The idea of a work from home business started long before the days of the Information Super Highway. However, with the advent of the Internet, it became much easier to buy, sell and create these sorts of businesses. Today, there are thousands of different things you can do online as a work from home business.

You can even sell work from home businesses to other people as a work from home business. That’s how expansive this market actually is. Though with all the many options out there, none may be as unique as a system called Wood Profits.

One might initially think from its name that it’s more of a drop shipping style of business, whereby you’re purchasing furniture from a wholesaler and then marking the price up for a profit. However, Wood Profits is a real woodworking business that takes people back to a time long before the Internet, while still using the Internet to market and sell their products.

Of all the products and ideas you’re going to find in the work from home genre, the fact is that Wood Profits is quite easily one of the most unique out there. Though in order to understand if this product is right for you, we first have to go through a detailed review and look at every conceivable aspect, with the hope that you can make a wise, informed decision about whether or not to use this product for your own potential financial gain.

What Wood Profits Actually Is

Wood Profits is a step by step guide that aims to teach users how to actually create woodworking products at home and then sell them online. If you remember those old Bob Vila shows that used to come on public-access TV many years ago, this program basically teaches you how to create shelves, furniture, frames, and much more, from start to finish.

The best part about this program might just be that it acts much more like a template for woodworking success. So, for instance, if you’re an individual who’s always wanted to get into woodworking but never learned how, this program actually teaches you everything starting with the basics. You’re going to learn a ton of templates for all sorts of items. You’ll be given a list of the tools and all the supplies you need. And so much more.

This is not being pushed on people as some sort of get rich quick scheme, to be clear. This is more for people who already appreciate woodworking, or really enjoy the idea of doing something with their hands. The way this differs from other programs is that it’s teaching people how to make tangible products with their hands, and then training them on how to market and sell those goods.

To this end, this isn’t as simple as most programs, when it comes to reselling it or doing something digitally. You’re most certainly going to need to invest in the tools and other materials, have space enough to work, and even space enough to store your items until which point they can be sold to your customers.

Though Jim Morgan’s program goes well beyond simply building the wooden items. You will also learn how to handle legal issues and paperwork associated with selling real items, including how to file paperwork. You’ll also be given a guide for marketing, business management, and obtaining customers in the niche. Another great part is that Morgan also provides you with an entire business strategy, which also includes guides to hiring employees to help, and creating an honest, tangible small business model that sustains itself.

Who Is Jim Morgan?

For all intents and purposes, Jim Morgan was just an ordinary, everyday guy in the mid-1990s. However, in 1995, he created a method by which people could learn woodworking at home. He quickly expanded this guide out and updated it for the future of online businesses, whereby he included all of the legal information, stuff about marketing and growing a business, etc.

So this isn’t some new, flash in the pan program that’s thrown out there by affiliates trying to exploit money from individuals. Wood Profits is actually a fairly old business model that has been shown time and again to be successful, and Jim Morgan is known as the architect of the tangible woodworking-from-home business genre, as there are now many imitators but nothing that’s rated as highly with users as Jim’s original model.

One of the best aspects about Jim’s program is that it has been consistently updated for years now. You get hundreds upon hundreds of ready-made templates and blueprints that are going to teach you how to create something great from scratch. And other than the cost of tools and materials, this is perhaps one of the most affordable programs you can purchase online.

What Wood Profits Offers

One of the most commonly recurring talking points you can find when people talk about Wood Profits is all the many benefits and features that come along with the program. There are tons of different benefits to this program, if, of course, you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind working with their hands to create a tangible, real small woodworking business.

Here are some of the things that you’re going to get with Wood Profits.

  • Over 500 Blueprints: This is a program that will teach you how to make a very long list of wooden items. Even if you’ve never made anything before, and have no idea how to create items from wood, this program is delivering to you over 500 blueprints that will teach you how to make wooden items, start to finish. One of the best parts about these blueprints is that they show you how to invest very little money but actually turn a large profit by selling your finished product for a huge markup.
  • Supply Guide: Saws, files, specialized tools, glues, hardware, benches and more are all required in order to build woodworking projects. You don’t have to go through a litany of resources to figure out what you’re going to need with this program. Wood Profits will provide to you every bit of information you need, so that you know exactly what to buy, and just as importantly, exactly what to avoid so you’re not unnecessarily wasting money.
  • Marketing Guide: Another solid aspect of this program is that it gives you a complete step by step guide on not only how to build your items, but also on how to sell them. What do you say to people who may want to buy your items? This program gives you a verbatim guide on exactly what to say to people in order to market, with all the woodworking lingo customers are looking for when deciding on whether to invest in your items or not.
  • Craft Secrets: In a business like this, it’s not always enough to build and sell woodworking items. You need to know some insider information to help you build better items and sell them to more people. Wood Profits offers you a comprehensive Craft Secrets guide, that was designed with the intent to help you build better items and sell them to a lot more people.
  • Real Furniture Guide: One of the items you can build for relatively cheap that has a huge profit margin is furniture. Coffee and end tables, book shelves, night stands, and more are all relatively affordable to make, easy to craft, but have huge price tags that alone can make your business highly profitable. Wood Profits will teach you how to make high-end furniture for a very low price tag.
  • Porcupine Theory: This is a business theory that will teach you how to build a repeat customer base that’s actually very hot on your products and will only look to you to sell them. You can use this sort of technique to theoretically become another business’s supply line, so you have a steady stream of business, and they’re actually the ones taking on the burden of selling everything on their end. And there are multiple other uses of this theory.
  • Personal Coaching: Jim Morgan is not simply the creator of some work from home woodworking program. He actually runs his own business, and he’s more than happy to lend you his services for personal one on one coaching. He has a fantastic reputation online of helping out everyone who buys his product, for any sort of coaching they need.
  • Builder Tips: While this program is most likely to attract people who already have woodworking experience, it’s not something you need to have to start building and selling. This interactive program will give you all the blueprints and building tips you need to start from scratch while making quality items.

Who is Wood Profits For?

This is a program that’s actually good for anyone of any skill level. As mentioned above, it’s likely going to appeal to people who have a little bit of experience with woodworking and marketing. After all, it’s a very specialized niche. However, if you truly want to start a woodworking business, Wood Profits is a guide that will help you start to finish.

So this means that you can start from no knowledge at all and use this program to learn how to build items out of wood and how to market them to a very specific woodworking niche of customers.

Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for more detailed information to decide whether or not Wood Profits is the right program for you, let’s take a look at some of the positives and potential negatives of this program, to help you better understand what’s included here.


  • Over 500 complete woodworking blueprints
  • An entire marketing guide to target the exact niche of customers you need for sales
  • A helpful guide for entrepreneurs to start a real, profitable business
  • Very easy to follow instructions that can teach anyone how to work with wood
  • One on one coaching from the creator of the program
  • Not a very technical program; everything is very straightforward and friendly
  • Discover a ton of new customers with tailored marketing language
  • Program is a lot more affordable than you may realize


  • Everything is basically in eBook and audio format
  • You’ll need some level of experience if you want to get started quickly
  • Overhead costs for materials might be a bit much if you’re building high-end stuff
  • You still have to deal with storage and shipping


When you take Wood Profits for what it is, it ends up being one of the only work from home programs available online that teaches you, start to finish, how to open and operate a successful, tangible business. It doesn’t deal in reselling anything or getting people to click ads. It’s 100% about building impressive items with wood and selling them to a hungry niche market.

This is a program that’s open for beginners, but ideal for people who have woodworking experience. The startup costs are fairly low, while the profit margin is incredibly high. If you’re willing to put in the work, Wood Profits might be a great program to try out.