No matter your financial state, relationship status, or current life walk- we all face troubles. There are dark times in life where we feel like something is holding us back. Sinking into a slump with a sense of hopelessness is a circumstance we all find ourselves in during one time or another. It can be hard to mentally focus to escape this. While grief, hardship, and other negative situations can impact us directly, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Michael Tsering created the Yantra Manifestation for people who are facing such challenges. He decided to put together a course and share the wisdom that changed his own life. This teaches individuals how to harness their inner strength and break free from heavy chains. Once you do, you will see improvements in your life that you didn’t feel could exist for the time being. You deserve to have that heaviness lifted and you are the one with the power to do it!

About Michael Tsering

Michael Tsering describes himself as a Spiritual Seeker who has studied various aspects of spirituality on his own accord. Because of the power he discovered in soul-searching, he vowed his life mission to help others manifest the reality of their dreams. Letting his passion show through, he combined the essence of what he has learned in his teachings. While he has found sublime truths in his walk, one has his devoted attention.

He specializes in the study of Yantra, which is an ancient symbol found in old Indian teachings. This ancient diagram was used in the past for worship purposes but is now widely used in meditation. By researching and utilizing the power of the Yantra, Tsering has unlocked his potential, expanding his horizons spiritually. He claims it has strengthened his health, mind, and life circumstances thanks to this knowledge. Because of this, he would like to help others do the same.

All About Yantra Manifestation

Yantra is an extremely powerful spiritually abundant resource that aids in the manifestation of a better existence. By assisting your mind to create healthier thought patterns and redirect your programmed ways of thinking, it can create miracles. It provides you with the tools to train you to recognize the flow of your subconscious and bring to the forefront necessary transitions.

By stimulating your brain with positive waves, changing your chemistry from the inside out, you can produce tangible real-life changes to the way you manage life. It is designed to help you not only manifest your heart’s desires but to maintain them as well. This was not meant to be a one-time cure-all, but a lifestyle transformation for lifelong results.

It trains you how to rewire your brain to align with your positive nature and life purpose. Once you apply the changes by learning how, your life will follow suit, creating a much more positive existence for you. Once you learn to banish negative thinking, you will stop projecting this negativity in your life. Ultimately, what you allow to flow through your mind, you attract.

If you want to focus on your financial state to improve your overall wealth, you absolutely can! If you want to improve your mental state to get out of a horrific depression, this is the key. If you want to learn how to maintain a healthy balance between the various components of your life without becoming overwhelmed by your schedule, this will do nothing but help!

How Does the Program Work?

The Yantra Manifestation guide is a wonderful way to help you manifest the circumstances in your life that you desire. By having a firm understanding of your wants and needs, you can implement them into your life. Our brains are sometimes prone to negative thoughts. This manifestation tool allows us to look past the negativity to live the positive way you were meant to.

The Universe follows a basic pattern which is referred to as the Golden ratio. This applies to every person and thing. This can teach you how to harness your inner power with sacred geometrical teachings. Once you can embrace the core values of what it means to truly manifest more, more you will receive.

This helps you to achieve mental wellness and emotional strength. By creating a spiritual fountain of happiness in your every day, you will be better suited to attract the things you need in life. In addition to the mental changes, it will create a big turnaround for your physical reality as well. Anything you implement in revamping your brain will transfer to the material world. This manifestation tool allows you to notice results in just 24 hours!

Program Features

From the full sacred geometry system, you will listen to audio tracks to aid you in yantra manifestation. It will help you to relax the stressors in your life so that you can listen to the messages of the universe and align with your soul purpose. It comes in two individualized components.

· Sri Yantra Manifestation Guide:

This audio course is designed to help you learn and maintain the balance between success and everyday life at the same time. It will help you train yourself to achieve what you most desire in your successes while having an appropriate time for your emotional wellbeing.

· Complete Sacred Geometry Audio Code:

This feature comes with five audio tracks for optimal meditation purposes. It is designed to help you find a calm center and relaxed mental state to improve your life. It comes with all the guided tools to help you achieve this.

The main objective is to help you attain a sense of balance and power in your overall life.

Bonus Features

It also comes with three additional bonus features to aid in success! Since meditation is such a productive tool to help you quiet chaos in your life and produce fruitful results, Tsering gives you a more than the generous supply of materials.

These three bonus features are as follows:

· The Gateway to Nirvana

This comes with five audio tracks to aid in self-awareness. These include The Voyager, Into the Light, Om Life, Blossoming of the Lotus, and Spiritual Evolution. These tracks with soothe you mentally to help you gain composure in your spiritual and physical realities.

· The Eightfold Blessing

This consists of eight enlightenment tracks to help you get in touch with your spiritual powers that may be pushed under the surface. This includes Garden of Zen, Karmic Connection and Auspicious Day along with several others. When you can mentally visualize your inner spiritual power, the more enlightened you can become!

· Private Facebook Group Lifelong Access

You can also join a private Facebook page to interact and share with others who are also taking- or have taken- the course. This can be helpful for guidance, inspiration, and motivation.

These bonus features can guide you to grasp the elements of proper meditation and how you can reap the full benefits of it. Since you have lifelong access to the Facebook page, not only can you become inspired when you first begin, you can inspire others once you achieve your own results!

Mental Benefits

Many mental benefits accompany these teachings in the Yantra Manifestation training. If you feel drawn to creating these changes in your day to day, here are some outcomes you can consider. These include:

  • The ability to harness your inner power and strength
  • Replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones to help you thrive
  • Implements ways to achieve your dreams once and for all
  • Explains the truth about yantras and meditation
  • You can retrain your brain to benefit your life
  • You can focus on wealth and wellness
  • You can focus on the specific areas you need help with most
  • You will grasp the concept of meditation so you can use it to further your spirituality

Pros and Cons

As with anything else, there are positives and negatives to any type of self-help resource. What works for one is not guaranteed to work for all. There is much that goes into how much we focus and retain given information. While this course seems like a lovely way to stimulate the change you need in your life, you need to be sure this is worthwhile!

So, what are the pros and cons of this helpful guided Yantra Manifestation course?


  • It is formulated for beginner-levels
  • It is available at a very affordable price
  • You can use at your own pace
  • Designed for at-home use
  • It is easily understood and put into practice
  • Good for multiple aspects of life
  • Includes a main course and 3 additional courses
  • Simplifies complex explanations
  • Bonus material is extensive
  • A Facebook page so you can connect with others on your journey
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Only available digitally
  • Requires internet access to download
  • Outcome results vary depending on your commitment

As you can see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. However, if you do not have internet access, this course will not be accessible to you. On other notes, this does give you a full, mindful experience on how to create your best life. What could be more beneficial than the chance to finally get the life you deserve?

Plus, Michael seems to be quite certain that his course can change the very foundation of your life as you know it. With the 60-day money-back guarantee, if you find soon after purchase this is not for you, you can get your refund! This should help to ease any concerns regarding risk. When you know your precious money is protected, it should make the decision a no-brainer. Nothing to lose, much to gain!

The Outcome

This affordable, life-changing course is a wonderful benefit to anyone serious about changing the course of their lives. Meditation is a powerful tool that has been used throughout the centuries for manifestation and mindfulness. With his comprehensive package, Tsering has put in place a wonderful guideline to help others enjoy the success he experiences himself.

If you are ready to enrich your life and escape the ruts you have found yourself in, this is a great resource for you. Not only can you enjoy the outcomes of your labor, but you can also become inspired by others who are on a similar path. When you share your successes, you can begin to take note of all of the incredible ways your life has transformed. If the Universe has been nudging you to make a change, this could very well be it!