Prior to writing TMJ No More, Sandra Carter was a health consultant, nutrition specialist, therapist, researcher and TMJ sufferer. She suffered for twelve years due to this disease while she searched for a cure. She created this program to help with the symptoms of this disorder such as teeth clenching, hearing loss, sinus pain, locked jaw, teeth grinding and pain.

The TMJ No More Program

If you are among the many individuals who have woken up at some point during the night and realized you had been clenching your teeth together so tightly it was painful, you are probably suffering from TMJ. TMJ is an abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint disorder. There are millions of individuals across the globe who are suffering from this medical disorder.

There is no doubt being woken up because your teeth are clenched together so tightly is painful at the very least. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of long-term issues often resulting from TMJ. TMJ No More is an eBook offering you a system that will probably be able to provide the help you need. The book was written as a guide to help you navigate through everything you need to know about your condition.

You will learn how to permanently eliminate your TMJ disorder so you can put the issue in the past where it belongs. This will enable you to live a much happier life. Once you have resolved your condition, your self-esteem will increase so you will feel more comfortable all of the time. TMJ No More is an excellent program created for both bruxism and TMJ.

The book will provide the help you require to cure this issue permanently and holistically. You will no longer have to cope with using prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. The program is offering you the necessary relief to prevent any more damage to your jaw or teeth so you can sleep peacefully through the entire night.

This is an excellent guide to help you understand TMJ and learn how to eliminate your condition while allowing you to live freely without the suffering you may have become somewhat accustomed to. If you do not take all of the steps required to correct your condition, it can become debilitating as time passes. When you receive the proper help, your condition can be effectively cured.

If you are suffering from TMJ, the book provides you with a variety of diets and exercises. This is one of the most comprehensive and thorough books ever written about this condition. None of the other guides available on the current market contain anywhere near as much information about the subject. The book teaches you everything from the best possible procedures for treatment to how TMJ is diagnosed.

You will learn how to eliminate all of the symptoms responsible for your suffering by curing your disorder permanently. The reviews for TMJ No More have been good with numerous individuals praising the eBook every single day.

Everything Included with the TMJ No More Package

You will need to purchase the book in a PDF format you can easily download. You can use your mobile device or laptop to download the files so they will be both portable and convenient. The moment your purchase has been completed, you will be able to download the book. The time of day or night is irrelevant. Three bonus books will be included with your purchase. These are:

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation and Yoga: The book contains 46 pages.
  • Secrets to Sleeping Soundly: The book contains 57 pages.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation: The book contains 59 pages.

Sandra Carter is not the author of any of these bonus books. Despite this, they are a nice fit with the general theme of her book. This is because individuals with TMJ experience a lot of suffering. Stress management offers these individuals the help they usually require. The actual TMJ No More book is filled with 192 pages. There is extremely little in the way of fluff or filler in the book.

The contents of the book are extremely solid as opposed to the numerous books filling their pages by offering you other products. The author has based this book on helping her readers with a solution to the issue of TMJ. Finding a solution for TMJ is difficult because the cause remains unknown and the condition is not completely understood.

The majority of physicians treat TMJ using medications for muscle relaxation, steroids and pain medications you can purchase over-the-counter. While some individuals see some improvement with these methods, others do not. When Sandra Carter was suffering from TMJ, her search for help led to the discovery of the methods she explains in TMJ No More. The book is extremely thorough and includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Understanding TMJ
  • Chapter Two: Curing TMJ with a three-step holistic treatment
  • Chapter Three: TMJ and related disorders
  • The therapies you should consider for treating your TMJ

The first chapter consists of roughly fifty pages. This is a discussion of the temporomandibular disorder, the general diagnosis, symptoms and treatment. If you think you may have this condition, you should be diagnosed by your physician prior to using the methods in this book. The first chapter talks about all of the different causes of this condition and the most common causes have been listed by the author.

The book will enable you to diagnose yourself if you are indeed suffering from TMJ. The lengthiest chapter in the book is the second one. At approximately 100 pages, this chapter is approximately half of the entire book. The chapter reveals numerous different solutions you can try to receive relief from your condition. The author shows you eleven different exercises that may be of help.

You should not have any difficulty performing any of these exercises since they do not require any special equipment and are very easy to execute. All of the exercises are described extremely well. The book includes graphics to make certain you understand exactly how to perform these exercises. As you continue reading this chapter, you will be shown some of the most common habits that may contribute to or cause TMJ.

You will learn how to break any of these habits you possess. TMJ No More teaches you how important minimizing your stress is for your condition. You will be shown the steps you need to take to make certain your body is receiving an adequate amount of quality sleep. Sandra Carter recommends making some changes in your diet. This includes consuming certain foods containing specific nutrients.

The author believes these foods may benefit individuals with TMJ. The book encourages you to eliminate certain foods because chewing them can be difficult. This will help eliminate any additional pain. The third chapter of TMJ No More discusses several disorders related to this condition. This includes fibromyalgia and whiplash. You will learn the best ways to handle these conditions.

The fourth and final chapter of the book discusses a few additional therapies. If you have not been completely successful with the methods previously discussed in the book, you may want to give some thought to these methods. The end of the book contains a helpful appendix. This is where you will find the glossary of terms if you are not well familiarized with not only TMJ but the related conditions as well.

The book is both thorough and well written without being too technical. If you are suffering from TMJ, there is a good chance the tips for relieving stress, the suggestions for quality sleep and the exercises will be extremely helpful. These methods can help with your symptoms or even cure TMJ in some cases. Either way, the book is helpful if the other methods you have tried have not been successful.

The Advantages of the Program

TMJ No More offers you a wide range of benefits. This includes:

• The Scientific Proof: There is substantial evidence pointing to the fact dietary and lifestyle changes and exercising can help improve this condition. The majority of dentists will not immediately recommend having surgery. According to the testimonials, most individuals recommend using the holistic methods detailed in the book prior to deciding if the information is worthwhile for their specific needs.

• The Potential Improvement: If there is no improvement in your condition after trying the methods outlined in TMJ No More, you still have enough time for your dentist to recommend either surgery or a splint. This book is a good option if you do not want to attempt a cure using either invasive methods or surgery.

• The Medical Terms: There are explanations included for every medical term you will find in the book. These explanations ensure understanding terms in the book that may be unclear are easy to understand as you come across them.

• The Layman’s Terms: TMJ is classified as a medical condition. This means there will be medical terminology you need to understand. The author has written the book using layman’s terms to ensure the guide has a structure you are able to understand without any difficulties.

• The Detailed Pictures: Unlike so many of the available eBooks, TMJ No More offers numerous high quality, colored pictures. The author has effectively demonstrated all of the exercises. This provides you with a visual aid to ensure you understand exactly how to execute all of the exercises.

• The Educational Value: The book gives you the information you will need if you want to diagnose your condition. You need to realize this can be difficult to do because the disease is extremely complicated. You will have all of the information regarding every condition linked to this disorder to help with your diagnosis.

The book provides a discussion for all of the conditions inside of the guide. The potential treatments for each condition are also discussed.

• The Lifetime Updates: Unlike so many of the TMJ books, none of the information in TMJ No More is obsolete. This is because after you have made your purchase, you will consistently receive updates. This ensures the book will last for your entire life.

• Resting Easy: After you have cured your TMJ, you will have peace of mind in knowing your children will have access to treatments if they are affected by TMJ. The holistic treatments will remain effective for the future due to the updates.

• The E-Mail Support: Most authors will not provide you with free e-mail support once you have purchased their book. TMJ No More comes with three months of free support. This enables you to receive support for any questions you have. You will not have to wait for long since you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

The Final Verdict

If you are tired of looking for alternative treatments or taking pills for TMJ, your solution may be TMJ No More. The author makes recommendations for improving not just your lifestyle but the quality of your life as well. The results you receive are dependent on how many of the author’s suggestions you use. These recommendations make sense and will ultimately provide you with positive results.