Described by its manufacturer as the world’s most luxurious all-natural latex mattress, the Zenhaven mattress is designed to provide a superb quality of sleep for its owners. The mattress is priced to be relatively affordable in comparison with other luxury mattresses, although it is not the least expensive product of its kind on the market. Potential customers do have the option of trying the Zenhaven out for a trial period of 120 days before deciding to purchase it. Once purchased, the mattress has a warranty of twenty years.

This review will provide customers with an in-depth guide of the Zenhaven’s features, materials, and benefits.

Basic Specifications and Features of a Zenhaven Mattress

The mattresses come in the standard bed sizes: twin, double, queen, and king. Each product has five individual layers or “zones.” The base of the Zenhaven has four zones of latex support cores with an organic layer of wool forming the fifth zone. An organic cotton cover is fitted snugly to the exterior, and provides both a solid, aesthetically pleasing framework and an additional barrier from the latex inside.

The latex itself is made from the American Talalay variety, which means that it consists of 100 percent natural rubber tree sap. No additional chemicals, such as butadiene or styrene, are used in this manufacturing process. Talalay latex is therefore different from synthetic and blended latex which often include particles of clay or other elements. These elements can stiffen the latex which can shorten its overall life.

Unlike other forms of latex, American Talalay has a more consistent cell structure which makes it very soft and adaptable to the shape of whoever might be lying upon it. This particular product has two different levels of firmness. The first is the “luxury plush” which has a hardness rating of between four to five. The second level is the “gentle firm” which has a hardness rating of between seven to eight. Each mattress comes with both firmness levels. Customers can choose their preferred level by simply flipping the mattress over.

The company that sells this product does so directly to the customer. This is extremely beneficial to both the customer and the manufacturer as it keeps prices low while maintaining a high level of quality.

While the product is designed to be soft and supportive, the edges of the actual mattress are firm enough so that a sleeper may sit or lounge without feeling as if they are off-balance or sinking.

The Low Possibility of an Allergic Latex Reaction

For those customers who have a pre-existing allergy to latex, this mattress is unlikely to cause a reaction. This is because of the 100 percent organic manufacturing process. However, each person considering buying this item may wish to consult with their trusted physician first.

Most allergies caused by latex are due to the presence of proteins, such as those found in tomatoes, bananas, and chestnuts. During the manufacturing process, a specially engineered washing process removes as many of these free proteins as possible. The presence of the outer wool layer as well as sheets, covers, and other bedding also prevents direct contact with the skin.

The American origin of the Talalay, as opposed to a European variety, ensures that the material is carefully handled and processed according to rigorous specifications. Studies have shown that the American version performs up to 10 percent better than alternates from other geographic origin points over the life of the product. This careful, methodical handling can also affect the potential number of proteins that ultimately end up in the material.

Comfort, Durability, and Flexibility All in One

Unlike other beds on the market, the Zenhaven is designed to offer its owners maximum flexibility and durability at a reasonable price. Many owners of this product have been pleased by how easy it is to change the firmness by simply turning the mattress over. The specific type of latex that is used in this bed also gives it a long life compared to other mattresses, which may use a synthetic blend that can break up more quickly or simply become uncomfortably stiff.

The softness of the bed, combined with its sturdiness, makes this product particularly ideal for those who enjoy sleeping on their sides or stomachs. The latex itself provides a very welcoming, soft core that helps soothe aching joints and eases back tension.

Most importantly, the numerous comfort zones within the mattress make it adaptable to each specific sleeper. The material within each zone is purposefully porous, and each layer has a slightly different pattern of pinholes than is featured in the layers above and below it. This helps to spread out the weight of each sleeper and minimize the wear and tear on the bed, creating a balanced, soft, yet durable mattress.

How Eco-Friendly is Zenhaven?

In addition to using the most environmentally friendly form of latex for its core components, this mattress has been carefully designed so that it produces the least amount of waste in each stage of the manufacturing process.

The environmental benefits begin with the rubber trees from which the latex is sourced. These trees help to reduce carbon dioxide by transforming it into nutrients. Additionally, the harvesting and manufacturing processes that create the American Talalay latex are performed in a way that does not create any greenhouse gases. In fact, the process actually absorbs these gases.

The New Zealand wool that makes up the fifth layer of this product is harvested in a way that is safe to the animals. No unhealthy dyes or other toxic products are used to create the fifth layer. Additionally, this wool layer acts as a natural flame retardant, and also helps reduce any moisture.

Unlike foam mattresses or those that employ a significant number of artificial components, the Zenhaven is not a source of outgassing. Customers can install this product in their home without worrying about adding any additional gasses or toxic fumes into their bedroom.

The organic cotton cover also does not produce any toxic components. It is a fabric that is designed to be highly breathable. This imparts great comfort to the sleeper and has no harmful influence on the environment.

The bed also is equipped with a special fabric known as Guardian Botanical Protection. This anti-microbial botanical fabric helps to repel and arrest bacteria and other potentially unpleasant organic compounds that might otherwise build up over the lifetime of the Zenhaven.

This product does not contain any formaldehyde, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals, ozone depleters, phthalates, or volatile organic compounds.

Who is Zenhaven is Perfect For?

Those sleepers who love a soft, comfortable bed that adheres to their body and lasts for decades will relish this mattress. The breathable outer cotton cover in combination with the meticulously engineered inner zones create a product that is not only comfortable to lie on but beautiful to behold.

Those who regularly sleep with a partner will enjoy how their sleep remains undisturbed by the movements of their companion. The material of the bed has been designed so that each motion is quickly absorbed and stilled by the underlying latex. Therefore, a sleeping partner who often tosses and turns or otherwise moves significantly during the night will not wake up the other sleeper.

Customers who enjoy saving money while also buying a high quality product will find Zenhaven to their liking. The company that sells this bed does so without artificially inflating their costs or including a significant retailer markup. As a result, customers receive the best deal possible.

The durability of this product means that customers who purchase it won’t have to worry about buying another mattress for decades. The latex used to create the Zenhaven has been rigorously stress-tested to guarantee that it will last for at least twenty years.

People with back problems, joint pains, and other bodily ailments will benefit from the supple adaptability of this product. Unlike an exceptionally hard mattress that does not allow the sleeper to sink into the bed, this product cushions while also offering support. Many sleepers report feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep. Their joints and backs often feel better in the morning. Over time, certain ailments may even diminish or start to heal with a regular regimen of good sleep.

Those who enjoy the option of alternating between a very soft mattress and a slightly more firm one will be pleased by the dual-sided firmness of the Zenhaven. Unlike a mattress that has only one degree of firmness, each product offers sleepers two choices simultaneously. By simply turning the product over, customers can instantly experience a different degree of firmness.

The fifth layer of organic wool helps to wick away moisture. As a result, the mattress remains cool and dry. This is especially beneficial to sleepers who live in a very humid climate. The special anti-microbial botanical fabric used in this product also keeps the surface of the Zenhaven exceptionally clean, especially when compared to other beds.

Any customers who want to purchase an item that is highly eco-friendly will find this mattress to be one of the finest examples on the market. Few companies can match the rigor, care, and dedication of the environmentally conscious process that goes into creating a Zenhaven.

Who May Not Enjoy Zenhaven?

Some customers prefer a spring-loaded mattress for its rigidity and strength. While this product is durable and offers soothing support it does not have the degree of firmness that a spring-loaded mattress does. However, the edges of the Zenhaven are firm and defined. Customers have reported that they can easily sit or recline on the edge of this item without experiencing a sensation of sinking.

Although the risk of an allergic reaction is practically non-existent, some customers who have a prior history of latex allergies may feel more comfortable with a different type of bed. The manufacturers do stress that the skin of the sleepers will never come in contact with any latex, even when the organic cotton cover has been removed.

Those who prefer a mattress to have one consistent degree of firmness from top to bottom may not be comfortable with the fact that this product has two different hardness levels. Although the product maintains its relative degree of hardness on each surface, these two levels are different. Some customers prefer to purchase an item that has the same hardness on both sides.

A number of sleepers only wish to purchase foam mattresses because they believe that this material does the best job of adhering to the particular shape of their body. While natural latex offers a great deal of adaptability and comfort to those who sleep upon it, it is not a foam mattress.

Individuals who are currently obese or who are having problems with their weight may find the relative firmness of this item either too soft or too flexible. In some instances, heavier individuals have stated that they prefer a much firmer mattress, as this makes it easier to get in and out of bed. However, other obese individuals find that the product reduces swelling in their joints. Ultimately, the best way to determine if the bed is perfect for a particular customer is the 120-day free trial. No two customers are alike!

A Summary of Benefits

Why choose this mattress over any other? In addition to having an excellent price, a very eco-friendly manufacturing process, and a high degree of durability, this product is designed for comfort.

While each customer is slightly different, this product is able to offer support and sustained performance to an exceptionally wide variety of people. From those with chronically achy joints and back problems to those who prefer to sleep on the softer parts of their body, this bed has been engineered to provide a soft, comfortable experience.

The Zenhaven also distinguishes itself by offering a high degree of customizability in terms of its hardness levels. Most traditional mattresses come with only one level of firmness. This product gives its customers the option of two different settings at once. Instead of choosing a degree of firmness only to later find it to not be exactly to one’s liking, this product enables customers to simply turn the mattress over if they want a harder or softer sleeping experience.

This is also a company that places an extremely high value on customer satisfaction. By allowing each potential customer to sleep on the bed for a trial period of 120 days before committing to a purchase, the company ensures that each customer is completely satisfied. This is a business that places the maximum comfort of its customers front and center. Customers who want to get the most out of their purchase while also feeling valued will greatly appreciate their experience with this company.

Zenhaven has also received several professional accreditations and certificates, including the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This standard ensures textile safety and purity. In this particular case, it certifies that the product does not contain any pesticides or chlorinated phenols. Those who purchase this item are also helping to further a sustainable business model that prizes the health of the earth and the satisfaction of each customer.

Perhaps the best feature of this product is how easy it is to buy and have installed. The company will not only bring the new mattress out to the customer’s home but they will also remove any older mattresses. The installation process is designed to be as painless and efficient as possible. Each Zenhaven is delivered by trained staffers who wear protective gloves and spotless clothing in order to ensure the product is not damaged or blemished in any way. Those customers who ultimately decide not to purchase the bed after their 120-day trial period can simply call up the company and have them remove the item free of charge.

Essentially, the Zenhaven is designed to meet the needs of the pocketbook, the body, and one’s peaceful state of mind. The vast majority of customers who have purchased this product are happy for years after their mattress has been installed.