Zoe Bray-Cotton is a transformation expert for the female body, a personal trainer, a certified yoga instructor and the author of Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets. She is experienced as a personal trainer for helping individuals lose weight and tone their bodies. The author combined her two goals of toning the female body and weight loss into the yoga program in her book.

The Concept of Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets

The author created the program to help women become happier, sexier and lighter. The program is targeting women interested in toning and tightening their bodies while losing weight. The course enables you to increase your self-esteem through the use of healthy habits and positivity. The program will guide you as you perform the workouts. Each one was created to ensure the best results for body sculpting and fat burning.

These workouts were designed to enable you to complete them in the shortest time possible. You will be using the dynamic sequencing technique. You will begin by learning the basic movements. Once you are comfortable with these movements, the intensity of the sequence is increased. The sequence will keep your body on alert. This means your body will be forced to face new challenges instead of becoming lazy.

There are three different phases in the system. The set up allows you to build your skills so the transition into the advanced workouts is seamless. You begin at the foundation. You will build in a detailed and gradual manner accessible even to complete yoga novices.

Everything Included in the Program

You can purchase the package in physical DVD’s or choose the digital download. This enables you to begin immediately without waiting for package delivery to your home. The digital format enables you to use the program in any location provided your download was on a portable device such as a laptop or smartphone. Either way, you will receive the core program in addition to numerous bonuses. You will receive:

  • The twelve-week core body shaping program including three separate phases. Each phase is for a period of four weeks including yoga video tutorials with in-depth instructions for performing the twenty poses you will be mastering. There are nine videos included.
  • You can listen to the bonus audio clips anywhere or use them for reinforcing any steps you might have missed.
  • The bonus tranquility class is optional. Zoe Bray-Cotton recommends using this program for boosting your recovery and relieving stress.
  • The immersion community is for members only. This offers access to mentoring, coaching and support while helping to keep women both accountable and motivated.
  • The program offers comradery with women with the same or similar goals. This provides friendly competitiveness to help you reach all of your goals.
  • Yoga Burn Monthly is optional DVD’s. This will teach you other types of yoga including Hatha, yoga asana, restorative yoga and Vinyasa. This is a good option if you are interested in learning more and remaining with Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets for a minimum of six months.
  • The optional bonus is not really a free bonus. You do have the option of purchasing a discounted, second copy of the program. This is a nice option for a gift to a friend.
  • The first phase is a foundational flow phase. You will learn the yoga foundation with the mind to body connection being reinforced for the later phases. You will need to master the technique for basic breathing during this phase or your progress will be severely derailed. You will not be able to use the advanced yoga poses without becoming winded until you have mastered this technique.
  • The second phase is the transitional flow phase. You will learn how to merge the poses from the first phase with the yoga postures you will learn in the second phase. This enables the creation of seamless sequences.
  • The third phase merges everything you have already learned. The intensity is increased to burn more fat and boost your metabolism.

The Details of the Flows of Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets

The three different phases contain three workout routines each for a total of nine videos. Each workout is for fifteen minutes. You will play the DVD’s on a loop to reach the workout time of 45 minutes. You will practice each phase for four weeks. You should try to finish all three workouts a minimum of once per week. On Sunday, you should perform the tranquility flow bonus workout.

This means you will be working out four days per week. You should perform a walking routine for two of the days remaining while using the last for a day of rest. There is a section that explains the right way to finish the Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets program. Do not be surprised if it takes you a little time to understand all three of the flows. The good news is this section is extremely interesting.

Once everything starts to make sense, you will understand the strategic design of the flow for each phase. You will be able to effectively reach your final goal just by taking the time to practice all of the yoga poses. This will maximize your benefits. The importance and basics of all three phases are defined below.

The Foundational Flow: The focus of this flow is to help you build your foundation within your body. This is accomplished by learning all of the basic yoga poses. This will enable you to progress and improve by shaping up your muscles while having a lot of fun. The author has provided an introductory video in addition to three workout videos. She will teach you how to perform all of the poses you will need to know.

According to the author, beginners and advanced participants will receive benefits from performing the three basic fundamentals of yoga. The best part is she pays a lot of attention to details such as when to take a breath or release your breath and avoiding confusion by connecting your mind to your body. The fact the foundational phase has a slow pace makes it effective for burning calories.

The first phase will keep you engaged by teaching you different activities for effectively stretching your muscles.

• The Transitional Flow: Once you have built a strong foundation and learned how to increase your strength and flexibility while toning your muscles, you will be able to add to what you have been taught during the first four weeks. This is where the transitional flow phase will begin. This phase includes three videos focusing on your lower body, upper body and core.

This is when you will learn how to combine all of the yoga poses you have been taught. This will enable you to have flawless transitions and a smooth rhythm between the sequences. At this stage, you should be comfortable performing the basic poses. This will help you adapt to the changes while mixing things up a bit. Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets will keep you stress-free and motivated so you do not lose your focus.

You will learn the best ways of overcoming challenges such as controlling your mind while you are transitioning from one yoga pose to the next. Once you have completed this phase you will need to pass the last test.

• The Mastery Flow: This is the most challenging phase of the entire program. You will be transforming both your body and your mind to a much higher level. You should be ready for this challenge because you will have already been working with the program for two full months. This phase was created for maximizing the impact of all of the previous DVD’s.

The final phase will help you attain the best possible level of health and look extremely pretty. You will be mixing up all of the combinations and yoga poses you were taught during the first two phases. This is an extremely aggressive compound sequence containing everything you have learned so far. You will be engaging both your lower and upper body for a significant increase in your metabolism levels.

The repetitions of the different poses will target all of your muscles. This will result in the tight and sexy physique you have always wanted. You will most likely lose several pounds during the program. Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets is a program that has actually changed lives.

Even after you have completed the main program, there is still more. You will also receive three-phase bonus videos. You can effectively use all of these bonuses during your daily routines. These videos will have an important part in your fitness drills each and every day. These videos are described below.

• The Tranquility Flow: This video runs for fifteen minutes. You will be shown how to detox, relax and restore both your mind and your body. This will enable you to prepare for the day after you have exercised. This will help you build your confidence and remain focused even after all of the efforts you have put into your workouts such as flexing your muscles. You will still be able to have a relaxing and productive day.

• Tips and Tools: This provides good material to add to your workouts. You will be provided with extremely good tips for picking just the right time for your workouts, speeding up your metabolism, keeping your state of mind balanced, choosing the ideal environment for your yoga practice, feeling both productive and relaxed after your yoga sessions and making certain you are breathing properly during your workouts.

• The Beginner Flow: This 45-minute Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets Video is exceptional. The author has created this video for beginners. She explains everything you need to know regarding all of the different yoga poses using very detailed descriptions. This will be extremely helpful when you have just begun and are going through the first two phases of the program.

• The Pose Tutorials: This is the final and most powerful component of the program. This includes extreme details for all of the 21 yoga poses so essential for this program. The author has offered a lot of value for purchasing her program. The tutorials offer numerous poses such as Warrior One, Warrior Two, Wide-Legged Forward Fold, Bridge Pose and Goddess Squat.

You will discover these poses will help you for the rest of your life. Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets is an ideal choice if you want to clean up your mistakes and redefine your stances while practicing yoga.

Final Conclusion

The Yoga Burn Her Yoga Secrets guide will enable you to understand and perform yoga. The program is your first step on the path to a happier and healthier life. You will learn how to use breathing exercises to strengthen your mind and body. Even if you have a busy schedule, performing these exercises does not require a great deal of your time.

Once you begin using the program, you will start to see results within a fairly short period of time. You will be provided with a money-back guarantee covering a period of sixty days. If you are not thrilled with the program, you can request a refund without any questions.