments. Liz Swann Miller states that users can repeat the two week detox as often as possible, though it’s advisable that tea drinkers take brakes between their sessions.

Just what are the benefits of red teas like rooibos?

Rooibos is a term interchangeable with red tea or red bush tea. Extracted from the Aspalanthus linearis shrub, rooibos grows wild along the western coast of South Africa and in regions of Central Africa.

Often confused with black or green tea, rooibos is a completely unrelated extract that is crafted through a delicate fermentation process. Rooibos gains its deep, remarkable red color through gradual oxidation during this chemical transformation.

After fermenting for several weeks, Rooibos gains the qualities that make it an excellent health and wellness supplement. Unlike green tea, rooibos is free from natural stimulants, such as caffeine. This doesn’t mean that red tea doesn’t boost concentration and mood, either. Rather, Rooibos helps users to sustain active, energetic lifestyles and its consumption is highly correlated with improved exercise performance.

Rooibos is distinct from green and black tea in that it has lower tannin concentrations as well. Tannins interfere with the body’s absorption of necessary nutrients like iron, reducing the risk of long term health issues such as anemia.

Red Tea features a unique blend of antioxidants that protect cells from damage by free radicals. Long term tea drinking is associated with reduced risk of chronic illnesses. One small study stated that frequent red tea drinking resulted in the blood level of antioxidants rising by 2.9 percent in participants.

Aside from cancer and heart disease, Rooibos can act as a protective agent against the causes of Diabetes II. All of these benefits owe to the strong antioxidant, fluoride, and low tannin levels found in red tea that are totally distinct from other more common teas.

As always, more longitudinal studies are needed to show the relationship between red tea consumption and long term health impacts. Rooibos lovers swear by the tea’s ability to improve a whole myriad of chronic health issues and act as a protective factor against developing problems.

Potential Drawbacks to the Red Tea Detox program

Users should make sure to consult with their physicians or primary care doctors before undergoing lengthy tea detox treatments. Many of the irritations of the Red Tea detox are not limited to the specific program itself, but are inherent qualities of any detox regiment.

Some red tea drinkers reported that they had issues in the beginning of their treatments, only for most problems to sort themselves out within 24 to 48 hours. Like any new weight loss program, the body may first have to adjust to dietary changes in order for the consumer to be comfortable.

Those with issues most often reported diarrhea, mild abdominal discomfort, cramps, and the occasional nausea. More worryingly, avid tea drinkers may experience electrolyte imbalance since going to the bathroom more often means that the body contains less fluids. Dehydration poses a significant risk in most detox programs.

Rooibos may cause harmful interactions with certain prescription and over the counter medications that users ingest. Frequent diarrhea may decrease the efficacy of important medications as they rush through the body without being properly absorbed. If diarrhea persists for more than 24 hours, users may want to consider stopping their red tea regiment and start exploring other options.

However, unlike caffeinated teas, very few users report anxiety, restlessness, headaches, or inability to fall asleep at night. Rooibos is less likely to cause high heart rates and headaches because it lacks the sometimes overpowering influence of green, white, and black teas.

What does the Red Tea Detox program offer?

Many users are curious why they should buy in the Red Tea Detox when picking up a box of Rooibos tea at the local grocery store is an instant option. After all, once consumers get a gist of how to complete the detox, why get the special handbook?

Liz Swann Miller would answer this question by stating that the Red Tea Detox is a holistic program that seeks to uproot the underlying causes of many persistent health conditions, including but not limited to weight loss. With over five years of research under her belt, Miller has sought to explain the scientific research underlying the regiment in addition to providing helpful secrets that enhance the weight-burning properties of rooibos.

After a one time payment, customers will gain access to a fully fleshed out fourteen day meal plan that could maximize the benefits of red tea drinking. The Detox includes a whole host of helpful materials: guide books, exercise videos, academic research, motivational pamphlets and much more.

However, every customer should be aware that they aren’t receiving a special red tea packet in the mail. All the Detox program contains are instructional materials and no actual sample of the tea. Instead, Miller includes the exact ingredients that are necessary for crafting the special Red Tea blend that dates back to Shamanic traditions from ancient Africa.

Most users have cited great benefit from all the instructional packets included with the all-in-one detox program. However, many have bought Miller’s guides only to be ultimately disappointed by the lack of validity to her claims, her unwillingness to name the specific tribes she learned from, and confusion over how to effectively use the materials.

Concerningly, some of Miller’s claims lack validation by scientific experts. None of her materials have been tested by unaffiliated, third party organizations that could vet the truthfulness of Miller’s personal story and weight loss promises.

As of 2019, no peer reviewed clinical data has been published about Miller’s Red Tea recipes or paired weight loss programs. In the end, it’s up to the individual consumer whether or not they trust Liz’s story and her passionate dedication to weight loss.

Despite the lack of scientific reviews, there are a wealth of customer reviews online that boast Miller’s program works. Many report that they’ve lost significant amounts of weight by pairing the Red Tea Detox with sensible changes to their diet and exercise. The only way to find out if the program truly works is if a customer decides to test it out themselves and remains committed to the regime for some length of time.

What’s the Verdict?

At the end of the day, Miller is never wishy-washy about what her educational and video materials offer. Though success is not guaranteed, some users have backed up her claims that pounds of fat were shed through drinking red tea consistently.

Red Tea contains less of the potentially harmful ingredients found in green, black, and white teas that contain higher levels of tannins and caffeine. According to experts, red tea may be a less risky long term health solution than other comparable tea detox health regiments. Scientifically, it’s well established that rooibos consumption is linked to better heart health, bone density, antioxidant blood levels, and decreased risk of developing chronic health conditions.

Whether or not a customer believes Miller’s story, it may be worth it to shell out the nearly $40 for insider secrets into long term weight loss success.

A Short List of The Pros and Cons


  • Relies on the scientific evidence that has touted red tea as a healthy drink for over fifty years
  • Could help customers shed pounds of fat and shrink existing fat cells
  • Reduces the risk of chronic health conditions, like cancer, Diabetes II, and common seasonal illnesses
  • Completely caffeine free
  • Removes harmful toxins from the body that impede weight loss results
  • Includes booklets, video guides, exercise videos, and motivational pamphlets to support Red Tea detox participants on their health journey


  • Miller’s materials have never been verified by a third party scientific research group
  • There is no guarantee of quick or consistent weight loss results
  • No Red Tea is provided with the purchase of the Red Tea Detox product